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Random Weigh-In is conducted according to WT rules.
On each competition day at 07:00 hrs, the randomly selected athletes will be published on the Taekwondo Europe website,
and Taekwondo Europe Facebook page (@tkdeurope).
Only those athletes selected for the Random Weigh-In, need to be in the venue at 08:00 hrs.
The Random Weigh-In procedure will take place daily between 08:00-08:30 hrs.
There is a random 5% selection per weight division.
Heavy categories are excluded from the procedure.

Random Weigh-in:2nd Multi Championship Drawsheets Random Weighin Day1




2nd Multi Championship Drawsheets Day1
Download HERE



The teams participating at the Multi European Games and having booked accommodation via the OC can have transportation from the airport to the hotel, provided that they have sent the Transportation Form to the OC (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

You are requested to make sure that the Transportation Form is sent to the OC as soon as possible.  


Taekwondo Europe introduces the inaugural European Taekwondo Beach Championships that are to kick off on April 6, 2019 in Antalya, Turkey.

Registration is already open!

Don't miss the most spectacular taekwondo event ever made!




As per 1 May 2019, Taekwondo Europe will initiate using a digital platform for all International Referee selection. Specifically, the website www.tkdreferee.com will be used for all International Referee selection for the WTE events.

All International Referees that are available for officiating at WTE events and have attended a recent WT Refresher course can register themselves at the website.

Based on the required IRs, WTE shall invite the respective number of IRs.



      This March is dedicated to Taekwondo for the European region, as it started and will finish with two European championships. On February 28 and for 7th consecutive year, the European Taekwondo Clubs Championships were carried out successfully in Thessaloniki, Greece and lasted until 3 March. For 5 days, Alexandrio Melathro (Nick Galis Hall) hosted over 1500 athletes from 349 clubs from 39 countries and totally 363 officials attended the event, confirming that the dynamic of the championship continues to grow stronger. The Organizing Committee of the event, the Taekwondo Union of Northern Greece, took the event relay from the Turkish Taekwondo Federation which had been hosting the event for the past 6 years, and showed its competency in the organization of such a massive European event.


       Accrediting its overall performance, the OC during the opening and welcoming speeches of the event also awarded the World Taekwondo Europe General Director Georgia Gatsis for her valuable and versatile contribution to the development of taekwondo, while she noted: “I want to express my gratitude for this recognition, which actually acts as motive for me, to keep working, keep evolving and giving back to taekwondo family all that I have received throughout the years in appreciation of holding this reward. The European Clubs Championships turned out to be a big initiative from Taekwondo Europe seven years ago, acting as a proof of the dynamic of the Taekwondo clubs. I am very happy that this event, as the previous ones continue to evolve in success and their outcome is appreciated by the taekwondo family.


       After the completion of Clubs Championships, on 21st March the Multi European Games in Sofia, Bulgaria are launched which will last until the 24th. Despite being among the newest European championships, the event has already made a statement of its strong activity and progress, as the participating athletes who are currently over 1600, establish the event as a milestone for European Taekwondo. The Multi European Games is an event that can actually be characterized as a Taekwondo festival gathering athletes from both Kyorugi and Poomsae of all age Categories and this is what makes it stand out.
      What is more, this year, the event of ‘Power Breaking’ has also been introduced in the Multi Games, including several competition events and showing the ambition and objective of evolving the Multi Games as a celebration of taekwondo, where anyone who practices taekwondo will have the opportunity to join in and participate. Worth to mention that the Multi European Games also give the quota for athletes to qualify to the European Poomsae Championships 2019 and the Olympic Weight Categories Championships, which levels up both the participation and the magnitude of the championships.
    During April, European Taekwondo events continue with the 14th European Taekwondo Championships and the inaugural European Taekwondo Beach Championships 2019 that are both hosted in Antalya, Turkey on 2-4 April and 6th April, respectively.


Photos: Lefos Pg - Blakleon Photography






      Taekwondo Europe proudly presents the 1st European Taekwondo Beach Championships 2019 logo as designed and announced by the Organizing Committee of the event.

      The inaugural European edition of the successful Taekwondo Beach Championships will welcome the European as well as international athletes to Antalya, Turkey on 6th April 2019, right after the 14th European Poomsae Championships, aspiring that the event will evolve as a milestone in the development of this new era of Poomsae. The sun, the sea, and taekwondo are the elements that compose the #ETBC2019 logo and the ones that make this event so unique and successful.

      Registration is already open and following the link you may be informed regarding participation, specific events as well as accommodation and transportation issues.




Registration for the 14th European Poomsae Championships 2019 is now open!

Hosted in Kemer region in Antalya, Turkey, the European Championships are calling all European National Teams to participate and claim their place on the top of Europe.

Register your national team via Simply Compete and see you in Antalya!



Taekwondo Europe has been receiving inquiries regarding the quota places obtained by teams and pairs for the European Poomsae championships.

For your information, please be aware that quota places are not transferable. The athlete, team, and/or pair that has obtained the quota place can only participate in the initial composition at the European Championships. Thus, replacement of one or more athletes is not allowed.


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