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Click on the following link for the WTE European Cadet Championships 2017 Budapest, Hungary - Draw Day 1 




The Head of Team Meeting was successfully held earlier today (04/10) related to the WTE European Cadet Championships 2017, at the Hotel Stadion (Arena) in Budapest.


The meeting was realized by the President of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation Miklos Patakfalvy, the WTE Vice-President and acting President of the event Michael Madar, the WTE Vice-President and Italian Taekwondo Federation President Angelo Cito and the Head of Referees of the event Chakir Chelbat.


The HTF President Miklos Patakfalvy made the opening speech of the meeting and welcomed all the participants in Hungary. Mr. Miklos Patakfalvy also stated: “It is our pleasure and honor to host this event and have all the participants here. We are doing our best for a successful competition that everybody will enjoy. Moreover, I would like to wish good luck to all the teams and a pleasant stay in Budapest.”


The WTE Vice-President Michael Madar took the floor and as an acting President on behalf of WTE President Sakis Pragalos, thanked the HTF and the President Miklos Patakfalvy for the remarkable effort on the preparations of the event and the hard work submitted for the relevant event.


Subsequently, the Head of Referees of the event Chakir Chelbat made his declarations to the audience concerning the rules and regulations of the competition with useful information. Furthermore, he referred to the innovation of the event, the usage of an electronic headgear.


Mr. Chakir Chelbat also provided to the coaches’ beneficial information and details regarding the Championship including video replay, one day prior to the event. Additionally, he mentioned that totally 40 International Referees were invited and arrived in Budapest for the WTE European Cadet Championships 2017 and the Organising Committee hosts them under the best conditions.




Tuesday 03 October 2017


The capital city of Hungary is ready to welcome 477 young athletes from 42 countries around Europe, who will travel to Budapest during the dates 05-08 October for the WTE European Cadet Championships 2017 to obtain experiences and certainly a place on the winners’ podium.  


After ten years, the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation will host a European Taekwondo Championship in the Competition Venue BOK and the excitement is growing, even more, two days prior the event, due to the admirable and intensive preparations of the Organizing Committee of the event.


As the HTF President Miklos Patakfalvy mentioned during the Press Conference, which took place earlier today at the Danubius Hotel Arena concerning the Championships, the main goal of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation is to realize the relevant event with great success and this will be a giant step forward for more events to come and to be held in Hungary in the near future. Continuing he also added: “We are delighted to have 477 young athletes coming from all over Europe and thus we can have a strong and inspiring competition. In the future, we would like to be established as a hosting country for events and therefore to be able to host the European Senior Championships.”


On the occasion, the President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee Kulcsar Krisztian, the Ambassador of Republic Korea in Hungary Yim Geun-hyeong and the Secretary of State for Sports of the Ministry of HR Szabo Tunde accepted the invitation of the HTF to be the Patrons of the event.



Early in the morning on Tuesday 2 October 2017, Dr. Kim Un Yong, former Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), passed away, at the age of 86 years old.

Born in 1931, Dr. Un-Yong joined IOC in 1986 where he was established as one of the most powerful figures within the organisation. He actually played an active and vital role in helping Seoul win the hosting of Summer Olympic Games Seoul 1988. In 2001, he was also shortlisted for the IOC presidency. He actively remained withing the IOC until May 2005 when he resigned.

He was the founding President of the World Taekwondo, and of the South Korean national Olympic committee as well. Kim was among the ones responsible for helping taekwondo become an Olympic sport. He was responsible for having taekwondo as a demonstration sport in both Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. Among his highlights was his achievement of joining the South Korean and North Korean athletes at the opening ceremony martch of the 2000 Sydney Summer Games. He resigned from World Taekwondo President in 2004, where he gave his position to former World Taekwondo Europe Honorary President Dr. Sun Jae Park.

Kim has also served as President of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and President of the Pusan 2002 Asian Games Organizing Committee.


He will be missed by the taekwondo family, which is thankful for everything he offered to the sport all these years in an international level. Our hearts and minds go out to the children and family of Dr. Un Yong Kim. 



Below you may find the updated timetable fot the WTE European Cadet Championships Budapest 2017.

The major changes of the schedule compared to the previous one appear highlighted in yellow.




The World Taekwondo Europe family has been informed that yesterday, the WTE Vice President Fred Buitenhuis from Netherlands was met with an accident, for which it was imperative to proceed to an operation.

After all the medical procedures were successfully completed, Mr. Buitenhuis is now well standing and recovering.


The World Taekwondo Europe addresses to Mr. Buitenhuis and his family wishes for a complete, restful recovery and good health.

Along with this warm message and fond thoughts, we are all looking forward to having him again actively on board of the sport.



As today, on 27th September 2000 during the Olympic Games Sydney 2000, the sport of Taekwondo made its Olympic medal debut by Michail Mouroutsos, being the first ever Olympic gold medalist in the history of Taekwondo.

On 15th September 2000, the 27th Olympiad was launched in Sydney, Australia. Milestone event for the sport of Taekwondo as in the Olympic Games Sydney 2000, was the inaugural introduction of the sport in the Olympic history.

Michail Mouroutsos from Greece, only 19 years old at that time, was competing at the first and lightest division of 58kg. He became the inaugural Olympic champion of the sport and his Olympic presence was also continued in Athens 2004, where he managed to qualify in the 5th place.

Michail was also awarded during the World Taekwondo Europe 40 Years Anniversary in 2016 for his gold Olympic Medal and for holding the unique record of being the 1st Gold Olympic Medal in the Olympic history of Taekwondo (Sydney 2000). For the record, worth to mention that Michail’s gold medal came after his victory against Gabriel Esparza from Spain, while the bronze medal of the division was awarded to Huang Chih-Hsiung from Taiwan.

‘’At that time of my life, all my thoughts were to stay focused on the game and win my competitors one by one. I never thought that my gold medal would become part of the Olympic history of the sport. I have been practicing taekwondo for all my life and knowing that my actions during all these years have served the sport the best possible way is more that an honor to me and a life goal achieved. I always support and strive to promote our sport in all my activities, pass its values to my students, hoping the will excel not only as taekwondo athletes, but also as people.’’, he commented on his Olympic medal anniversary day.

Michail Mouroutsos was also the only Gold Olympic Taekwondo Medalist in Europe for 12 years, until London 2012 where Jade Jones changed the record.

Always actively present in the sport, in June 2017 Michail Mouroutsos competed in the inaugural Taekwondo Masters Championships in Luxemburg where he won 1st place, adding one more Gold medal in his collection.


With the successfully completion of the World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series in Rabat, Morocco, the European representatives of Great Britain, Turkey, Croatia and Spain celebrated the last medals of the three-day event.


The final match in the -57kg Female category during the last competition day was a fight between the double Olympic Champion Jade Jones of GBR against the Turkish 2017 Universiade Champion, Hatice Kubra Ilgun.


The “Headhunter” lost with a score 8-6 and thus the Turkish athlete won her first ever Grand-Prix medal. Regarding her silver medal, Jade Jones stated: “I came here for gold but was just short of where I need to be. My hunger and desire are coming back. I got bronze during the World Championships and now a silver one here in Morocco, so it is up to me to make it gold in London. That’s where my Olympic journey began in 2012 and so it’s a perfect place to get on track for Tokyo. ”


Croatia representative, Marija Stetic, won the bronze medal in the same weight category and another third place was reached by Javier Perez Polo of Spain in the -68kg Male category.


Throughout the second day of action, another three bronze medals were gained by WTE representatives. Jesus Tortosa Cabrera of Spain in -58kg Male category, the Olympic bronze medallist from Azerbaijan Milad Beigi Harchegani in -80kg Male category and Rukiye Yildirim of Turkey in -49kg Female category.


Korea, Great Britain and Turkey achieved the first top-three places on the overall ranking respectively, with GBR to count two golds and one silver and Turkey two golds and two bronzes. Korea attained three golds, one silver and four bronzes.


Source: World Taekwondo 



The 2017 World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series was effectively launched yesterday (22/09) in the capital city of Morocco, Rabat.


The Complexe Sportif Prince Moulay Abdellah welcomed totally 221 athletes and 48 international referees, representing 55 countries.


With the completion of the competition day one, the WTE athletes achieved the impressive of seven (7) medals out of 12.


The GBR climbed two (2) times on the first place on the winners’ podium. The double World Champion Bianca Walkden faced the Olympic and World Champion Milica Mandic of Serbia in the final in the +67kg category and thus gold and silver medals were accomplished respectively.


In the male category -80kg, Mahama Cho representing GBR won the gold medal after the final match against the silver medallist of the event, Roman Kuznetsov (RUS). In the same weight category, Ivan Trajkovic of Slovenia won the bronze medal.


Turkey took over the -67kg female category of the three-day event since, 2017 Muju World Champion Nur Tatar and the 2015 Chelyabinsk World Champion Irem Yaman won the gold and bronze medals one-to-one.


Source: World Taekwondo 




During the 131st IOC Session that was held in Lima, Peru on 15 September 2017, the International Olympic Committee confirmed the place of Taekwondo, as a core sport, in the official programme of the Olympic Games 2024.


The IOC thanked the WT President Dr. Chungwon Choue for the ongoing partnership they share in the planning and delivery of the Olympic Games and for the WT President’s ongoing focus on the sport and athletes.


On the occasion, the WTE President Sakis Pragalos on behalf of the World Taekwondo Europe, extended his warmest congratulations to the WT President Dr. Chungwon Choue for this significant success and for his dedication, hard work and vital support within the sport of Taekwondo.


Taekwondo sport made its debut as a demonstration Olympic sport at the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988 and became an official medal sport at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.


All along, Taekwondo vision met the Olympic values since all the athletes have been educated through the sport with the spirit of friendship, fair play without discrimination and solidarity. Thus the establishment of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation empowered even more the spirit of the sport that cares for people and society.


The major goal of Taekwondo Family is the expansion of the sport with enhance prosperity and innovations but also the delivery of the value of good example and respect.


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