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Athens, 27 April 2018

The third day of Taekwondo action in the 3rd WT President’s Cup in Athens, was marked by the outstanding performances of the high-skilled athletes who travel worldwide to give their presence in the event of records.


After the showcase of talent from the Olympic medallists partaking on the second competition day, the level of expectation was high, likewise were the matches with lots of points to enjoy.


The participation of the double Olympic medallist, bronze London 2012 & silver in Rio 2016, Alexey Denisenko (RUS) highlighted the contesting day and the massive seniors male -68kg category. Although the young rising talent also from Russia Tcakoev Sarmat, who managed to prevail in the fight between them in the quarter-finals and won the Olympic medallist with score 17-16 in a game full of action and power, managed also to attract the spectators’ eyes on his performances.


The winning route of Tcakoev Sarmat didn’t stop there. In the next round, semi-finals, he faced the silver World medallist Ketbi Si Mohamed of Belgium and took the match with 5-3, a score which gave him the ticket to the finals of the category. A final match followed up between Tcakoev Sarmat and Krasnov Boris also from Russia and Tcakoev completed his day with the best possible way-the WT President’s Cup Champion title.


The No3 in the World Ranking F-46kg Kyriaki Koutouki (CYP), participated in the respectively category today and took over four matches with brilliant performances but in the final match, Ramirez Vargas Andrea from Colombia and bronze World medallist was the one who managed to stopover her. With 4-2 final score, the representative from Colombia celebrated the gold medal of the category and the Cypriot the silver one.  




Making her own unique history here in Athens, World Ranking No2, silver World medallist 2017 and European Champion 2016 Kudashova Tatiana of Russia participated with dynamic spirit throughout the day, came to the final in -53kg category where she faced Tarvida Inese of Latvia and since nothing couldn’t stop her, she achieved the first place. The representative from Russia won the gold medal and the silver was collected by Tarvida after a match with 12-8 score.    



The World Ranking No1 in F-46kg and bronze World medallist of Canada, Yvette Yong, was defeated in the Round of 16 by Bayech Rivka with 17-18 score.


Kyriaki Kouttouki right after her final match and WT President’s Cup silver medal 2018, stated: “Today I participated in five tough games, but I had confidence in the mat that motivated me a lot. I feel satisfied with my performances and I am really happy for the results I got against strong opponents.”



The categories competed earlier today:

Seniors M-68kg, Seniors M-54kg, Seniors F-53kg, Seniors F-46kg

Juniors M-73kg, Juniors M-48kg, Juniors F-44kg, Juniors F-42kg,

Cadets M-53kg, Cadets M-41kg, Cadets F-44kg, Cadets F-41kg


For today’s final results click here: files/3rd WT PC2018/RESULTS_DAY_3.pdf



















Rhodes, Greece (April 26, 2018) – The 2018 Rhodes World Taekwondo Beach Championships Competition Day 2 was successfully completed in a festive atmosphere with all the participating national teams being present at the Nautical Club of Rhodes which has been transformed to host the unique taekwondo championships.

The stunning taekwondo spectacle attracted numerous of spectators, who applauded the athletes’ performances in awe. The national teams were actively supporting their athletes out loud and passionately, while the sun, the sea breeze and the summer mood of the event were the evidence that everyone enjoys the championships.


The athletes competed in Freestyle Poomsae Individual Male/Female and Freestyle Poomsae Pair including all divisions. For the Freestyle Poomsae Individual Male/Female category, in total 28 games were completed (preliminary), while the final four players will be included in Day 3 competitions.

The same applies for the Freestyle Poomsae Pair category, with 5 games having been played today, while the final 4 pairs are scheduled for the Competition Day 3.


Taekwondo athletes fused in sheer strength and focus, carried out the Freestyle Poomsae program, having particularly the teams of Thailand, Denmark, Spain and Finland standing out in both performance and cheering supporting crowd. Especially the national team of Thailand, which won five gold medals last year, has great expectations from its performances to claim the highest place on the podium.



Freestyle Poomsae Pair category amplified the dynamic of the athletes’ performance, as the music in combination of the synchronization of the pairs, gave a three-dimensional result of high aesthetics, artistry and sports mastery.

The finals of the competition categories will be broadcast live on the Olympic Channel and Eurovision network (EBU) on 27th – 28th April (Competition Day 3 and 4) at 16:30 (local time). After the completion of the broadcast, the medal ceremony will take place at the venue.




Follow the below link for the draws day 4 (28/04) for WT President's Cup 2018:

files/3rd WT PC2018/DRAWS_DAY_4.pdf


Click on the following link for the draws day 3 WT President's Cup 2018:

files/3rd WT PC2018/DRAWS_DAY_3.pdf


Athens, 25 April 2018

The Olympic-class field of competitors was the point of attention during the 3rd WT President’s Cup 2017 competition day two (2).


After the realization and success of the first day of the remarkable event, the second one delivered yet more excitement from these outstanding participations. In total, three (3) Olympic medallists gave their presence today to the “Ano Liosia Olympic Indoor Hall” here in Athens and competed for the prestigious title of WTF President’s Cup Champion. Among them and two silver World medallist and a European Champion.


Beginning with, the holder of the first ever Olympic title, gold in Rio 2016, of Ivory Coast Cisse Cheick Sallah, after five thrilling performances managed to conquer the gold medal in -80kg category. At the final match the fighter phenomenon faced the talented Greek player Apostolos Telikostoglou giving an extraordinary fight by both sides but in the end the high experience of the Olympic Champion prevailed. The Greek representative also faced the European Champion of Moldova, Aaron Cook in the quarter semi-finals and he won with a 13-12.


Moreover, Ivory Coast has many reasons to be pleased in the WT President’s Cup 2018. The Bronze Olympic medallist Rio 2016 and World Champion in Muju last year, Gbagbi Ruth, secured the second gold medal for her country in the -67kg category at a final match against Jelic Matea (CRO) with score 12-2.


The silver World medallist Ilgun Hatice Kkubra of Turkey, triumphed in her category (-57kg) and took over the final match against Vuletic Bruna (CRO) with score 11-0.


The Double Olympic Champion, Sydney 2000 & Athens 2004 and bronze Olympic medallist in Beijing 2008 and five times World Champion Steven Lopez USA gave his presence in the Olympic Hall in Athens. After a great first match (17-4 score), he lost in the round of 16 against Meliksetiants Arutiun of Russia with 5-7.


Sari Yunus, the silver World medallist of Turkey lost the qualification to the semi-finals after he was beaten by Bouzid Souhili Ismael (FRA) with 10-11 score.


Right after his winning, the 2018 WT President’s Cup Champion Cisse Cheick Sallah, stated: “After the African Championships I was so disappointed, so I went to the gym and worked really hard with my coach Juan Ramos and Ruth Gbagbi my team mate and fellow champion. I worked so hard to get ready and today I had some good wins which gave me the courage to fight. In the final with Greece, I had to fight hard with Apostolos Telikostoglou, who did a great job all day and he was on form. But I am a champion I always adapt, and I produced my best fight to take gold. Up next is the Grand Prix in Rome and I can win it and go for the grand slam this year. Thanks to Athens I had golden time here.”


The categories competed earlier today:

Seniors Female -57kg, Seniors Female -67kg, Seniors Male -80kg, Seniors Male -87kg

Juniors Female -52kg, Juniors Female -55kg, Juniors Male -63kg, Juniors Male -68kg

Cadets Female -37kg, Cadets Female -59kg, Cadets Male -45, Cadets Male -49kg


The final results: files/3rd WT PC2018/RESULTS_DAY_2.pdf










Photo Credits: Pelagia Karanikola












Photo Credits: Pelagia Karanikola 



The 3rd WT President’s Cup 2018 taking place in Athens these days, has been honored by the presence of thousands of taekwondo followers and by the presence of World Taekwondo Officials and Executives.


On the occasion of the relevant event, WTE President Sakis Pragalos sincerely welcomed in Athens H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria Shin Boonam, the WTE Vice-President and BTF President Slavi Binev, the WT Council Member Inseon Kim, the WTE Honorary President Park Soo Nam, the WTE Council Members Jacop Asp and Antonio Barbarino and the BTF Secretary-General Alexander Minev


The sincerely and active sustenance and effort into the sport of Taekwondo by dynamic personalities is uppermost of importance and highly inspirational for the development and the expansion of Taekwondo worldwide since the unity and the exceptional cooperation within the sport is the major key for the utter success.  


The 3rd edition of the WT President’s Cup – Europe 2018 is held under the greatest possible circumstances and motivated support of the Taekwondo individuals, so as the athletes of the sport will topmost enjoy the event and get memorable experiences by their participation.  

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