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Romania under 21.

With 291 competing athletes, 157 team officials and 40 national teams participating, the ETU Under 21 Championships were successfully ended this Sunday 22 November 2015. The Romanian Taekwondo Federation WTF gave the event the local Dracula theme and the OC spent attention to the details of the theme.


After the terrorists attacks in Paris, the French Open has been cancelled. ETU and the European Taekwondo Family expresses its sincere condoleances to the family of the victims of these terrible acts of terror.


Presidents cup Bonn.

On 11 November, ETU representatives visited the Telekom Dome in Bonn, Germany as preparation on the 2016 WTF President’s Cup. The delegation accompanied by both the DTU and NWTU board was welcomed in the plus 4,400 seats venue for a tour. The brand new venue will be ready on 7-10 April 2016 to welcome more than 1,500 cadets, juniors and seniors to compete in this amazing venue.

WTF President dr. Choue, ETU President Pragalos and Vice presidents Castellanos and Piarulli are in Lausanne to attend the IF Forum 2015. The IF Forum takes place annually and targets the specific needs of Olympic and non-Olympic International Sport Federations. The three day event consists of workshops, panel sessions and case studies with a focus on sharing best practices and knowledge between International Sport Federations. This event is only open to International Sport Federation Members, participating speakers, and event partners. On the photo President Pragalos, President Choue, dr. Wu (AIBA President), Jesus Castellanos IOC member from Syria Mr. Moudallal and Roger Piarulli.


The World Taekwondo Federation has recognized the Taekwondo Competence Center in Friedrichshafen in Germany as one of the WTF Training Facilities for International Elite Taekwondo Athletes. The recognition is for the year 2016 and will be extended each year. The TCC is world famous for the successful athletes that are trained there and deliver world class performances.

franco pro

WTF President, dr. Chungwon Choue appointed Mr Franjo Prot as Chairman of WTF Scientific Committee. Mr. Prot - present President of the Croatia Taekwondo Federation - is a professor at the University in Zagreb. His work for taekwondo has been valuable and this appointment makes it possible to include the expertise of prof. Prot also at the global level.

italian taekwondo federetion


With reference to the event to be held in Brindisi (Italy) with the presence of Kukkiwon technicians, we would like to call your kind attention to the following remarks:
•    The course is not organized through the Italian Taekwondo Federation.
•    The Italian Taekwondo Federation did not give any sanction to this event and does not have any relation with the local organizing committee.
•    The Italian Taekwondo Federation is the only official National Sport Federation recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee.


ETU President Pragalos and Secretary-General Fysentzidis visited the WTF headquarters to attend the ceremony in which IOC President Thomas Bach was awarded the 10th Dan by dr. Chungwon Choue.

The WTF Executive Committee also met in the WTF Seoul office. In this meeting, all continental Presidents and Sec Gens meet with WTF to discuss a wide range of topics.


ETU President Pragalos met today with President of the NWTU, Mr Antonio Barbarino and President of the BTU and Vice-president of the DTU, Mr Gerd Kohlhofer.

The WTF Presidents Cup, which will be hosted in Bonn on 1-3 April 2016 was subject of the amicable and fruitfull discussions.


ETU President visits FITA Headquarters and meets Dr. Sun Jae Park

Sakis Pragalos met ETU Honorary President and WTF Vice-president Dr. Sun Jae Park in Rome, Italy on 24 June. Together with FITA Vice-president Mr. Guiseppe Flotti and Secretary-General Mr. Angelo Cito, several topics were discussed.

On the Photo:
Mr. Guiseppe Flotti, Mr. Angelo Cito, Dr. Sun Jae Park & Mr. Sakis Pragalos


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