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The full and updated competition outline and timetable for the European Cadets Championships 2019 are now available.

Kindly find the documents available to download below, as well as in the respective calendar competition timeline.

European Cadets Championships 2019 - OUTLINE

European Cadets Championships 2019 - TIMETABLE

European Cadets Championships 2019 - QUALIFIERS

European Cadets Championships 2019 - ACCOMMODATION




Marina d'Or in Spain welcomes the European Cadets and Juniors Championships 2019 that will run from 1-3 and 4-6 October respectively.

Below you may find all relative documents concerning the event, including the Juniors Championships competition outline, the daily timetable of the event, as well as the qualified athletes from the 4th President's Cup 2019 in Antalya, Turkey.

The accommodation guide for the competition is also available, providing you with several options and packages to accommodate your stay in Marina d’Or.

European Juniors Championships 2019 - Timetable

European Juniors Championships 2019 - Outline

Accommodation packages

Qualifiers from 4th President's Cup 2019 (Antalya) - JUNIORS








As the athletic season for 2019 continues, so do the remaining Taekwondo Europe events, that have already been scheduled to kick off already in early September. One of the vital objectives of WTE is to spread its 2019 events thoughout the year span, that is why almost half of the events are being realized post summer, especially major ones that have great impact on athlete's rankings towards their road to Tokyo 2020.



First and foremost, on 5 September Sweden welcomes the WTE European Under 21 Championships 2019. The event takes the relay from the previous host country Poland, and promises a spectacular event, which will thrill the young and the not-so-young of the taekwondo family. The event will be realized 5-8 September in Helsingborg, Sweden at the namesake arena of the city.



For one more year, the taekwondo city of Marina d’Or will host two Taekwondo Europe events. Initially, the WTE European Cadet Championships 2019, which will be realized 1-3 October and the European Junior Championships 2019 on 4-6 October. Marina d’Or, all lively and colorful, seems the ideal place to welcome children and young athletes, and as it was proved last year, both the organization and the hospitality are valued of a European taekwondo championship.



The cosy city of Bari was decided to be the host of two very significant events for the sport. The elite of European Taekwondo and Para taekwondo will be present in Bari, focusing on the road to Tokyo. Initially, the city will host the – constantly increasing in popularity and active athletes - WTE Para-Taekwondo Championships 2019 on 31 October 2019, while the WTE G4 European Games is scheduled to follow on 1-3 November 2019, is identified as one of the most important games for the athletes trying to qualify to Tokyo 2020.



For the first time the capital city of Dublin will host the WTE Masters Championships 2019, as well as the biannual Olympic Weight Categories Championships 2019 for both Seniors and Youth. Worth to mention that the Olympic Weight Categories Championships will be the last event counting to the Olympic ranking for qualifying to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, apart from the European Qualification Tournament of the following year.



The athletic year will end in Germany with the WTE European Kids Championships 2019. The event which had been realized in Marina d’Or in Spain during last year, passes to the city of Sindelfingen, also host city of the Children President’s Cup in the past, where the event is scheduled to kick off between 7-8 December 2019.


Apart from Taekwondo Europe events, the Coaches Seminars will continue in Albania during the Albanian Open Tournament, for all the ones who wish to become an accredited WTE coach and obtain a Coach license card. Combined with various additional education programs coming up during 2020, Taekwondo Europe aims to a series of learning and educational activities for both athletes and coaches, aligned to the spirit of innovation and development for Taekwondo in Europe.  


Aiming to build the taekwondo champions of tomorrow, the International Taekwondo Summer Camp 2019 was realized in Estonia during August 2019 with 150 athletes from 11 countries participating in training groups of Kids, Cadets, Juniors, and Seniors and practicing both Kyorugi and Poomsae.

The camp included a number of top qualified international coaches, with Mr Valerii Bruns as Headcoach of the 2019 summer camp. The Poomsae seminar was demonstrated by Klaarika Siirak and during the end of the camp, the athletes had the opportunity to participate in the International Competition Kicksport Games to put their skills to the groung and test all of what they acquired during their training sessions.

Medals and certificates of participation were given to all the participants and everyone renew their meeting for next year!


*Aspiring to promote taekwondo educational and training camps around Europe, if you, or your local taekwondo club or association organizes a training camp, you are welcomed to send your video (copyrights and specifications apply) to Taekwondo Europe, accompanied by a short description of its content, and your camp will be communicated accordingly.




Helsingborg city in southern Sweden which will host the European Under 21 Championships the upcoming September, has come to an agreement on the organization of WT's most prominent events; WT President's Cup Europe.

After reaching a consensus on the challenges, and validated all parameters on hosting an event that attracts the highest number of competitors in whichever country being hosted in, the final competition dates have been officially announced and the event is set to be realized on 17-22 February 2020.

Helsingborg Arena will be once more the host venue of the G2 ranking cup, which runs for 5th year since its first launch in 2016 in Bonn, Germany, guaranteed to provide all teams, athletes, IRs and officials with high-end competition premises and venue facilities.

The outline of WT President's Cup Europe 2020 is expected to be published soon, enlisting all necessary information on the competition and its qualifiers, as well as the accommodation and transportation of all participants.





Mr.Chakir Chelbat has been appointed by World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue, as Chair of the new Para Taekwondo Committee of World Taekwondo, which subsidizes the former Para Taekwondo Governing Board, Para Taekwondo Technical Committee and Para Taekwondo Referee Committee.
According to the appointment, the term of his office shall be two years until the end of 2021 World Taekwondo Championships in Wuxi, China.
Dr. Choue expressed his trust towards Mr. Chelbat experience and competency in developing Taekwondo worldwide and elevate World Taekwondo’s standing as a well-governed and socially responsible federation of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.




🏁Today, August 3, the first edition of the EUSA Combat Championships is completed in #Zagreb, with #Taekwondo being one of its four in total representative sports. 🥋🔝
🚩 On July 31, the Opening Ceremony of the event was realized, with 1300 participants from 404 different universities and 36 countries taking part from all around #Europe and renewing their meeting for next year.
👉🏾 Read more: https://bit.ly/2GJrpm4
👉🏾 About: https://combatsports2019.eusa.eu/home
#taekwondoeurope #EUSA #eusacombat2019



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has now published its Anti-Doping Rules (Rules) for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo (to be held in July and August 2020). The Rules will cover the period from the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Village until the day of the closing ceremony of the Games (14 July to 9 August 2020). During this period, all athletes will be subject to doping controls initiated by the International Testing Agency (ITA) – to which the IOC has delegated some of its responsibilities related to the implementation of the doping control process during the Games.

Download the english version HERE.

Download the French version HERE.





Bosnia & Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation, in scope of developing further the sport of taekwondo within the country, but also to enhance sports events and culture nationally, has taken up the organization of five major taekwondo events for 2020. 

      Concequently, Bosnia & Herzegovina will be the host country for the European Youth Olympic Weight Categories and European Senior Olympic Weight Categories, the European Masters Championships for both Kyorugi and Poomsae, the finals of the Generation 24 tournament for Kids & Cadets, while it will also carry out the national G1 Bosnia & Herzegovina Open Tournament.

      The event days are scheduled in consecutive days to facilitate all athletes in attending both European and national G1 events.

The dates of the events are listed below, while information on the host city and venue will be announced in due time along with the competition outline.


European Olympic Weight Categories Championships 28-29 October 2020

European Masters Championships 29-30 October 2020

Generation 24 Finals: Kids - 31 October 2020

                                 Cadets - 1 November 2020

G1 Bosnia & Herzegovina Open Tournament - 1 November 2020






      Taekwondo Europe is delighted to announce that the Bosnia and Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation will host the 2020 European Championships Olympic Weight Categories G1, Youth Olympic Weight Categories and also the European Master Championships 2020!

The city of Sarajevo will be the host and the events will take place on 29 October  - 1 November 2020.

      Currently, the following events are confirmed for 2020, while the exact dates for the European Kids and Cadets Championships are to be confirmed. The European Championships Under 21 and the 2020 Presidents Cupo are under negotiations with possible hosts. As soon as more information is known, it will be published.



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