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Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden, Aaron Cook, Jaouad Achab, Vanja Stankovic, Jesus Tortosa Cabrera, Youssef Karami and Joël van der Weide are the proud members of Taekwondo Europe’s Instructor’s Squad! They will start with online kyurogi and poomsae training shortly.

Our own stars will provide during the next few weeks online classes for you to practice taekwondo from your living room, garden  or even bed room! Make sure that you create some space and always follow the instructions of the national and local health authorities! The classes will be available on YouTube, Facebook and our website. Just follow the updates on our Facebook page!











As of next week, 6 April, Taekwondo Europe will for the first time offer online classes for our athletes. Our own stars Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden, Vanja Stankovic, Aaron Cook, Jaouad Achab and Jesus Tortosa Cabrera need no introduction and already confirmed to Taekwondo Europe that they are happy to join the Taekwondo Europe Instructor’s Squad!

On a regular basis, the online classes can be followed by our athletes. Either via the Youtube channel of our Instructor’s Squad or live via Facebook you will be able to follow a Taekwondo class online. In these difficult times, our athletes want to give you to opportunity to stay active and practice taekwondo in your house! Please stay safe, follow the instructions from your health authorities and practice taekwondo at home













For the first time in its history Taekwondo Europe hosts an online Poomsae event. The whole world can participate. Sakis Pragalos, President of Taekwondo Europe comments: “This global crisis has hit multiple countries hard. We hope that the virus will quickly be exterminated and that a vaccine is available soon. In the meantime, we want to offer all global Taekwondo practitioners an opportunity to compete online in this Poomsae competition”.

The idea was born when it became clear that all events worldwide were being postponed. Many athletes see now the opportunity to compete at a global stage vanished. Taekwondo Europe then thought to do an online event, where athletes send in videos and International Referees evaluate the performance in real time. Sakis Pragalos: “We have seen already an amazing online event hosted by Glenn Culbert in Northern Ireland. The host of the Northern Ireland Open Poomsae & Kyorugi Championships hosted an online Poomsae event as the regular event was postponed due to the virus outbreak. The responses were amazingly positive”

The event will be open for both WT License holders as well as non-WT License holders. “The idea is to be all inclusive. Non-WT license holders pay more entry fee because we have to do more administrative work to have those athletes added. The entry fees are low (regular entry fee is 10 euros and 20 euros for Non WT license holders) because we do provide the winners with medals and certificates. We will send them to the winners by post. And also, we are currently discussing with SimplyCompete and Martial.Events what they can do for us regarding the scoring of the athletes. We want the scoring to be as transparent as possible” according to Mr. Pragalos.

A small team of Poomsae experts consisting of Lisa and Edina Lents, Abilio Costa, Mieke Tapia, WTE Referee Chairman Mustapha Moutarazak and WTE Games Chairman Ali Sagirkaya are discussing with Kenneth Schunken (Director-General of Taekwondo Europe) the details of the competition and the outline will be published within days.






Addressing to Taekwondo Europe MNAs, the athletes and the entire taekwondo family, Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos correspoded:


" Following the current situation amid the Covid19 pandemic outbreak across Europe, I would like to express my sincere compassion to all of the MNAs together and to the situation that each country battles with, individually. 

Taekwondo Europe understands that these are trying times and recognizes the impact of the coronavirus to our MNAs, our athletes, and the entire taekwondo family.


As it has been announced, all the upcoming taekwondo events have been postponed or canceled in compliance to all efforts to confine and limit the spread of this pandemic outbreak, therefore, I appreciate your understanding and support in this crisis.

Nevertheless, first and foremost at this emergency, our top priority must be to ensure the health and safety - first of ourselves - so then to be capable to help and assist our fellows, our athletes and communities.

Hence, it is of critical importance to follow and encourage the national pandemic emergency policies that have been established across all countries of Europe.

I urge you to stay informed by checking with the Taekwondo Europe website for any updates regarding WTE. 


My thoughts are always with you and our athletes. Remember to remind yourselves, your families, athletes, coaches, and everyone to be vigilant about washing their hands and stay home as much as possible, because health and safety comes first in such situations. "


Taekwondo Europe stands along with all its MNAs and athletes, encouraging for positve thoughts and 'Taekwondo strong' when all this shall pass.






With the best of intentions, Antonio Barbarino in his recent interview to German newspaper, expressed his concern for the current situation with covid19, saying that he cannot imagine that the Olympic Games will open in Tokyo in a few months. "It doesn't make sense anymore. In Germany, the gymnasium will be closed, and we will talk about the Olympics 2020” he mentioned.

The Treasurer of Taekwondo Europe has been also looking at Italy with concern for private reasons for weeks. The country from which his parents moved from Naples to Germany many years ago.

Barbarino stays in daily contact with his two daughters in northern Italy. One lives in Modena, the other near Milan, where she works in the 48,000-inhabitant city of Lodi as a nurse in the intensive care unit.


Worrying situation


What Barbarino hears about his work from his daughter makes him “deeply concerned.”

“I see it with completely different eyes. Italy has been overwhelmed by the Corona virus. People, including younger people, sometimes die quite lonely. I hope that Germany is better prepared,” says the German with Italian roots.

The corona virus and its aftermath also concern Antonio Barbarino as President of the Taekwondo Union NRW and member of the Presidium of the Taekwondo Europe.

Two weeks ago, Barbarino was still a technical delegate for the World Association at the Sofia Open in Bulgaria. After that, the tournaments in Europe were canceled in rows, including the European championships in Zagreb in May or the World Technology Championships in Denmark.

Taekwondo Europe was still trying to save its continental qualification tournament for the Olympic Games to Milan in mid-April, but this competition also had to be canceled after the Russian government out for incoming athletes and officials Germany, France and Italy had ordered a two-week quarantine. There are no more alternatives. “We would have had problems everywhere,” says Antonio Barbarino.

For the European Taekwondo athletes, Moscow would have been the last chance for the time being to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. “Everyone else is through. South America was still lucky and the qualification at the weekend

able to carry out”, reports Barbarino. So far, only Stuttgart Bachmann from Stuttgart has qualified from Germany. In theory, qualification tournaments would still be possible until June. "But is that reasonable?"


Question of equal opportunities

Antonio Barbarino simply cannot imagine that in a few weeks hundreds of thousands of athletes, spectators and functionaries from all over the world panicked capital together - come as if nothing had happened. Also, for reasons of equal opportunities. “Our athletes cannot train. Schools and sports halls are closed. It is no longer fair. "

The experienced taekwondo expert knows, of course, that the Olympic Games are a billion-dollar business, especially for the IOC. “The host pays for everything,” Barbarino emphasizes.

Nevertheless, Antonio Barbarino is convinced: “The Olympic Games will not take place as planned. That no longer makes sense, just like the European Football Championship. The risk is too high. I know how difficult it is for the athletes.” The Treasurer of Taekwondo Europe calls the announcement by IOC President Thomas Bach to adhere to the recommendations to the World Health Organization WHO as “reasonable” and stands his ground.

Antonio Barbarino


Interview by Martin Droste

Interview translated from HEIMATSPORT newspaper





Based on the recent developments concerning the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus, President Pragalos of Taekwondo Europe has decided to postpone the European Qualification Tournament scheduled in Moscow. Non-essential events were already postponed by Taekwondo Europe but due to the recently taken restrictive measures of the Russian government and thus limiting access to Russia to an increasing number of teams, the President concluded that postponement of the event was the only option left.

The recent restrictive measures announced by the Russian government and Moscow regional authorities have made it practically impossible for all European athletes to participate under the same conditions. Some teams were facing a two week quarantaine and it remains unknown what developments will occur in the next few days and weeks. Taekwondo Europe will monitor the situation closely and inform all members as soon as new information on the time an location of the EQT is available.

The Open European Para Championships, European Club Championships and the G4European Championships (Seniors) are being postponed by Taekwondo Europe. The number of infected persons with the Corona COVID-19 virus rises every day and
governments are taking measures to contain the virus. The reason for the postponement of the abovementioned non-essential events is the unpredictable nature of the outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus and most importantly the health
of our athletes, coaches and participants.
Postponement and cancellation of the Olympic Games is according to the statement of Thomas Bach not considered. Therefore, the European Qualification Tournament (EQT) for the Tokyo Olympics is considered by Taekwondo Europe as an essential event. As the Taekwondo event in Tokyo takes place from 25 – 28 July 2020, Taekwondo Europe sees no other possibility than to proceed with the EQT in Russia as announced last week. Postponement of the event would disadvantage our European athletes disproportionately. Teams attending the EQT are therefore urgently required to make all necessary preparations
to travel to Moscow. In light of the recent travel restrictions imposed by Russia, all teams are urged take all necessary steps to make sure their respective teams are allowed access to enter the Russian Federation.
For the athletes qualified for the Olympics, the postponed G4 European Championship is of major importance. Taekwondo Europe will do its utmost to organize the event before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in order to make sure their best seeding position of our athletes is secured.
The G1 events in Europe are not covered by the decision of Taekwondo Europe. It is the responsibility and final decision of each federation and Organizing Committee whether or not to cancel the G1 event in their country. Taekwondo Europe does however urges all federations and OCs to bear in mind the health and safety of the participants and follow
instructions of the (local) authorities.
All athletes that have already paid the entry fees of postponed event will either receive vouchers for the amount paid to WTE or have their application on file. Vouchers can be used at all future events of Taekwondo Europe. Please be informed that WTE nor the OCs accept any claims for reimbursement of incurred travel and accommodation costs. Participation at WTE events is at the risk of the participating teams and all participants are expected to have their own travel, cancellation and medical insurance.


In the recent days, the Russian authorities have issued restricting measures concerning the entrance of persons from Corona COVID-19 infected areas. Currently, Taekwondo Europe is in close contact with the Russian Taekwondo Union in order to examine the consequences of these measures for teams participating at the EQT.

As soon as there is more news to share, Taekwondo Europe will post this on the website. Today is the last day of a 3-day holiday break in Russia and we hope to receive more information from the authorities in the next few days.



The outline for the Generation 24 Region 5 event is now available for all participating countries.

Region 5 counties who can qualify for participating athletes in the event are the following:

1. Belarus

2. Ukraine

3. Russia

4. Georgia

6. Armenia

You may download the Russian version of the document in the link below.

Outline - GEN24 Region 5 (RUS)






After due consideration and in close cooperation with the Italian Taekwondo Federation FITA, Taekwondo Europe decided to relocate the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympics and Paralympics. Based on the Administrative Order of the Italian Government of 4 March 2020, Taekwondo Europe saw no other option than to relocate the event.

The event will now be staged in Moscow and the Para event will take place on 16 April while the Kyorugi event will take place on 17 and 18 April. More details will be published tomorrow in the outline of the event. Taekwondo Europe would like to thank Mr. Angelo Cito and his team for the hard work and preparations they already have made for staging the event.


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