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Kazan, 08 May 2018

The Official Press Conference for the WTE European Taekwondo Championships Kazan 2018 took place earlier today (08/05) at Tatmedia Buiding in Kazan city.


The executive speakers of the Press Conference were the Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil Shaykhutdinov, the Acting WTE Secretary-General Kenneth Schunken, the President of the Taekwondo Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan Rafis Musin, the major coach of Tatarstan Team & coach of Youth Taekwondo Team of Russia Sergey Titkim and the Tatar-Information Agent Dimitri Kisilov.


The Acting WTE Secretary-General Kenneth Schunken during his opening speech expressed his appreciation to the Russian Taekwondo Union and the Organizing Committee for the excellent preparations that took place and the hospitality of the event.


“For the World Taekwondo Europe is crucial to co-operate with MNA’s that firstly support the sport and put their highest effort in the realization of an event and on that topic, I would like to thank the Russian Taekwondo Union and all the individuals involved in organizing our major event”.


Continuing, Mr. Schunken highlighted the importance of remaining high-competitive within sports of our continent and holds a strong position as a continental union by delivering topmost events at any age level of Taekwondo Championships.


The acting WTE Secretary-General also mentioned the dynamic appearances held by the Russian Taekwondo athletes within the sport and the numerous distinctions achieved in every single event. He also referred to the eleven (11) Olympic medallists attendances, emphasized by this the status of the event and the position of the European Taekwondo within the sport worldwide.


When the Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil Shaykhutdinov took the floor expressed his gratification of hosting the 2018 WTE European Taekwondo Championships in Kazan, a city with ambitions in becoming the sports capital of Europe. The Deputy Minister also mentioned the future major events that will be held in Kazan and the opportunities that occur for candidates who wish to be trained and work and get experienced in Kazan during their contribution in sport or other international events.


During the Press Conference, Mr. Dimitri Kisilov referred to the possibility of launching a Taekwondo Academy in Naberezhnye Chelny and Mr. Sergey Titkim commented that the best thing can do the team is achieving good results in order to increase this possibility since education is the most important thing in Taekwondo.


Mr. Kenneth Schunken took the chance and commented to the audience that WTE sincerely supports and promotes the education within the sport and actions like these can only benefit and enrich Taekwondo and its athletes. 


Kazan, 08 May 2018


In two days the city of Kazan will welcome the elite of European Taekwondo at the palace of martial arts «Ak Bars» for the dates 10-13 May 2018.


The topmost fighters of the continent will give their presence in order to claim the prestigious title of the WTE European Champion 2018.


As we are already in half of the XXXI Olympiad, the athletes will also have the chance throughout their participation to compete and get challenged against some of their major rivals as a general rehearsal prior to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.


The milestone event will deliver to the audience majestic performances by the highest-profile European fighters, contributing with this to the strong position that owns the European Taekwondo among the most successful sports of the continent.


Thus, the 23rd edition will host among others, eleven (11) Olympic medallists who will face World and European Champions and will alter the «Ak Bars» into a history-maker place.


The initiation participations of Olympic medallists will take place by Patimat Abakarova of Azerbaijan, bronze medallist in Rio 2016, part taking in the -49kg category and the double Olympic medallist, gold in London 2012 & bronze in Rio 2016 and World Champion Joel Gonzalez Bonilla of Spain in the - 63kg category. Also, the silver Tijana Bogdanovic of Rio 2016 representing Serbia will fight in -53 kg division.


Midway the event, the bronze Azerbaijani Olympic medallist, World and European Champion Milad Beigi Harchegani will fight in -80kg category against top-tier World and European Champions. The “Headhunter” is one of the most awaited participations since the double Olympic Champion Jade Jones (GBR) is expecting to enthusiast the taekwondo public one more time with her unique performances in -57kg category.


The sequel is expecting to be thrilling since, the fighter phenomenon Bianca Walkden(GBR) will participate as the favοrite for the gold medal in +73kg, the third European title in a row in her stunning career. The Olympic Champion London 2012 Milica Mandic will fight in -73kg where the top Serbian athlete will face strong rivals in her road to the first place on the winners’ podium.


The principal participations will follow up by the two times Olympic medallist Nur Tatar of Turkey and the silver Olympic medallist in Rio 2016 Eva Calvo Gomez (ESP), who will both fight in -67kg category among with World and European Champions.


The last competition day reserves the peak of action since Lutalo Muhammad (GBR), silver Olympic medallist Rio 2016 and Olympic, World and European Champion Radik Isaev (AZE) will get on the mat in Kazan to claim the WTE European Champion title in -87kg and +87kg categories respectively.




World Taekwondo Europe is pleased to announce to the Taekwondo public that the 1st WTE Open Multi European Games that will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during the dates 31/05-10/06 2018, are now granted as G1-Ranking Tournament.


Hence, the athletes participating in the massive event will have the chance to enjoy the inaugural tournament taking place for first time in Taekwondo history and simultaneously earn Ranking points allocated to the World Ranking Weight Division in which they compete.


Consequently, the multi-benefit championships become even more challenging and exciting for the taekwondo practitioners and thus participations’ expectation in the Sports hall “Kolodruma”is getting even higher.


Don’t miss the innovative 1st WTE Open Multi European Games 2018, promoted by WTE and organized by BTF, and see you in the beautiful city of Plovdiv.




The WTE European Championships in Kazan 2018 are coming up and thus WTE would like to provide you with some helpful notes concerning the registration process.


Registration Place:  Conference Hall "ADEL KUTUY" GRAND KAZAN HOTEL


Dates & Time:  ​07/05/2018 from 14.00-20.00
                        08/05/2018 from 10.00-14.00&15.00-20.00


What you should bring with you:


1)The Bank statement  of the Entry fees of your Team
Any team unable to present a copy of the Bank transaction will be required
to pay in cash to the WTE official responsible on-site.  The participating
federations may pay the entry fee in cash at the official registration;
however, in this case, the entry fee will be € 150 (euro) per competitor.

2)The **WTE Coaches License** (card or Certificate) of your Teams’
Trainers & Coaches (original/photocopy or photograph) 

3)All Coaches must strictly wear *a formal suit* on Semifinals and

4)You are kindly reminded that your Team is entitled to the
following *accreditation cards*:

Head of Team : 1

Manager: 1

Coaches: 2

Trainers : 2

Team Doctor: 1
Athletes:  8 male- 8 female plus the quotas from WT President Cup 2018(Athens 2018)


(Additional registration of officials requested on site or officials accreditation amendments is subject of an administrational fee. 

Not all additional requests can be guaranteed)


5) Forms: Personal Indemnity,Liability Declaration & Athlete's Declaration, etc (in case you have not
sent them by e-mail).

For the updated Timetable please follow the below link:

files/KAZAN 2018/Updated_Time_Schedule.pdf




By the completion of the 3rd WT President’s Cup in Athens, that took place yesterday (29/04), the awaited medal standings have been released with countries to stood out on the lists, due to its representatives’ prosperous performances.


Making their own history in Athens, Russia and Turkey attained to climb on the top three (3) places in all medal standings of each age category (Seniors, Juniors, Cadets / male & female) and as a result they got ahead in the total Team standings.


In detail, Russia topped the overall Team standings having achieved 24 gold,17 silver and 29 bronze and Turkey reached the second place with 13 gold, 8 silver and 20 bronze. Greece follows up third with 2 gold, 9 silver and 3 bronze.



Concerning, the medal standings in Seniors Male categories, Russia Croatia and Moldova secured the first three places respectively.


In Senior Female categories, the women representatives of Turkey, Russia and Croatia obtained for their countries the highest positions in the relevant medal table.


Juniors & Cadets medal standings:


Juniors Male:

  1. Russia
  2. Turkey
  3. Italy

Juniors Female:

  1. Russia
  2. Spain
  3. Turkey

Cadets Male:

  1. Russia
  2. Greece
  3. Turkey
  4. Cadets Female:
  1. Russia
  2. Turkey
  3. United States


Athens, 29 April 2018

The top awaited tournament, WT President’s Cup – Europe 2018 edition 3, came to an exciting end here in Athens highlighted by athletes’ action and enthusiasm, who fight in the mat for the prestigious title of 2018 WT President’s Cup Champion.


Today’s conclusion was endorsed by the World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue who honoured the event among with H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria Shin Boonam, the World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos, the World Taekwondo Africa President Gen. Ahmed Fouly and World Taekwondo Oceania President John Kotsifas. Present were also the WT Media Committee Chairman WTE Vice-President and ITF President Michael Madar, the WT Council Member Inseon Kim, WTE Vice-President and BTF President Slavi Binev, and the WTE Honorary President Park Soo Nam.





On the occasion, an honourary welcome ceremony took place for the arrival of the WT President Dr. Choue to the Ano Liosia Olympic Hall, where all the international referees and the audience created a delightful celebrating atmosphere.




WT President Dr. Choue took the floor and made glorious remarks concerning the 3rd edition WT President’s Cup 2018 and the 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships held in Rhodes Island, Greece. On that topic, Dr. Choue, expressed his appreciation to the WTE President Sakis Pragalos for his contribution and actions into the sport of Taekwondo.



The relevant ceremony continued with the Best Referees’ Awards by World Taekwondo President, who delivered awarding medals to Asle Fredriksen (NOR), Svitlana Chertkova (UKR), JiHyon Yeom (KOR), Belmir Bezberovic (BIH) and Kazem Nasserinejad (LUX).



To the mat

Making a brief review, it was an event that for five days presented high-powered performances by top players worldwide and synchronous delivered memorable experiences to the participants and audience.


Likewise today, present in the field of play among others, was the double Olympic medallist, World & European Champion Gonzalez Bonilla Joel of Spain who participated in the -63kg category.



The same category was also joined by the Pan-America silver medallist Bhat Siddhartha of Canada and the European silver medallist Ron Atias from Israel and so the relevant category light up the final day of the tournament.


Final Results: files/3rd WT PC2018/RESULTS_DAY_5.pdf


The today’s participating categories: Senior F+73kg, Seniors M-63kg

Juniors M-59kg, Juniors M-45kg, Juniors F+68kg, Juniors F-59kg

Cadets M+65kg, Cadets M-57kg, Cadets F+59kg, Cadets F-47kg


By the completion of the 3rd edition of the WT President’s Cup 2018, the World Taekwondo Europe counts eleven (11) days to its major event, the WTE European Senior Championships, that will be held in Kazan, Russia 10-13 May 2018.






Athens, Greece (29 April 2018) –  The excess success for World Taekwondo Europe, as core of milestone taekwondo events worldwide is clearly recognised. During the months of April and May, WTE has been the promoter and co-organizer for three of the most important taekwondo tournament and championships worldwide. Firstly, the World Taekwondo President's Cup Europe which counts its third year and established a record in participants, as approximately 3,000 athletes traveled to Athens to participate in the tournament during 25-29 April and qualify for the European Championships.


In parallel, the Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships succesfully concluded in total success on Saturday 27 April in Rhodes island, Greece. The event, which was co-organized by World Taekwondo Europe, the  South Aegean Region, the Municipality of Rhodes and Sports Traveler 76 brought a strong dose of vitamin sea and sun to the sport of taekwondo. The majestic images of high jumps, technical breaking and technical skills were combined with the blue of the sky, the festive mood of the island and the live broadcast on both Olympic Channel and Eurovision network which traveled the spectacular images of the event all around the world. The results of the championships can be found here, while the event continued the medal “fiesta” at the appreciation ceremony for the contributors and the closing party the athletes and teams. On the occasion of the completion of the event, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos stated: “The Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships were held for the second time at this historical and beautiful place. Beside the high quality of taekwondo skills demonstrated during these days, it is both important to point-out the potential of the next taekwondo generation and gratifying to know that the athletes have enjoyed the event.”

Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships opened a new chapter for taekwondo that displays the majesty of poomsae and the technical skills of taekwondo athletes, and soon the it will be launched also as a European Championship as well. 


But the thrill of taekwondo does not end here; on 10th-13th May the city of Kazan in Russia will welcome the elite of taekwondo athletes, with many Olympic medalists among them. The WTE European Taekwondo Championships will take place in the city which has hosted major sports events from Sochi 2014 to the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018.

The masters of the Olympic taekwondo will claim the title of the European Champion, and as in Montreaux 2016, the competition will be tough and challenging. The medalists of the event will be the ones that may get ahead in qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The series of taekwondo events will be finalized with the WTE Multi Taekwondo Championships that will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during May and June, welcoming a sum of taekwondo athletes from all competition ages, and celebrating the sport from kids through grand masters. 


World Taekwondo President's Cup Europe

Photo credits: Pelagia Karanikola



Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships

Photo credits: Sakis Gioumpasis












The draws for the closing day of 3rd WT President's Cup 2018 are now available: 

files/3rd WT PC2018/DRAWS_DAY_5.pdf


Athens, 28 April 2018

The WT President’s Cup – Europe has the power to deliver intense emotions and vigorous performances to the audience by the participation of topmost but also upcoming taekwondo athletes worldwide.


Afterwards, the completion of day 3 and the spectacular way the World Champion in Youth Championships in Burnaby 2016 Tcakoev Sarmat dominated and prevailed in the seniors -68kg category against forceful world-class opponents, the day after was equally impressive.


The fourth day of Taekwondo battles in the 3rd WT President’s Cup in Athens was marked by the participation of World Top Ranked athletes, World and Continental Champions.


To begin with, one of the top players that audience awaited to watch today, Irem Yaman, Worlds No1 in 62kg category, World and European Champion from Turkey didn’t manage to show her exceptional fighting abilities and claim a medal since, an unfortunate injury forced her to a withdraw in the Round of 16 against Babic Ivana(CRO).


Although, in the same weight category (-62kg) two other top-level athletes participated and delivered a showcase of skilled fights to the public in Athens. The Pan-American Champion and Worlds No6 Kraayeveld Ashley from Canada and Worlds No4 and silver European medallist of France, Wiet Henin Magda were the favorites of the category and the French was the one who met the predictions. 


Thus, a dynamic final match took place by Wiet Henin Magda and Babic Ivana which end up with score 5-2 and Wiet added the title of 2018 WT President’s Cup Champion title in her collection and Babic the silver one.



The audience here in Ano Liosia Olympic Hall, had also the chance to watch a high-level final fight in -73kg category, between Kus Nafia of Turkey bronze World medallist & silver European and Rados Iva double European Champion. The Turkish fighter was the one who celebrated the gold and thus the second place went to Rados when the match ended to 7-2.     



From the men’s scope, Kuznetsov Roman Worlds No6 and Bronze World medallist, after his great performances achieved the first place in his category (+87kg) after he faced to the finals Miangue Yoann and won with 13-3 score.


Kanaet Toni (CRO) Worlds No4, double silver WT PC medallist and silver European medallist and Worlds No6 & 2017 WT President’s Cup – Pan America Champion Ishida Jaysen of USA highlighted the -74kg category earlier today.


In the end, Worlds No4 came into the finals against Mutak Marko of Croatia and the gold medal was collected by Kanaet with score 14-11.


The today’s categories: Seniors M+87kg, Seniors M-74kg, Senior F-73kg, Seniors F-62KG,

Juniors M+78kg, Juniors M-78kg, Juniors F-68kg, Juniors F-63kg,

Cadets M-65kg, Cadets M-61kg, Cadets F-55kg, Cadet F-51kg


The final results of today: files/3rd WT PC2018/RESULTS_DAY_4.pdf



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