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We kindly request all the MNAs to notify their Members (Clubs, Unions, Associations, Athletes, Coaches and Referees), that they are not allowed and will not be given permission to take part in any kind of Taekwondo sport activities and events- for example, Seminars for Coaches – Championships - Friendly Games etc. which are conducted by Sport Organizations (Unions, Associations for Athletes, Coaches, etc.), who are not recognized, authorized or approved by their National Federation (MNA), the E.T.U or the W.T.F.

No fully compliance to the abovementioned statement is followed by proportionate consequences.



Today ETU received the sad news of the passing away of Cristiana Corsi. The hearts and minds of the ETU leadership, the Council and the whole European Taekwondo Familiy are with the family and friends of Cristiana and with the Italian Taekwondo Federation.

Cristiana Corsi (April 23, 1976 in Rome - February 22, 2016) was an Italian taekwondo practitioner, who competed in the women's featherweight category. Considered one of Italy's top taekwondo players of her decade, Corsi obtained a total of nine medals in her sporting career, including a gold at the 2002 European Championships in Samsun, Turkey, and a silver in the 59-kg division at the 2003 Summer Universiade in Daegu, South Korea. Corsi was also selected to compete for the Italian taekwondo squad in two editions of the Olympic Games (2000 and 2004), where she obtained a fifth-place finish in the women's featherweight category (57 kg) on each edition. Throughout her sporting career, Corsi trained for Rome Taekwondo Centre (Italian: Centro TDK Roma) in her native Rome under Korean-born head coach and master Park Young-Gil.

Corsi made her official debut at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, where she competed in the women's 57-kg class. She opened her match with a more satisfactory victory over Brazil's Carmen Silva 5–2, before falling behind 1–8 on points to South Korean fighter Jung Jae-eun.[4] Corsi granted herself a chance to compete for the Olympic bronze medal in the repechage, but she narrowly missed it in a 5–6 defeat to the Netherlands' Virginia Lourens, relegating her to fifth position.

Two years later, Corsi became a European champion in Samsun, Turkey under the women's featherweight division (59 kg), after brushing aside her Russian opponent Margarita Mkrtchyan in the final. When South Korea hosted the 2003 Summer Universiade in Daegu, Corsi chased the local favorite Kim Sae-rom for the gold, but her feat was only enough to take the silver medal.

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Corsi qualified for her second Italian squad in the women's featherweight class (57 kg) by placing second behind South Korea's Jang Ji-won and granting a berth from the World Olympic Qualification Tournament in Paris, France. Seeded second and one of the athletes predicted to reach the final, Corsi started her fight with a smooth 2–0 triumph over France's Gwladys Épangue until she was stunned in a narrow 2–3 defeat to 20-year-old American neophyte Nia Abdallah during their quarterfinal match. In the repechage, Corsi secured a 5–2 lead over Russia's Margarita Mkrtchyan for another Olympic medal chance in the repechage, but ended again in fifth to match her placement from Sydney, following a 2–3 deficit to Mexico's Iridia Salazar.


Source: www.wikipedia.com



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ETU President Pragalos signed on 13 February a hosting contract with Mr Constantin Apostol, President of the Romanian Taekwondo Federation. In addition, ETU will hold a mixed team competition for national teams on the occasion of the aforementioned event. During the European Taekwondo Senior championships in Montreux, the mix team competition format will be tested in cooperation with the World Taekwondo Federation.

The ETU today accepted the provisional membership of the Swedish Taekwondo Union. The federation fulfilled the requirements for application and thus the ETU provisionally accepted them as member until the ETU Council and General Assembly decides on the full membership of the federation. For the time being, all athletes of the federation are - according to the statutes of ETU - eligible to participate at all ETU events. In meetings, the federation has the right to attend, but voting rights will only be granted after the Council and General Assembly accepted the full membership of the STU.


President Pragalos joined dr. Chungwon Choue on the World Taekwondo fact-finding mission to Nepal. The country was struck by a devastating earthquake only 9 months ago. The World Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation visited Nepal to investigate how the Foundation can assist the country by applying taekwondo. Nepal, a country with 65,000 taekwondo practitioners, can use all the help at this time. The visited to the center of Kathmandu showed that the people of Nepal are working hard to repair the damage, but a lot of works still needs to be done.

The Nepal Taekwondo Association planned an excellent visit, with on the first day a visit to the Prime Minister of the country, a visit to ground zero of the earthquake and a visit to the city of Basmati and Pokhara. During the visit to Bagmati, all the people were gathered to welcome the World Taekwondo delegation and President Choue. The World Taekwondo demonstration team gave an excellent demonstration which was attended by the Vice-president of the country. After the demonstration, the delegation was taken to ground zero of the earthquake.

The countryside changed into a surreal moon landscape, in which the earthquake destroyed more than 20,000 houses and took the lives of thousands of Nepalese people. During the last  days of the visit, the delegation travelled to Pokhara and met with the local clubs.






World Taekwondo Federation launched the website of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation. The website can be found via the following link: www.thfaid.org


The ETU Council unanimously decided that the Swedish Taekwondo Federation’s (STF) membership is revoked with immediate effect. Based on article 15 of the statutes of ETU, the Council revoked their membership. Since the beginning of 2014, the STF is not in
compliance with the WTF and ETU statutes. ETU discussed the matter with the federation at first, but when no progress was made, the WTF got involved in the case. At a tripartite meeting in Lausanne, a solution was almost reached but the STF bailed out at the last moment. Since 2014, three different presidents have been leading the federation. In October of 2015, the ETU president had a meeting with the Swedish NOC president to solve the
case. They reached an agreement and ETU lifted the suspension of the federation and as a sign of good faith. However, such a sign of good faith – e.g. the General Assembly approving the way forward - was not delivered by the STF. The board of STF has not done anything for nearly 2 years to resolve the situation.  And promises were not fulfilled. The only thing that happened is that the board of the STF brought other organizations to our meetings, but the fact still remains that the board of the STF for almost 2 years has not done anything to remedy the problems it created.

Based on the above arguments and based on article 15.5 and 15.3 of the ETU Statutes, the
ETU Council:

- decided to revoke the membership of the Swedish Taekwondo Federation with immediate effect,
- guarantees that the Swedish athletes who qualified or are in the process of qualifying for the Olympics will remain unharmed and are able to participate at all events either under the flag of WTF or ETU,
- guarantees that all Swedish athletes with an IOC or NOC scholarship shall remain unharmed and are able to participate at all events either under the flag of WTF or ETU.

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The 2nd Final Day of the “European Qualification Tournament 2016 for the XXXI Olympiad” was carried out today, 16th January 2016, at WOW Convention Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

These are the results from each competition category, where 1st and 2nd position qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

Category: Seniors Female A – 49 – Competitors: 17
1st Abakarova, Patimat – Azerbaijan National Team
2nd Bogdanovic, Tijana – Serbia National Team
3rd Romoldanova, Iryana – Ukraine National Team
4th Nicoli, Erica – Italy National Team

Category: Seniors Female A - 57 – Competitors: 19
1st Asemani, Raheleh – World Taekwondo Refugee Team
2nd Mikkonen, Suvi – Finland National Team
3rd Magnus, Marie – Norway National Team
4th Froemming, Anna-Lena – Germany National Team

Category: Seniors Male A – 80 – Competitors: 17
1st Beigi Harchegani, Milad – Azarbaijan National Team
2nd Pazinski, Piotr – Poland National Team
3rd Sari, Yunus – Turkey National Team
4th Ordemann, Richard Andre – Norway National Team

Category: Seniors Male A +80 – Competitors: 13
1st Cho, Mahama – Great Britain National Team
2nd Silla, Arman-Marshall – Belarus National Team
3rd Molfetta, Carlo – Italy National Team
4th Trajkovic, Ivan – Slovenia National Team

Some of the athletes and coaches stated:
Piotr Panzinski, Poland – 80kg
'Its a great honor to represent Poland at the Olympic Games. I've been training for 20 years and now I made it to the top level of the sport. I knew during the semi-final against Norway when I scored a big punch to move 6-0 into the lead that I was going to make it to the Olympics. It was such an unforgettable feeling. I can’t describe it. I want to thank Thomas Pygiaz, my coach, for all his hard work and support. And thanks also to Miacheal Lomewski - he taugh me the martial art from the beginning and I'm so greatful, it’s a pleasure to work with him. And for the Olympics I'm ready for everyone."

Suvi Mikonnen, Finland -57 kg
“'It an incredible feeling to qualify for the OG for the second time...It’s been a long hard road to qualify and in some ways this progress to Rio is more special, because it’s been such a hard challenge.” Her coach, Jesus Ramal commentated “I am so proud of Suvi. She works so hard and is such a professional. She had a serious knee surgery after London OG and now here she is...It’s been a battle but she kept going. I'd like to thank ROSA, her sparring partner for being so positive and always smiling and she has a great attitude. We hope that in 2020 she will make it herself to the OG. I want to say thanks to the Finish Federation and Olympic committee as they support us a lot, and very importantly to everyone at Hankuk TKD Club in Madrid. Our Suvi is going to Rio! And this time she’s going for a medal.”

Asemani Raheleh, World Taekwondo Federation – 57 kg
“I am so happy going to Rio Olympic Games I cannot believe it is happening. I want to thank Laurence and Karim so much for helping me to make it. It’s been such a hard journey. I was lost and many times in my head, I thought it would not happen because of politics, visa problems, lack of money. I couldn’t travel to ranking events because I can only go inside Schengen countries. So, it’s been so hard to qualify, so hard, but I want to thank the WTF and especially Dr. Choue for his humanitarian effort. It’s amazing that I have this opportunity as a refugee in Belgium and I am so pleased the IOC is bringing hope and fairness in this way. I have so many difficulties to be here. It’s too much to mention. Thanks to Laurence Rase for helping me so much with all of the paperwork and hard times. It incredible I am now an Olympian - a refugee Olympian. I made it! I work in a post office. I run from house to house delivering letters. But today I have delivered an Olympic ticket. I'm going to Rio. I have one thing to say to all young Taekwondo players. Never give up! Believe in yourself and work hard. And a special thanks to Indra Craen. We are both representing Belgium and I managed to win today. She is so gracious and dignified. She is a great ambassador of our sport and so young. Her time is coming...and my time is now. Rio is a dream for me. Hope has carried me to the Olympics. Now I will give all I have to win.”

Karim Dighou Belgium Coach commented: “I am living a dream now. Indra did so well at the Youth Olympics. Jaoud qualified in Mexico and now Raheleh made it. It’s so special. Our Belgian team is a family. We care about each other we support each other. And Rio is going to be very special for us. What a moment!”

Laurence Rase the Performance Director of Belgium and former double world medalist and Athens 2004 Olympian said: “Our team has done so well. I’m really proud of them and the Belgian Olympic Committee will be too. (Asemani, Raheleh - 57 kg gold medal winner)
It’s been such a hard few months and the last week has been one of the biggest challenges of my life, I want to thank Dr. Choue for the invitation letter to compete at this event and the kindness to give the refugee athletes a chance...If this was a movie nobody would believe it was possible... It’s an incredible moment for all of us and I would like to thank the WTF and IOC for their compassion and humanitarian spirit. Today is a victory for Raheleh, but it is also a victory for fairness in sport. Rio will showcase that Taekwondo cares... And that Belgium is ready. I hope with the IOC help we can travel to more ranking events because hopefully now as an Olympian, the visa problems and travel difficulty will be a lot less. Also, the financial requirements are considerable, so we are looking for help and support.”

The 1st ETU-AIPS Europe MEDIA Workshop was completed today, Sunday 17 January 2016.
The title of the workshop was “Development to Success” and its scope was to explore Taekwondo as an Olympic sport, increase Taekwondo media awareness and discuss new media scopes and other challenges in sport journalism, through the delivery of five (5) different sessions of presentations and panel discussions.
The participants were mostly AIPS Europe members, but also ETU Faculty and other well-recognized journalists.
Among them was also present as a special guest Mr. Morley Myers, one of the most experienced sport journalists, having participated in numerous winter and summer Olympic Games, member of the SJA and the European sportswriters’ organization, the UEPS, of which he has been secretary general since 1994.

Mr. Ioannis Daras, President of the AIPS Europe, stated: “The 1st ETU-AIPS Europe Media Workshop was carried out successfully. The journalists acquired a lot of information around the Olympic sport of Taekwondo and had the opportunity to discuss issues about the media awareness of the sport and how to increase its attractiveness throughout live broadcasting, digital media and the fans or athletes story telling. This workshop was just the starting point that brought the European Taekwondo and the media closer. From now on, every day and every year, the ETU in collaboration with AIPS Europe will open the way to Taekwondo education and awareness, through further schooling.”
Effie Zikouli, ETU Media Committee Chairwoman, stated: “Despite the problems occurred in Turkey, I am glad that fellow colleagues from all Europe, initiate their communication bonds here, through the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. Throughout the workshop, they had the opportunity to meet with Teakwondo experts and watch high-quality Taekwondo games that brought to 16 European athletes the Golden ticket for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”

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