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Dear Referee/ Dear All,


World Taekwondo Europe has been always striving for the improvement of services, procedures and operations throughout the different interest groups in Taekwondo.


In regards to this, we are glad to announce the launch of the WTE Referee Database. The WTE Referee Database is a platform that facilitates the IRs procedures in applying to officiate in the WTE official events.


How it works:

1. Sign up in www.tkdreferee.com

2. Find the WTE official event(s) you are interested in participating.

3. Register your interest

4. That was all! You will be notified in due time, if your participation application has been approved.


For any inquiries or additional information, we are at your disposal.


With kind regards,

WTE Office


Dear Taekwondo Family,


We are at the start of one more exceptional Taekwondo year and on this occasion, I would like to convey my warmest wishes and sincere appreciation to all of you and welcome the New Year 2018.


Upon New Year’s celebration, we make our wishes and set our new goals while evaluating what we have attained in the past. As the year 2017 ended and a new one begins, I can say that the past 12 months have been marked by noteworthy achievements.


Coming to an end of a very eventful and productive year, 2017 has been highlighted as one more step towards expanding the Taekwondo horizons. This could not be done without the support of our MNAs, the WTE Executive Board and Council, our partner and gold sponsor DAEDO and of course our precious athletes, coaches and referees.


Our objective is always to attract new athletes and keep athletes competitive. Looking back, among some of last year’s outstanding events was the 2nd edition of the WT President’s Cup in Athens, Greece, with 2,182 international athletes from 51 countries and 14 Olympic medallists among them.


Being co-organizers of the inaugural 1st WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships, promoted by World Taekwondo, was another accomplishment, as the opening ceremony was shortlisted for the ‘Initiative of the Year award category at the Peace and Sports Awards 2017. As a result, the successful championships will be organized in Rhodes Island, Greece once again in 2018. Introducing the 1st WTE Open European Master Championships, also gave the chance to participants to claim a European title. In between all the seven WTE Championships, WTE organized five New Coaches Seminars across the continent to educate and facilitate coaches in obtaining the Coach License.


First and foremost, I am grateful to World Taekwondo President Dr. Choue, to have received his support in all WTE actions. His contribution and initiatives are a luminary to the sport and society, and the inclusion of the Para-Taekwondo in the Paralympics, the continuous development of Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation and innovative events as the Beach Championships, strongly display the pinnacle of Taekwondo. Inspired by his work, I am also thankful for my re-election in the 2017 CU elections, and for entrusting me in keeping the taekwondo vision and spirit alive in Europe.


As we look ahead, in 2018 we will see our milestone event, the European Championships in Kazan, Russia. WTE also introduces the Taekwondo Multi Championships, featuring all ages and styles of taekwondo together, while the 3rd President’s Cup is expected to grow a lot bigger.


Together we will continue to build on the taekwondo we have dreamt, embracing and passing its value to the next generations. I wish to each and every one of you a very happy, peaceful, motivated and successful New Year 2018.


With kind regards,


Sakis Pragalos

WTE President & WT Vice-President







First WTE Coach Seminar for 2018

Use the following link to register:




Place: Scandic Hotel Mölndal (Gothenburg) 

Address: Barnhemsgatan 23, 431 31 Mölndal 

Time: 09:00-18:00

Lunch between 12:00 and 13:00)



The New Year 2018 is about to come and on this occasion, the World Taekwondo Europe would like to extend
the warmest wishes to World taekwondo Family.
The year of 2017 was one more step towards expanding the Taekwondo  horizon and this could not be done without the support, contribution and initiatives  of the World Taekwondo President Dr. Choue.
Under the spirit of unity, we keep the Taekwondo vision alive forgenerations and it is that spirit that will keep it alive for generations to come.
WTE wishes you a very happy, peaceful, motivated and successful New Year 2018.



Accordingly, from of December 4, 2017, Full membership is granted to Guinea-Bissau MNA and amendments to the World Taekwondo Statutes, Ranking Bylaw and World Para Taekwondo Athlete Classification Rules are effective.


You can find the final documents on Word Taekwondo Website following below link:


-World Para Taekwondo Athlete Classification Rules (in force as of December 4, 2017)

-World Taekwondo Statutes (in force as of December 4, 2017)

-Final amended document for World Taekwondo Ranking Bylaws (in force as of December 4, 2017) will be soon uploaded under "Kyorugi Category"



Over the past several months after the World Taekwondo rebranding and after the Extraordinary meeting in London on 21st October 2017, the World Taekwondo has appointed the new personalities, each one specialized in his/ her field, that assembly the WT Committees.

The World Taekwondo is deeply committed to creating an inclusive environment where all of taekwondo athletes, coaches, and all kind of practitioners feel they belong. Regarding this, the WT Committees have been built on respect, dignity, and aspirations for the future of taekwondo, far greater than the sum of the achievements of individuals. The appointees’ recommendations will provide the expertise, specialized guidance and consider whether certain operational fields can be improved, either by changing aspects of existing structure or through broader vision.

Hence, it is a privilege for the World Taekwondo Europe to identify eighteen (18) Europeans in total among the WT Committee appointees, fortified with their capabilities and skills on how to improve our sport.In detail, the appointees in WT Committees from the European continent as designated by the World Taekwondo are the following:


Philippe Bouedo (France) as Chair of the Education Committee, Gentil Pascal (France) is designated Co-Chair of the Athletes Commitee with Michail Mouroutsos (Greece) and Brigitte Yague Enrique (Spain) as members, Dr. Luc Reychler (Belgium) has been appointed as Chair of the Ethics committee, Vice Chair of the Marketing Committee is Jon Smith (Great Britain), members in the Women in Taekwondo Committee Laurence Rase (Belgium) and Lisa Lents (Denmark), while members of the Juridical Committee is Mr. Alexander Mivev (Bulgaria) along with Dr. Michael Lehner (Germany).


Furthermore, Chair of the Sustainability Committee has been appointed to Dr. Giovanni di Cola (Italy), with Adriana Gulino (Italy) and Dirk Craen (Belgium) as members. Moreover, one more distinction is that the entire Media committee appointees come from European countries, indicating the cathedral role of the media in the sport which has been established during past European taekwondo events and championships. Specifically, Chair of the committee is Michel Madar (Israel), Vice Chair is Effie Zikouli (Greece), and the members are Sibylle Maier (Germany) and John Cullen (UK).

Concerning the Para-Taekwondo, Mr. Chakir Chelbat (Sweden) has been appointed Chair of the Technical & Referees Committee and Mr. Usman Dildar (Great Britain) as Chair of the Games.

Beginning with exposure to new ideas and through diverse background environments, the intellectual property of the committees is an asset for the taekwondo evolution. Their mission is to set the standards for the World Taekwondo development across the globe and communicate the transformative power of the sport, aligned to the Olympic values and spirit. The appointees are committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that will enable taekwondo across all disciplines, and pass the sport to a new era of an unparalleled journey that is operationally, socially, and individually transformative.

The committee progress is guided by the overarching department which further examines each issue. We are looking forward to supporting the new appointees in their important work and leverage their impact into the continental governing bodies of the sport, continuing our work together.


An IOC initiative to support in creating accessible and sustainable sports facilities for disadvantaged communities recently founded the Olympic Refuge Foundation. During the inaugural board meeting of the project, World Taekwondo President and founder of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) Dr. Choue, was appointed as one of the Board Members to contribute on the perspective of International Federation.

The Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundations shares the same core values and aligns close to the objectives and goals of the Olympic Refuge Foundation. Integrating social development initiative integrated to the UNHCR principles, the fundamental purpose is to bring sports-related programs and principles and values to youth and vulnerable people around the world.

“It is a great honour to have been appointed as a member of Olympic Refuge Foundation and I am delighted to have an opportunity to contribute to this foundation. I firmly believe that all of us in the Olympic Movement have a social responsibility to use sport to contribute to a better and more harmonious society. Social development through sport has always been something very close to my heart and I pledge I will do everything I can to contribute to the success of the Foundation. I am also very happy that the IOC accepted my proposal on creation of Youth Olympic Refugee Team for Buenos 2018 Youth Olympic Games which will be discussed at the next IOC Session in Pyeongchang.” stated Dr. Choue after the inaugural meeting of the Olympic Refuge Foundation.


Source: World Taekwondo - http://www.worldtaekwondo.org

More information available here.




SOFIA, Bulgaria (December 9, 2017) - Concluding the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships 2017, the 3rd competition day kept a lot of surprises for the finale of the championship.

The WTE event which includes the Olympic Games official competition divisions (4 senior male and 4 senior female weight categories) is seen by many competitors as the next Olympic Games forecast, since many former Olympians or upcoming ones choose to test their “Olympic” qualifications in this event.  

That is why the London 2012 Olympic Medallists Carlo Molfetta (ITA), Joel Gonzales Bonilla (ESP) and Milica Mandic (SER) were also there, with the latter being one of the surprises of the championship, losing the Gold medal by the Russian Olga Ivanova.

What is more, Russia left almost no medal for the rest of the competitors as the Russian Taewkondo Union managed to collect the amazing number of 14 medals(!), while also among the surprises of the championships was the “outsider” gold medal of FYROM in the senior male +80 category.


The final female ranking concluded with Russia in the first place, followed by Latvia and Serbia along with Poland in the 3rd place, while the male ranking lists Russia in the lead, FYROM following and Bulgaria, Portugal and Ireland sharing the 3rd place.

In the country medal standings Russia comes first with 14 medals in total, 7 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze medals.

FYROMacedonia gets the second place as its only gold medal is enought to rank higher and at the 3rd place comes Poland with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals in total.

Sofia left the best of impressions to the athletes and their teams, the recently renovated Asics Arena  (former Festivalna Hall) was both resourceful and hospitable for the teams, while the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation proved once more its capabilities in carrying out a high standards taekwondo championship. Therefore, the date is renewed for the first WTE Multi Taekwondo Championships already scheduled to be hosted in Bulgaria, which exact date will be announced promptly.

For the compete medallists results and medal standing by country, follow the links below:

Overall Category Medallists

Overall Medal standings by Country


Photo credits: Kristian Nikolov






The Competition Day 2 has been successfully completed for the divisions SENIOR MALE -68, SENIOR MALE -80 and SENIOR FEMALE -49 of the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships 2017.

In the following link you may find the medallists of the respective weight categories.

OWC2017 Competition Day 2 - Results

The competitions for the third and final day of the championships are scheduled to begin on 9 December at 9:00.



In the following link you may find the draw results for the 3rd and final competition day of the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships 2017:



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