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Aiming to build the taekwondo champions of tomorrow, the International Taekwondo Summer Camp 2019 was realized in Estonia during August 2019 with 150 athletes from 11 countries participating in training groups of Kids, Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors and practicing both Kyorugi and Poomsae.

The camp included a number of top qualified international coaches, with Mr Valerii Bruns as Headcoach of the 2019 summer camp. The Poomsae seminar was demonstrated by Klaarika Siirak and during the end of the camp, the athletes had the opportunity to participate in the International Competition Kicksport Games to put their skills to the groung and test all of what they acquired during their training sessions.

Medals and certificates of participation were given to all the participants and everyone renew their meeting for next year!


*Aspiring to promote taekwondo educational and training camps around Europe, if you, or your local taekwondo club or association organizes a training camp, you are welcomed to send your video (copyrights and specifications apply) to Taekwondo Europe, accompanied by a short description of its content, and your camp will be communicated accordingly.

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