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The 21st edition of the WTE European Junior Taekwondo Championships was excellently launched in Larnaka, Cyprus by the completion of the first competition day (02/11) at Kition Athletic Center.

During the first day of the event the Opening Ceremony was held, and it was honoured by the presence of the WTE President Sakis Pragalos and WTE Secretry-General Michail Fysentzidis, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, the Mayor of Larnaka city Andreas Byras, the President of Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) Kleanthis Georgiades.

Present at the official ceremony were also the CSO Vice-President Dimitris Leontis, Kalli Chatziosif as Cyprus Ministry of Education & Culture representative among with the Cyprus Olympic Committee representatives, Sotos Trikomitis and George Papageorgiou and Foivos Zachariadesthe Advisor in Sports of the President of the Republic of Cyprus.

The opening speech was made by the President of the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation and President of the Organizing Committee Phoivos Christou who warmly welcomed all the officials and participants in the island of Cyprus and later the WTE President Sakis Pragalos took the floor.

 The WTE President in his turn also welcomed all the officials, delegates and athletes who traveled to the eastern side of Mediterranean to get experienced in the four-day event. During his speech, the WTE President Sakis Pragalos expressed his appreciation to the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation for undertaking a WTE event for third time and its President Phoivos Christou for his active contribution throughout all these years in Taekwondo.  

Continuing, he also added: “The European Junior Championships are significant for our sport, since, through participation, the young athletes earn priceless experiences in one of the major Taekwondo Championships, which benefit them to the adjustment of the sport procedures, the sport environment and overpass the stress of a competition. It is a step towards their professional Taekwondo career. Let the Championships begin the best way possible and let us prepare for even more high-level and elevated Taekwondo events ahead to come.”

Furthermore, H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades stated: “It gives us great pleasure and honor to host the Championships of the Olympic sport of Taekwondo. Having superior athletes here on the island of Cyprus it is a prodigious chance for us to present the sport of Taekwondo and the abilities we have in hosting such high-level events. We have a plan for the economic and cultural growth of the sports in Cyprus and thus these Championships are a milestone in our effort in that. Such activities in countries with the largeness of Cyprus are more than crucial and highlight our effectiveness and capability. “Concluding, H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades thanked the CTF President Phoivos Christou for the realization of this event.

The President of Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) Kleanthis Georgiades during his speech mentioned that it is a privilege to host these elite events within the Island and also emphasized that CSO enormously supports the WTE Championships since it enhances the sports and tourism in Cyprus.  



On the occasion of the opening event, the WTE President Sakis Pragalos had the chance to award honorary prizes in appreciation to H.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, the Mayor of Larnaka city Andreas Byras, the President of Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) Kleanthis Georgiades, the President of the CTF Phoivos Christou and to the CTF Vice-President Andros Christophi.

The WTE headship, WTE President Sakis Pragalos and WTE Secretry-General Michail Fysentzidis, received honorary prizes by the President of Cyprus Taekwondo Federation Phoivos Christou who also awardedH.E. the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, thePresident of Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO) Kleanthis Georgiades and CTF Vice-President Andros Christophi.




The Cyprus Taekwondo Federation undertakes for third time a European Taekwondo Championship and proved once again to be both effective and well-organized, by providing a formal Opening Ceremony and first competition day under the greatest conditions.

The WTE European Junior Taekwondo Championships 2017 are sponsored by Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO), Municipality of Larnaka, Cyprus Organization of Tourism (KOT), OPAP Cyprus, DAEDO INTERNATIONAL, CYTA, RIK TV, Sodexo and G&E Thermosolar LTD.

The city of Larnaka welcomed totally 500 athletes from 41 countries around Europe and throughout the first day of action 122young athletes participated for a place on the winners’ podium. For the final results competition day 1 click on the following link:     


First Day- Final Results 



For the WTE European Junior Championships Larnaka 2017 draw sheets competition day 2, click on the following link:






The Head of Team Meeting was successfully completed today (01/11) related to the WTE European Junior Championships 2017 in Larnaca, Cyprus.


Specifically, Lordos Beach Hotel hosted the meeting that was realized in the presence of the WTE Deputy President and Cyprus Taekwondo Federation President Poivos Christou, the WTE Vice-President and FITA President Angelo Cito, the WTE Council Member Antonio Barbarino, the WTE Council Member Reza Zademohammadand and the Head of Referees of the event Chakir Chelbat.


Mr. Chakir Chelbat made his declarations to the audience concerning the rules and regulations of the competition with useful information and also provided the coaches with beneficial information and details regarding the Championships.


Click the following link for the draw competition day 1:





On the occasion of the WTE European Junior Taekwondo Championships 2017, the Council Meeting of the World Taekwondo Europe conducted its first meeting after the WTE Elections 2017 on Wednesday 1st of November, in Larnaca, Cyprus.


Present at Sentido Sandy Beach Hotel, where the WTE Council Meeting was held, was the WTE President Sakis Pragalos, the WTE Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis with the WTE Executive Board and Council members.


The opening was made by the WTE President welcome speech and the correspondence by the WTE Secretary-General. During the two-hour meeting, a wide range of topics were discussed by the attendants. The agenda of the latest Council meeting of WTE, comprised discussions for the upcoming WTE European Championships 2018 and the Progress Report for the rapid growth of the European Para-Taekwondo and for the dynamic development of the European Poomsae due to the continued promotion and development of the subject.


Finally, a substantial number of MNA's tabled various proposals, mostly technical in nature. For those that will be applied, further notice will follow for the clubs, athletes and the public to know. The next WTE Council Meeting has been renewed and will take place on May in Kazan, Russia. 





On Tuesday 31 November, the President of the Turkish Taekwondo Federation Sahin Metin, the Vice-President Dr. Duymaz Oktay and World Taekwondo Auditor and Council Member Mr. Ali Sagirkaya visited the WTE President's Office in Athens, Greece, on the occasion of the WTE European Kids & Clubs Championships 2018 that will be hosted in Turkey. Present at the meeting along with the Turkish Taekwondo delegation was also Dr. Zakir Avsar, Professor in Gazi University of Ankara, Turkey and member of the general Sports Council of the TTF.

The curtains of WTE Calendar 2018 open with the WTE Kids and Clubs Championships, which is also the inaugural year that all the WTE events and championships function under the new, rebranded World Taekwondo Europe image. In seek of integration overall the WTE events, and even higher participation, it is the first time that the two championships will be hosted in the capital Istanbul, Turkey, instead of Antalya.

During the Turkish Taekwondo meeting with WTE President Sakis Pragalos, they two parties extensively discussed the progress of the championships during the years hosted in Turkey, and pointed out the main areas that can be further elevated.

"The Turkish Taekwondo Federation has been hosting these championships for many years now, and thus, has obtained the necessary expertise and knowledge towards a successful organization of a WTE event. This means that they have reached a point of time efficiency in their deliveries, effective management, and minimalization of errors throughout the different operations of an event organizing procedures." stated WTE President Sakis Pragalos and mentioned that since this year the championships are hosted in Istanbul, the event can attract even more competitors that faced difficulties with travelling in the past.

The WTE European Kids and Clubs Championships 2018 are scheduled for the first week of February 2018, prior to the Turkish Open Tournament, which will also be hosted in Istanbul. Further information regarding the events outline and accommodation will be announced promptly.






The 21st edition of the WTE European Juniors Taekwondo Championships will be held in Larnaka, Cyprus during the dates 02-05 November 2017.

The beautiful island of Cyprus will welcome more than 700 junior athletes, who will have the chance to join the Championships, realized every two years, in order to climb on the winners’ podium.

Young Taekwondo practitioners between the ages 15-17 will travel from Europe to the eastern side of Mediterranean with their National teams and meet at theKition Athletic Centrein order to participate in ten (10) different weight categories in total, for the relevant event. The hosting venue, Kition Athletic Centre, is an indoor arena located in Larnaka with a crowd capacity of 3,000 seated spectators.

This is not the first time that Cyprus Island hosts European Juniors Taekwondo Championships. During the 1999, Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus hosted the related games and followed up Paphos city in 2011.

The Island Life

The island of Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean and attracts tourists from all over the world. Due to its beautiful weather and local’s enthusiasm for sports, it can be easily described as an island suitable for hosting athletic events. Several significant international sporting competitions including taekwondo, football, basketball, volleyball, beach volley and other were held on the island.

Some of the most vital events realized in Cyprus are the FIBA Europe South Regional Challenge Cup Final Four 2003, FIBA Europe All Star Game, the Shooting Shotgun European Championships 2012, the FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch Youth World Championships 2012, the European Under-19 Football Championships 1998, the Cyprus Rally hosted for the World Rally Championship and currently is been organizing the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

Moreover, it attracts windsurfers globally especially in autumn season, since Mackenzie Beach hosts windsurfing centre together with an extreme sports centre.

The hosting city of Larnaka is known for its palm-tree seafront, the Church of Saint Lazarus, the Kamares Aqueduct and its medieval fort and it is built on the ruins of the ancient Citium.Also, the major airport of Cyprus is located approximately 15 minutes by car from Larnaka’s city center.





According to the latest updates of the Organizing Committee of the WTE European Junior Championships Larnaca, Cyprus 2017, the Registration place has been changed and it will take place at Lordos Beach Hotel.


Check the following link for the official letter of the Organizing Committee concerning the Accomodation & Transportation details in the city of Larnaca. 




The spectacular London World Taekwondo Grand Prix 2017 took place during the dates 20-22 October and was staged at the London 2012 Olympic Venue, the Copper Box Arena.


The elite event was fascinated by more than 200 athletes out of 56 countries among with one refugee team. The tournament also attracted international media and general public and thus it had a live broadcasting, including the BBC, in 90 countries around the world .


Great Britain during the three-day event benefited by the home atmosphere and climbed on the top place of the medal standings with three (3) gold medals while Jordan, Korea, Russia, Thailand and Côte d’Ivoire all won one gold medal.


The World Taekwondo Europe athletes achieved 19 medals out of the total of 32. In detail, in the seniors female -67kg category, Williams Lauren (GBR) and Jelic Matea (CRO) won the first and third places respectively. The double Olympic Champion Jade Jones and the World Champion and bronze Olympic medalist Walkden Bianca representing Great Britain, lead their categories (-57kg and +67kg) and achieved the top places. The “Headhunter” secured her first major title of 2017 while Walkden won her third Grand Prix of the year in London.


Kudashova Tatiana of Russia and Adamkiewicz Patrycja from Poland shared the third places on the winners ‘podium for the -57 weight category and Kowalczuk Aleksandra representing Poland celebrated the silver medal in the +67 kg category.


In the seniors female -49kg the silver Olympic medalist from Serbia Bogdanovic Tijana achieved the second place and in the same weight category Yildirim Rykiye of Turkey won the bronze medal.


Russia achieved 5 medals in total and the four of them were attained in male categories. Beginning with, Artamonov Mikhail was the gold one in -58kg category while Aiukaev Rafail (+80kg) and Khramtcov Maksim (-80kg) both won silver medals.


The bronze male place of Russia was reached by Denisenko Alexey in -68kg while Sinden Bradly of GBR and the Olympic Champion London 2012 Gonzalez Bonilla Joel from Spain won the silver and bronze medals respectively on the relevant podium.


Cho Mahama (GBR), Tortosa Cabrera Jesus and Martinez Garcia Raul of Spain among with Cook Aaron representing Moldova won third places in +80kg, -58kg and -80 kg categories.


Source: World Taekwondo 



The 1st World Taekwondo Beach Championships held in Rhodes island, Greece between 5-6 May 2017 are officially shortlisted for the Peace and Sports Awards 2017 in the category April6 Initiative of the Year category. The inaugural event was under the Auspices of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr Prokopios Pavlopoulos. It was organized by the World Taekwondo Europe, the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes, while it is promoted by the World Taekwondo.

Opening new horizons for the sport of taekwondo, the opening ceremony of the championships was realized on 4th May at the recognized as World Heritage Monument Medieval city of Rhodes in an amalgam event of sport, culture and heritage. As part of the ceremony, the biggest White Card campaign also took place at the Bastion of Grand Master’s Palace, where all the athletes across the participating Nations of the event, literally opened a 400m2 white sheet as a symbolic move to celebrate the international day of sport for development and peace, a sign of the White Card movement demonstrating support for the peace through sport. Leveraging its impact to the actuals in need, in total 80 sheets were made by the original one, and were given to the children of the refugee camp in Rhodes.

Considering the winner of the award, the selection and announcement will be realized at the Peace and Sport Awards Ceremony that will take place on Thursday, 7 of December 2017 in the presence of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco. Peace and Sport Awards Ceremony is one of the actions of the 10th edition of the Peace and Sport International Forum taking place from December 6th-8th 2017 in the Principality of Monaco. Being the only Forum in the world bringing together all the actors involved in the peace through sport movement, the event will gather more than 600 participants from 110 different countries.

The World Taekwondo Europe President and President of the Organizing Committee of the 1st World Taekwondo Beach Championships Sakis Pragalos stated: “The receipt of this nomination is more than rewarding. The 1st World Taekwondo Beach Championships Rhodes 2017 was a strong and powerful initiative for the world of Taekwondo, and the message of peace in its opening ceremony should also be aligned to this. Our constructive collaboration with the South Aegean Region and the municipality of Rhodes fulfilled the expectations of an exceptional organization and a totally new experience of taekwondo events. The White Card move was the ideal ‘curtain falls’ of the new era of taekwondo.”


Photo credits: Sakis Gioumpasis


The 8th version of the WTE European Cadet Championships was successfully completed between 05-08 October 2017 in Budapest, Hungary. The competitions were held at the Competition Venue BOK, a place which has been properly arranged and settled with the necessary facilities to host magnificently a Taekwondo event.


The Hungarian Taekwondo Federation took over a WTE event after a long time and achieved to deliver a high quality and innovating competition. The 477 young athletes that traveled to the capital city of Hungary from 42 countries, enjoyed to the maximum the delightful event.


Furthermore, the young European competitors had the chance during the event to participate with electronic headgears with protection mask, used for first time by Taekwondo Cadet athletes.


Concerning the completion of the event, the World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos stated: “I would like to thank the HTF President Miklos Patakfalvy for his active contribution and effort for realizing effectively this vital event. WTE European Cadet Championships are significant for the future of Taekwondo and its athletes and thus it is more than important to provide them with high-performance competitions under the greatest conditions. Additionally, it is very promising to watch our athletes’ adaptability to new competing conditions and it is also very important for all the Taekwondo athletes to accumulate as much experience as they can by participating in European Championships in order to familiarize the new in-field competing environment.”


The Statistics: 

Russia triumphed as the leading country at the overall medal standings of the competition since its representatives achieved totally six (6) golds, six (6) silvers, and seven (7) bronzes medals during the four-day event. Germany holds the second place with two (2) golds, one (1) silver, two (2) bronzes and Croatia follows with two (2) golds and three (3) bronzes. 


Overall Medal Standings:

1)RUSSIA (6 Gold- 6 Silver- 7 Bronze)

2)GERMANY (2 Gold- 1 Silver- 2 Bronze)

3)CROATIA (2 Gold - 3 Bronze)


Female Medal Standings:

1)RUSSIA (2 Gold - 3 Silver - 5 Bronze)

2)CROATIA ( 2 Gold - 2 Bronze)

3)GERMANY (2 Gold - 1 Bronze)


Male Medal Standings: 

1)RUSSIA (4 Gold - 3 Silver - 2 Bronze)

2)UKRAINE (1 Gold - 2 Silver - 3 Bronze)

3)ITALY (1 Gold - 1 Silver - 2 Bronze)


For the Final Results of the competition day four (4) please check the following link:









Final Results:

Medal Overall Rankig:



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