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You may find the drawing lots for the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships in the following link:


The competition starts at 9:00 am




Sofia, 7 December 2017


In a spirit of unity and fair play, the curtains of the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships successfully fell in the Asics Arena in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event that was introduced in the WTE calendar in 2015 and hosted in Nalchik, Russia, is ambitioned to introduce the taekwondo athletes to the official weight categories of Olympic Games and prepare them for the Tokyo 2020.


In total 225 athletes from 34 countries participated in the championship, with the men's participations reaching up to 124 and women to 101.

Along with the WTE event, the 6th European Para Taekwondo Championships 2017 were also held in the same arena, with 99 athletes from 21 countries, 69 in the male, and 30 in the female category. 

Both championships were launched in a festive atmosphere during an opening ceremony emitting the Bulgarian culture and tradition, along with the athletes’ athletic ambitions towards a bright taekwondo career.

The Opening Ceremony was honored by the presence of the Bulgarian Minister of Sports Krassen Kralev, H.E the Ambassador of the Korean Republic in the Republic of Bulgaria Shin-Boo Nam, H.E the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Bulgaria Nargiz Gurbanova, the World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos, the Deputy Chairman of National Assembly Yavor Notev, the former Chairman of National Assembly Dimitar Glavchev, the President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation Slavi Binev, the former President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation and current WT Council Member Andrey Georgiev, the President of the Polish Taekwondo Federation Artur Chmielarz, and the Olympic Gold Medalists of London 2012 Carlo Molfetta and Joel Gonzales.

‘I welcome the promising future of our taekwondo athletes, as they are the next Olympians of the sport. I want you to compete in the spirit of fair play, participate actively and I wish you the best of success in the championship and a promising athletic career in the future of Olympic Taekwondo’ stated WTE President Sakis Pragalos.


The event was broadcasted by several national media and tv channels, while also numerous of press representatives, mainly local, covered the championships. 

During the Opening Ceremony, WTE President also announced the inagural event of the WTE Multi Taekwondo Championships, that has been already agreed to be hosted in Bulgaria from the end of May 2018 to mid of June 2018, and will include from the kids to masters, all the Taekwondo styles, divisions and categories. 


You may find the detailed individual results for both championships in the following links:

WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Championships 2017

European Para Taekwondo Championships 2017




Below you may find the draw results for the 1st day of OWC2017

The competition starts on 7 December at 9:00




The European athletes successfully completed their participation to the outstanding World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Ivory Coast with excellent results and new records.


To begin with, Bianca Walkden of GBR claimed her fifth successive main title of the year with victory at the relevant event facing South Korea’s Da-Bin Lee in the final match, where the Olympic Bronze medallist won with 16-9 score.


World number one athlete from Liverpool, Bianca, had also won the previous three Grand Prix events, claimed the +67kg world title in June and became the first Taekwondo athlete international to win all four Grand Prix events in the same calendar year.


Concerning her triumph, Bianca Walkden stated on BBC Sport: "I honestly can't believe I've done it and I'm pinching myself." Continuing, she added: "To win all four and the World Championships is hard to believe because I didn't think it was possible at the start of the year as they're the hardest events in taekwondo."


The “Headhunter” Jade Jones also secured her second World Taekwondo Grand Prix title with a leading display in Ivory Coast.


The double Olympic champion, defeated Marta Calvo Gomez (ESP) in the final with score 26-7 and thus the Spanish athlete end up with the silver medal. The World number one in -57kg, after her victory stated on BBC Sport that It feels amazing to finish on a high.


The third place of the -57kg category was achieved by the Russian representative and World silver medalist Tatiana Kudashova.


Russia also celebrated victories and medals in men categories with Vladislav Larin climbing on the top place on the winners’ podium in the +80kg category and second places for Maksim Khramtcov and Silver Olympic medallist Alexey Denisenko in -80kg and -68kg respectively.


Jesus Tortosa Cabrera of Spain achieved the bronze medal in the -58kg category.


Consequently, Korea Great Britain and Russia were the top three countries respectively on the overall medal standings of the event.



In 2016, the World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue launched an online sign-up campaign aimed at mobilizing support for THF activities as well as strongly encouraging the global use of sport as a tool for development, peace and empowerment. In order to convince global decision makers to take concrete action in that sense, it is vital to gain the most signatures possible. 


Please sign the petition and share this post to help promote this extremely important cause. 


Find the online petition here: http://thfaid.org/support-our-campaign/


Source:  Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) and the World Children Taekwondo Union (World CTU) in November 15, 2017.


On the occasion, the WTE President Sakis Pragalos and WTE Honorary-President and founder of the World Children Taekwondo Union (World CTU) Dr. Park Soo-Nam met at the WTE Headquarters, where they signed the MoU concerning the European President Cup for Kids.


The European President Cup for Kids is an event which provides the young athletes between the age 9 -11 and 12 -14 the prospect to qualify for the European Championships and it will take place 03-0 4 February 2018 in Sindelfingen, Germany.


The athletes in the age category 9 to 11 in Kyorugi and Poomsae as the practitioners in the age category 12 to 14 in Poosmae, get qualified for the WTE Multi European Championships as well, which is expected to take place during the year 2018 in Bulgaria.


Additionally, the athletes in the age category 12 to 14 in Kyorugi will be qualified for the WTE European Cadet Championships 2018.


Thus, these innovations are dedicated to the new generation Taekwondo athletes, sport’s next Champions and Olympic medalists. Young athletes are rewarded throughtheir participation with experiences in major Taekwondo Championships and hence help them to adjust the sport procedures, the sport environment and overpass the stress of a competition.


For more relevant details, an official outline of the event will be provided promptly.



«Master the Taekwondo Power Inspired by Marvel Super Heroes!» is the slogan Daedo presented to its key partners on November 11th at Barcelona Renaissance Hotel, during its Official Presentation of Marvel Daedo Collection.

Daedo, Gold Sponsor, lifetime partner of World Taekwondo Europe and an internationally well-known Sports equipment and apparels brand specialized in Martial Arts, aims to take another innovative step forward by announcing its official partnership with Disney for a project to create Marvel Licensed Products for Taekwondo.


Innovative and contemporary, as the era of our times commands, Daedo established a partnership with Marvel, launching a revolutionary Taekwondo equipment collection that will rejuvenate the way Generation Alpha perceives the sport. The project originates from Daedo’s core value and purpose to make the world of Taekwondo and Martial Arts more fun and exciting, especially for the children.

The products presented and displayed at the event were the first line ups of the Marvel Daedo Collection with Trunk Protectors, Electronic Trunk Protectors, Forearm guards, Shin guards, Hand Protectors, and performance apparels, all featuring the genuine designs and colors of the Marvel Super Heroes as Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Hulk.


The presentation of the new product line was recently realized in the presence of many Taekwondo personalities from milestone countries practicing taekwondo as USA, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, China, Korea, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, etc. Scraping Marvel superheroes together, Daedo brings their superpowers in Taekwondo with Ironman style electronic chest protectors, Spiderman chest protectors, Captain America forearm, shin and hand guards.

The collection will be available to the little taekwondo superheroes from the early 2018. The gear can be found internationally, fits for children between 4 and 13, and as Daedo confirms, this project will not be a limited edition, but will be part of its official collection and more Super Hero designs will be introduced. The aim of the project is to attract children to Taekwondo through more fun and exciting perspective, aligned to the needs and the way children grow up.

The Superheroes represent the 5 values of Taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. These values are best represented through Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America and Ironman, crafting the best idols to pass them to childen.

The objective of the project is to help kids develop their natural speed, agility and strength needs by enjoying themselves and being motivated.

We cannot think of a better motive for children than to become a superhero, so we are getting ready for the new League of Taekwondo!


To be continued...



The astonishing capital city of France, welcomed today 800 international athletes for the 13th edition of the French Open G-1 Tournament, who traveled in Paris to get excited and experienced by their participation and effort in order to climb on the winners’ podium.


The two-day event was successfully launched earlier today (18/11) at Pierre de Coubertin Stadium where the tournament is hosted.


The venue has been properly arranged and settled with the necessary facilities to host magnificently a Taekwondo event, where all the athletes will enjoy their participation to the maximum.




WTE Secretary General Michail Fysentzidis, after unanimous decision of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC), will lead the Greek national team into the XXXII Olympiad. Considering the distinction, it is a privilege for taekwondo to have active representatives of the Olympic movement under their national flag.

Michail Fysentzidis’ voluminous experience to the role, will surely be proven an asset for the Greek Olympic Delegation of the Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, as he is actively involved in the Olympic movement and he has also been numerously awarded from various institutions for his contribution to Sports.

Michail Fysentzidis, among others, is also a member of the HOC and Secretary General of the Taekwondo Hellenic Federation.


The global Taekwondo family is in mourning following news that the founder of Turkish Taekwondo Federaton Ismat Iraz passed away, at the age of 81 years old.


The father of Turkish Taekwondo, as he was called, Ismat Iraz, died today 14/11/2017, morning (08:55 ) in Ankara, Turkey at the Ibn Sina University Hospital and his funeral will be held tomorrow.


“The condolences of the WTE go to the family of Ismat Iraz, and to the members of the Turkish Taekwondo Federation,” stated the WTE President Sakis Pragalos.


“Ismat Iraz was one of the greatest Taekwondo personalities, and he will be greatly missed”, said the WTE Secretary-General Michail Fysentzidis.


Ismat Iraz was born in 1936 in Ankara, Turkey and was a Taekwondo practitioner in Korea, where he lived for a long time and afterwards he went back to Turkey in order to teach the sport of Taekwondo.  He was the founder of Turkish Taekwondo Federation and also served the sport as an athlete, coach and head coach of Turkish National Team from 1970 until 1990.



He will be missed by the Taekwondo family, which is thankful for everything he offered to the sport all these years in all levels. Our hearts and minds go to the family of Ismat Iraz.

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