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On the occasion of the ETU European Taekwondo Under 21 Championships 2017, the Council Meeting of the European Taekwondo Union conducted its first meeting for 2017 on Wednesday 5th of April, in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Present at the Marilena Hotel where the ETU Council Meeting was held, was the ETU President Sakis Pragalos, the ETU Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis with the ETU Executive Board and Council members.


The opening was made by the ETU President and the correspondence by the ETU Secretary General. During the two-hour meeting a wide range of topics where discussed by the attendants. The agenda of the latest Council meeting of ETU, comprised discussions for the upcoming ETU European Championships 2017 and the ETU Coaches & Trainers Licences Renewal process.


Milestone issue for sustainability and development support was also the partnership renewal with DAEDO. Furthermore, the most significant legal issues that arised in 2016 were scrutinized by the legal committee, which cases will be arbitrarily applied in the future. Moreover, among other topics the ETU Elections (Korea, Muju 23/06/2017) and ETU- DAEDO partnership renewal were also listed and analysed.


Finally, a substantial number of MNA's tabled various proposals, mostly technical in nature. For those that will be applied, further notice will follow for the clubs, athletes and the public to know. The next ETU Council Meeting will take place in Muju, Korea for the ETU Elections. 

To engage the taekwondo family with the information flow of the this year massive WTF President's Cup participation, the tournament will communicate all information, news and updates in both european and local level. The local media sponsors of the 2nd edition of the WTF President's Cup are NOVA - one of the biggest TV networks in Greece, Sport FM Radio Station and Sport-FM official website, as well as GOAL NEWS newspaper, setting a collective of some of the most well known and influential communication means for sports in the country.

The WTF President's Cup will be realized from 27-30 April and will be hosted in the Olympic Hall in Ano Liosia Athens, Greece. The three (3) first ranked champions of each competition category will qualify directly to the ETU European Olympic Weight Categories Championship that will be realized in Minsk, Belarus in September 2017. The event is organized by ETU, along with the support of the Southern Hellenic Taekwondo Union (ETANE).

The inaugural edition of WTF President's Cup in 2016 had been hosted in TelekomDom Stadium in Bonn, Germany, where the champions of the cup had been qualified directly to the ETU European Senior Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 from 19-22 May.

During the paramount G-2 ranking tournament of this year's edition, the overall participation has reached the 2.200 athletes overall, setting a record in the history of taekwondo events. Among the thousands of athletes, many Olympic, World and European Champions will highlight its competitions, giving the tournament the elite recognition that it deserves.



The President's Cup is a unique taekwondo event offering to the competitors the opportunity to qualify in an upocoming upscaled European taekwondo championship.
The competing athletes represent all different age categories and all have access to claim a place in the European Championships.

During the debut of WTF President's Cup 2016 in Bonn, the Poomsae Championships of the event qualified to compete in the ETU European Poomsae Championships 2017 that will be held in Rhodes Island, Greece 7-8 May 2017.


Download the names of the European Winners by National Federation and by category that qualify directly HERE!


The 7th IWAS World Games 2017 will be hosted in the sports facilities of Vila Real de Santo António in Portugal from 30 November – 6 December 2017.

Although this is the seventh edition of the games, it is worth to mention that Para Taekwondo will participate for the first time as sport in the programme of the event.

The complete list of sports participating in the IWAS Games includes Archery, Athletics, Beach ParaVolley, Para Taekwondo, Swimming and Table Tennis, while more are intended to compete as well.

The age spectrum hosted at the Games varies, since there are competing categories for Under 20's and Open class or Master class for athletes of 40 years and above.

Regarding the host venue, the almost 2 weeks of sport will be held in the Vila Real de Santo António Complexo Desportivo, which is located in Eastern Algarve of Southern Portugal. The venue provides the athletes and teams with a wide variety of sporting facilities at the acclaimed High Performance Training Center and it is located just 50km from the nearest international airport and 3km from the hotel facilities.

The sport complex has organized in the past various sport event, providing this way the necessary know-how to support the experience needed to organize such an event, as well as an ideal location to welcome all athletes, teams, visitors and offer them the greatest of hospitality during these two weeks. 

IWAS President, Paul DePace stated, ‘We are excited to bring the IWAS World Games to Vila Real de Santo Antonio Complexo Desportivo in Portugal for the first time.  The event, which has the full support of the nation’s IWAS Member, Federação Portuguesa de Desporto para Pessoas com Deficiência (FPDD), will bring a wider variety of sports than previous Games including Para Taekwondo and Beach ParaVolley giving an opportunity to new athletes to experience the value of the IWAS World Games. We greatly look forward to welcoming the athletes and staff of the IWAS Membership to Portugal later in the year.’

The IWAS General Assembly of Nations, which will include Board elections, will also be held in conjunction with the IWAS World Games on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Further information on the Assembly will be distributed to IWAS Member Nations in due course. 


About IWASF: International Wheelchar and Amputee Sports Federation - http://www.iwasf.com/


Source: http://paratkd.com




Photo: The President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation Kleanthis Georgiadis with the ETU President Sakis Pragalos during the award.

Photo: The President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation Kleanthis Georgiadis with the ETU President Sakis Pragalos during the award.

Τhe top-scaled Cypriot Olympic taekwondo athletes were honored during the successful awarding ceremony on Thursday 23 March 2017 in the Olympic Hall Nicosia, Cyprus. The President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation Kleanthis Georgiadis and the President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee Ntinos Michailidis were present, along with the Delegate of Ministry of Education and Culture. On the occasion, ETU President Sakis Pragalos attended the honorary event stating: "I would like to highlight that the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation represents the sport of Taekwondo in the most outstanding way. The presence of all of us here tonight is the proof in respect and recognition to all who have offered towards these steps forward."



During this exceptional event, several awards were given to champions, unions, coaches and international referees. Moreover, the President of the Cyprus Taekwondo Union Foivos Christou and the President of the Cyprus Sports Organisation Kleanthis Georgiadis honoured the ETU President Sakis Pragalos for his great contribution and effort towards Cyprus Taekwondo.



Please find the updated version of the outline for the European Poomsae Championships 2017. The transportation between the official hotels and venue will be provided by the OC with a shuttle service. Keep in mind that this shuttle service only operates on designated times in the morning and evening. During the day, the teams shall provide for their own transportation. More information on the schedule will be provided shortly.


Download the Outline HERE

Download the accomodation form HERE
*NOTICE: The accomodation form should be submitted and sent via email to the official travel agency - GEM Travel Rhodes.




For first time in its history, Bulgaria will host European Taekwondo Championships and young taekwondo athletes will have the chance to participate in the ETU European Under 21 Taekwondo Championships 2017 in Sofia during the dates 6 until 9 of April !


Press Release

1st WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships Rhodes 2017

From Rhodes island to San Diego

The 1st WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships 2017 will be realized in Rhodes Island, Greece on 5-6 May 2017. The Championships are promoted by WTF and THF and the organizers are the European Taekwondo Union (ETU), the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes Island.

Surrounded by the Greek sun and the blue of the sea and sky, the participating taekwondo athletes will have the opportunity to experience the sport for the first time in an outdoor area and will compete in 26 categories, offering the greatest spectacle to the attendees of the event and a whole new experience to taekwondo fans.


The inaugural event will be held in the customized for the championship premises of the Nautical Club of Rhodes. Among the pioneer elements of the championships are the two brand new categories of “freestyle dynamic kicks and breaking challenge” and “technical breaking”.


“We are always looking to diversity in our sport, and we see beach taekwondo as a new opportunity to take our players out of the arena and into the sunshine,” said WTF President Dr. Chungwon Choue. “Having inaugurated beach taekwondo, we expect taekwondo to go onto the program of the first World Beach Games in San Diego, USA, in 2019 – offering yet another venue for our athletes to shine.”

This is the first time that a World sport federation, includes in its official competition program, categories of open participation. Pioneering in its decision, despite of the National teams that will take part in the Championships, the World Taekwondo Federation gives the opportunity to all athletes despite of club or sport, to participate in the aforementioned inaugural competition categories.


“It was a very big challenge to take up the organization of the 1st World Taekwondo Beach Championships and the support of DAEDO, our sponsors, the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Rhodes is significant and they embraced in thrill our unique proposal,” stated the ETU President and President of the Organizing Committee Sakis Pragalos and added: “It is an honor for ETU to have been designated to organize this pioneering event on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The European Taekwondo Union, along with the remarkable support from the local authorities and population will demonstrate not only one more step towards the development of the sport, but also the hospitality of this beautiful island in welcoming athletes from all over the world.”

The South Aegean Region Governor, George Chatzimarkos stated: “The event signifies the outreach of the international touristic movement in Greece and communicates messages of synergy between sport, culture, and tourism throughout the islands of South Aegean. It is an honor that the World Taekwondo Federation entrusted Greece and the island of Rhodes to launch this pioneering championship of international standards.”


Gold sponsor of the event is DAEDO INTERNATIONAL, which is specialized in martial arts technical equipment and clothing, while it is also an officially recognized supplier by WTF. Rodos Palace is the Hospitality sponsor, AEGEANAirlines is the official event air travel sponsor and Blue Star Ferries the official sea travel sponsor, while the event is supported by several additional sponsors that will be announced promptly.

You may find more information regarding the 1st WTF World Taekwondo Beach Championships Rhodes 2017 in the following links:


Download Media Forms





Organizer of the ETU 40th Year Anniversary and the ETU European Cadet Championships, Mr Apostol visited the ETU Office in order to evaluate the aforementioned events. ETU looks back at events well organized by the Romanian Taekwondo Federation and discussed possibilities for future events. Mr Apostol was happy to meet with ETU President Pragalos and looks back at a fruitful meeting.


As of today, ETU published the outline for the 13th European Poomsae Championships. The event will take place in Rhodes Island, directly after the 1st World Beach Championships and gives therefore the opportunity to European athletes to participate at both events! Next week, an advance visit of ETU officials is scheduled to visit the venue in order to make the necessary preparations for the event with the Local Organizing Committee.

Download the outline HERE

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