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Serbia has won the right to host the WTE European Taekwondo Senior Championships 2020 and thus the event will be realized in the city of Belgrade.


The Serbian Taekwondo Association took over the 24th edition of the relevant Championships and the outstanding city of Belgrade will welcome the participants who will place themselves in the Pantheon of winning athletes, performing at top level.


More information and details regarding the registration, outline, and accommodation will be announced by the Organising Committee of the Championships.




International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Ivan Dibos from Peru and recent appointee by the World Taekwondo President Dr. Choue as World Taekwondo Vice-President continues to serve as IOC Member, as it was announced during the IOC Session realized on 15th September 2017 in Lima, Peru.

Mr Dibos has been a member of IOC since 1982. Himself, along with fifteen current members of IOC with a strong membership record, complete the current IOC Members structure summing up into 100 exactly.

With a wide range of skills, extensive education, talents, and experience, Ivan Dibos has devoted his professional career and life in serving the world of sports and that is why he has been holding core positions in major sport organizations and institutes.

He has served as President of the Peruvian Cycling Federation (1967-1968); Secretary of the Peruvian Rowing Federation (1971-1974) then treasurer (1980-1981); treasurer and member of the National Olympic Committee of Peru (1982-); Olympic Solidarity course director of Itinerant School for Sports Administrators; Council Member (1998-2009) then Vice-President (2009-) of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF); Vice-President of the Panathlon Club Lima (1999-2014); Chef de Mission at the Games of the Olympiad, Sydney 2000.

He was active practitioner and athlete in athletics, rowing, swimming, cycling and with a strong athletic career in rowing starting during the early 50's, he has been a champion of numerous Open Cups, National Championships in many categories.

He has also been a receiver of several awards and distinctions not only from the sporting world. Indicatively, some of them include the Sports Illustrated 'Pat on the Back' Trophy (1959); Municipality of Lima Order of Commanders Cross Year (1980); Order of Knight of South American Rowing (2001); Gold Medal of Youth and Sports of the French Government (2001); Merit of Distinguished Services in the rank of Grand Officer (Peru) (2004); Order of Honour and Merit awarded by South American Football Confederation and Officer of the Légion d'Honneur (France) (2011)

His IOC Membership has given him a loud voice and role to serve in several commissions as in the one of Study and Evaluation for the Preparation of the Olympic Games (1984-1986), Culture and Olympic Education (1988-2015), Women and Sport (2005-2015), Radio and Television (2005-2015), Culture and Olympic Heritage (2015-), Women in Sport (2015-) and more.


Source: International Olympic Committee (IOC) - www.olympic.org


The G-Ranking WTE European Olympic Categories Championships and 6th European Para Taekwondo Open Championships will be realized in Sofia, Bulgaria between 07-10 December 2017.


More information and details regarding the registration, outline, and accommodation will be announced promptly by the Organising Committee of the Championships.


Sofia city is very well-known for several prime sporting events and many Taekwondo Championships that it has hosted in the past and thus it is expected to carry out a quality event that represents the WTE standards.




2017 Kimunyong  Cup International  Open  Taekwondo Championships  is  held  as  tribute  to  Dr. Kim  Un-Yong,  the  Founding  President  of  Kukkiwon  and  the  World  Taekwondo  Federation who  made  Taekwondo  an  Olympic   sport,   and  to  make  Taekwondo  a  popular   martial   art olympic  sport  in  the  world.

Details  of the  championships  are  as  follows.

1.  Date         : Oct 28 ~ Nov 1,  2017(5 days)

2.  Venue       : Hanyang University  Olympic  Stadium,  Kukkiwon(Seoul,  Korea)

3.  Promoter : Kimunyong  Sport Committee,  Kukkiwon

4. Organizer  : Kimunyong  Cup International  Open Taekwondo Championships  Organizing  Committee

5.  Approval   : WTF  Sanctioned  Event(G1)

6.  Event       : Kyorugi,  Poomsae,  Gyeongyeon

7.  Participant  : 3000 (Including  foreign  athletes)

8.  Sponsor   :  Ministry  of  Culture·Sports  and  Tourism,  Korean  Sport  &  Olympic  Committee, Korea  Sports  Promotion  Foundation,  World  Taekwondo Federation,
Korea  Taekwondo Association,  Asian  Taekwondo Union, Taekwondo Promotion  Foundation,  Women's  news  Inc.


For registration use the following  link:





The Taekwondo Club Karlovac is located in Croatia and was established in 1968 by the Professor Miroslav Brezan, one of the Taekwondo pioneers in Karlovac and Croatia.


The relevant Taekwondo Club has been continuously active for the last 50 years within the sport with the major goal of the development of Taekwondo in Croatia. The historic club is one of the oldest in Europe and has been serving Taekwondo vision through all these years.


Professor Miroslav Brezan, the founder of the Taekwondo Club Karlovac, due to his noteworthy contribution and effort in the growth of Taekwondo sport received several privileged awards.


The Professor was honored by the World Taekwondo, the WTE, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Taekwndo Federation. The World Taekwondo Europe awarded the Professors with a Gold Plaque and he also received a Life Award by the Karlovac Sport Association and the County of Karlovac Sport Association.



Due to unforeseen circumstances, World Taekwondo Europe has decided that the WTE European Championships Olympic Weight Categories and Open Para European Championships will be postponed.

Both events were to take place in Belarus, but after due consideration, WTE decided to award both events to a different host city.

We would like to assure you that the WTE is already looking for an alternative (host city and dates) within the current calendar year to realize the event.

The new competition dates and the outline will be sent to the Member National Associations and published on the website in due time.

We thank you all for your continued support.

World Taekwondo Europe empowers even more its solid representation in World Taekwondo. As was announced recently, Mr. Usman Dildar who serves as Vice President of the British Taekwondo, has been appointed by Dr. Choue as Para-taekwondo Games Committee Chairman.


Also among the European appointeesare the WTE Vice-President and Israel Taekwondo Federation President Michel Madar as WT Media Committee Chairman, and the WTE Council Member Chakir Chelbat who has been appointed Chairman of the Para-taekwondo Technical & Referee Committee.


The World TaekwondoCommittees cover a wide spectrum of operations of the divisions of the sport. The experience, expertise and recognition from the taekwondo family are some of the characteristics applying to the appointed chairmen of the WT Committees.


WTE is proud to widen its representation within World Taekwondo,in evidence of the development of the sport throughoutthe continent, but in an international appealas well.





Welcoming the new competition season, the World Taekwondo Europe events attract more and more competitors year by year; evident that the sport of Taekwondo in Europe is always developing.

As an aftereffect, the World Taekwondo Europe currently plans to introduce a brand new Championship version which will combine all the age categories in one single event.

The WTE Multi European Championships as it will be named, will address for the time being only to EU countries and is planned to enter the yearly WTE event calendar in 2018.

Acting as a hybrid championship, from Kids and Cadet to Senior – and the recently introduced Master category – the coaches and the National Teams of Europe will have the opportunity not only to claim multiple titles in different divisions, but also to “test” whether their athletes are competitive enough to elevate in the next category.

The Championship will also include Poomsae and all of its competition categories, while it is the first time that a European Championship will also include Para-Taekwondo competitions in open patricipation outside Europe as well.

Among its multi-benefits, the WTE Multi European Championships target in enhancing and reinforcing the athletic development of European Taekwondo athletes, making them more competitive throughout their active athletic years and interacting with athletes of different ages. As for the coaches, they will have the chance to follow the training procedures and outcomes of all the taekwondo competition divisions throughout the National Teams of Europe.

More information regarding the specifications of the Championship are expected to be announced soon.




The Republic of Moldova held for first time the honorary awards regarding the legislative forum for exceptional results in various activities, including sports. On the occasion of the Independence Day, the superior ceremony took place and the distinct awards were presented by the Chairman of the Parliament Andrian Candu.


During the relevant event Mr. Andrian Candu presented the Medal of Democracy award and also the honorary certificates of various sectors. The WTE Vice-President and WT Moldova President Igor Iuzefovici was awarded with the honorary diploma for his substantial contribution to the development of sport in the Republic of Moldova.


Concerning his award, the WTE Vice-President and WT Moldova President Igor Iuzefovici stated: “It’s nice to realize that the Moldavian Parliament gave such a high appraisal of the development of Taekwondo. Thank you for your trust; we will try to justify the hopes placed on us in the future. In recent years, we have been able to multiply our achievements through optimism and a well-coordinated team. We are working in order to promote Moldavian sport and we are confident that Moldova will become as we wish”.


It is worth mentioning that Mr. Igor Iuzefovici was the only nominee in the category of “Promoting Moldavian Sport”, since the WT Moldova has been growing and expanding rapidly under the leadership of Mr. Iuzefovici.


Undeniably the transfer and naturalize of the elite athlete Aaron Cook who is a Moldova representative the recently years was a giant step forward. Aaron Cook was the first representative for Moldova in Taekwondo sport in the Olympic Games Rio 2016. Moreover, the International G-1 Moldova Open Tournament was successfully held in Chisinau with more than 400 athletes from 35 countries and even more to come for Moldavian Taekwondo with the vital support of the World Taekwondo and WTE to achieve greater Taekwondo activities. 



Under the World Taekwondo statute 6.6, the World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue appointed the Officials with great distribution, continental representation and exceptional skills and experiences into the sport of Taekwondo.


In total, twelve (12) World Taekwondo Council Members and two (2) Auditors were elected and re-elected for the WT General Assembly which was held on June prior to the World Taekwondo Champions in Muju, South Korea.


Dr. Chungwon Choue re-appointed as WT Vice-President the President of World Taekwondo Azerbaijan Kamaladdin Heydarov and as a new appointee the President of World Taekwondo Italy Angelo Cito as a WT Council Member.


The WTE representatives in the WT Council were are also Jesus Castellanos Pueblas President of WT Spain, Metin Sahin President of WT Turkey and Anatoly Terekhov President of WT Russia. Additionally as re-elected Auditors were Turkey’s Ali Sagirkaya and Croatia’s Dalibor Krpan.


The four-time World Cup Champion, three-time European Champion and two-time Olympic medallist from France, Pascal Gentil was also elected as chairperson during the 2017 World Taekwondo Championships and also member of the WT Council in a four-year term.


Additionally, the Presidents of World Taekwondo Continental Unions were all re-elected at the General Assembly and also became Vice-Presidents in the World Taekwondo: WT Europe President Sakis Pragalos, WT Africa President General Ahmed Fouly, WT Asia President Kyu-Seok Lee, WT Oceania President John Kotsifas and WT Pan-American President Ji Ho Choi.


On the occasion, the President of World Taekwondo Dr. Chungwon Choue stated: "As we move into a new Olympic cycle, refocus on making World Taekwondo as athlete-centric as possible and upgrade our humanitarian activities, these appointments finalise our leadership team for the near future. The latest appointments arm World Taekwondo with a diverse range of skills, talents, contacts and voices, which when unified under the World Taekwondo Council, will help our organisation achieve its ambitious goals."


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