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The 9th European Para Taekwondo Championships 2020 will be realized in Poreč, Croatia on 31 March . The biannual event which grows stronger every time, showing the dynamic of  Para Taekwondo and the competitiveness of the Para Taekwondo athletes, will be an 'open' championship, so that teams also outside Europe can be granted the opportunity of competing in a ranked European Para Taewkondo event and gain experience. The competitions will be hosted in the contemporary Arena Zatika, while the registration will open the upcoming days in Simply Compete.

Below, you may find the official outline of the championship with all necessary information on the competition categories and eligibility criteria, while also the accommodation and transportation form.

Outline - 9th European Para-Taekwondo Championship

Accomodation and Transportation form (.xls)



The 8th Open European Clubs Championships 2020 has finally arrived. The landmark event for all taekwondo clubs is hosted this year in the picturesque coastal area of Poreč in Croatia. The G1 ranking event will be open for registration throughout the different competition divisions, including Poomsae and Para-Taekwondo. The competitions will be hosted in the contemporary Arena Zatika, while the registration will open the upcoming days in Simply Compete.

Meanwhile, you may download the official outline of the championship and the accommodation/transportation form in the following links:

Outline - 8th Open European Clubs Championships 2020

Accommodation and transportation form (.xls)



President Pragalos appointed Mr. Stefan Klawiter (GER) as Vice-president of Taekwondo Europe. Mr. Klawiter has a long history as an official within Taekwondo Europe. He was Secretary-General of ETU in the 80s and for many years Vice-president. Mr. Klawiter also was for many years president of the German Taekwondo Union, a position which he occupies currently as well. As  Vice-president, Mr. Klawiter will be a valuable advisor for the Executive Council.


You may find the results of competition Day 2 in the following link:

Generation 24 Region 2 - Results Day 2

Drawsheets finish Day 2

Overall Trophy Results - All days


You may find the results of competition Day 1 in the following link:

Generation 24 Region 2 - Results Day 1

Drawsheets finish Day 1


You may download the drawsheets of Competition Day 2 in the following link.


Generation 24 Region 2 - Drawsheets - Day 2

Fightnumbers per competitive team


President Pragalos appointed prof. Miroslav Brezan as Council member of Taekwondo Europe. Mr. Brezan has a long history in Taekwondo, being one of the first practitioners of Taekwondo starting in 1968 to practice and teach Taekwondo in Croatia. In the past decennia, Prof. Brezan has been involved in Taekwondo in Croatia as well as worldwide and his annual tournament in Karlovac is globally known and praised.




Heading towards Tokyo 2020, the milestone event for the Olympic and Paralympic Games qualifiers from Europe is right on track. The Olympic Qualification Tournament will take place in Milan, Italy, between 17-19 April in a arena that has hosted many landmark sport events; the Allianz Cloud Milano.

The Organizing Committee has revealed the visual identity of the event, inaugurating the countdown for the European Taekwondo and Para-Taekwondo athletes participating in the Games of the XXXII Olympiad. 

The on-site registration for the event is scheduled to start April 15, while the event will commence with Para-Taekwondo K43 and K44 classifications competitions on April 17, leaving the final two days for the Taekwondo senior Men and Women divisions.

The official outline of the event is planned to be published soon for all European MNAs, national teams and athletes, listing all information on participation eligibility requirements, seeding and further details on sport entries, registration and daily schedule.

Stay tuned for more informantion regarding OQT in the spectacular city of Milan and the Road to Tokyo!


On Wednesday 22 January at Taekwondo Europe offices, WTE President Sakis Pragalos and Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis met with the European Clubs Championships Organising Committee; the President and the Vice-President of the Organising Committee Tamara Pradegan and Miroslav Brežan respectively.

The two parties had an extensive discussion regarding the upcoming European taekwondo event and all the details of project progress up to now, scheduled to take place between 3-7 April 2020 in Poreč, Croatia. This will be the 8th version of the event, with Turkey and Greece being its past hosting countries up to now.

Among others, it was decided that the event will also include Para-Taekwondo competitions of G1 ranking, which will be realized on Wednesday 1 April 2020, giving the opportunity for para taekwondo athletes to participate and acquire the equivalent points as well.

In detail, the event will open with Para-Taekwondo and Poomsae competitions on the first day, it will continue with Kids and Under 21 on Thursday 4 April, while Cadets and Junior categories will compete separately the following days until Saturday 4 April. The senior category will conlude the championships on Sunday 5 April. 

The event will open during February in Simply Compete, where clubs can register and obtain all necessary information regarding transportation and accommodation.


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