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Οn Monday 27 June 2016, the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation visited the ETU headquarter offices in Athens, Greece. The ETU President Sakis Pragalos and ETU Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis had a meeting with the President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation Slavi Binev and the ETU Council member  Andrey Georgiev.
The reason of the Bulgarian delegates' visit was the sign of the contract regarding the next ETU Under 21 Championships in 2017, that both parties have agreed to be hosted in Bulgaria. It is the first time in the history of the European Taekwondo, that Bulgaria undertakes the hosting of an ETU Championship.
The agreement is of great significance, since more and more European national federations are willing to take on major Taekwondo events on the outcome of their benefits. Such primal Taekwondo events, both stimulate the incoming tourism of the host city and fortify the Taekwondo family bonds. Also, they provide athletes with substantial experience in competitions that build their foundation to move forward. Another major issue worth mentioning is that federations and their Organizing Committees are becoming more and more literate and professional upon the organization of large-scaled events.
The ETU Under 21 Championships will be conducted in April 2017 in Bulgaria, reassuring of their successful accomplishment.
More information to be announced promptly.



After the Austrian Open Poomsae 2016, the ETU A-Class ranking list has been updated.

As soon as the results of the Dutch Open Poomsae event will have be validated, the list will be updated.

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The European under 21 Taekwondo Championships passes the baton from Romania to Russia which will host the event in Grozny, between the 23th and 26th of July 2016 at the National Sport Hall “Olympiysk”. The respective Championships are going through the 7th year of conduction, after being introduced among the ETU Championships.

Concerning the ETU Under 21 Championships , ETU President Sakis Pragalos, stated in his welcoming letter that: “In the recent years, we added several events to our calendar and the Under 21 Championships is a perfect instrument in the development path of athletes transitioning into the senior category”.

He also added that is very important to have paramount Taekwondo events inside an Olympic cycle (aka the 4 years gap between the Olympic Games), since they preserve the athletes’ professional level, the new generation becomes more experienced since their early years of competition and of course the dynamic of the sport expands, while it strengthens the bonds between the Taekwondo family.

The registration for the National Teams and their athletes will continue through Hangastar until the 1st July.
It is worth mentioning that, this is the first time the European Championships will be held in the Grozny city, the Capital of one of the oldest Republic in Russian Federation, the Republic of Chechnya.

Nowadays, the federal government representatives of Chechnya are based in Grozny and this Republic is famous for its hospitality and rich culture and so visiting the place will be definitely an unforgettable experience for everyone.



Vis-à-vis the City of Grozny:

Grozny Mosque & Sights

After four years of construction, Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque was formally opened to the public on October 16, 2008 and is considered one of the largest mosques in Europe.

Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque & Grozny-City Towers Façade Clocks are two of the most important visitor’s attractions.

One year later, the city of Grozny was honored by the UN Human Settlements Program for transforming the war scarred city and providing new homes for thousands.


Accomodation for the Championships.

Round trip airfare of the teams shall be borne by the participating National Taekwondo Federations. The Organizing Committee will arrange transportation from the airport to the official hotels and back as well as the local transportation between the official hotels and the venue, National Sport Hall „Olympiysk”.

The transportation arrangements will be solely organized for the teams that have made hotel reservations through the Organizing Committee. Therefore, you are advised to fill in the Flight Schedule Form and return it to the Organizing Committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) until the 1st of July 2016. 


You may find further information about the official hotels in the appendix of the Championships Outline in ETU Website, as well as on the event webpage on the Russian Taekwondo WTF Federation Official Website (www.tkdrussia.ru)

Grozny’s Sport disposition

The city of Grozny is home to the Russian Football Premier League club FC Terek Grozny. The team plays in the top tier since it has been promoted by gaining the 2nd place in the Russian First Division in 2007.

Grozny, besides the host one of the most importan European Taekwondo events in 2016, is worth a chance to visit its beautiful nature, the waterfalls and the mountains — and if you are holding in your hands a medal, enjoy the stunning sunset.




ETU President Sakis Paragalos, ETU Vice-President Fred Buitenhuis and ETU Deputy Secretary General Constantin Apostol met in Ulyanovsk (Russia) in order to discuss the development of para-taekwondo in Russia and Europe.

ETU Council member, EPTU Vice-President Evgeny Klyuchnikov suggested the 6th European Para-taekwondo Championships to be held together with Russian Under 21 Taekwondo Championships in Ulyanovsk, Russia on May 25-28 2017. ETU President checked the facilities and especially the venue – huge, modern and new Ice Palace “Volga-Sport-Arena”, which was used for World Bandy Championships 2016. In May 2017 it will attract 5000 spectators for taekwondo and para-taekwondo championships.

On 18 June, 2016 a meeting took place with the Governor of Ulyanovsk region (Russia) Sergey Morozov for the development of para-taekwondo and adaptive sport in Ulyanovsk region, Russia and Europe. In the meeting were present ETU President Sakis Paragalos, ETU Vice-President Fred Buitenhuis, ETU Deputy Secretary General Constantin Apostol, ETU Vice-President, RTU President Anatoly Terekhov, ETU Council Member, EPTU Vice-President Evgeny Klyuchnikov, EPTU President Aleksandr Shlychkov, ETU President Assistant, EPTU Executive Director Vlada Latysheva, Secretary General of the Russian Paralympic Committee Andrey Strokin, Minister of Sports of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Kuzmin and other officials.

At the end of the meeting, ETU President and Governor of Ulyanovsk region signed a Collaboration agreement about the partnership and cooperation in developing the Paralympic Para-taekwondo in Europe, Russia and specifically in Ulyanovsk Region on the occasion of the ETU representative office opening regarding para-taekwondo issues in Ulyanovsk.


Catalonian Taekwondo Federation President Antonio Toledo with ETU President Sakis Pragalos


On Monday 13 June,  ETU President Sakis Pragalos visited the Catalonian Taekwondo Federation in Barcelona, Spain, where he met with the President of the Catalonian and Vice-President of the Spanish Taekwondo Federation, Antonio Toledo.


During the meeting, the two men discussed about future European Taekwondo events hosted in Spain and the opportunities that occur not only for the host city, but also for the development of the sport and the athletes' performance.


Antonio Toledo and Sakis Pragalos renewed their meeting in the nearest future, as they share a friendship since the beginnings of the European Taekwondo, framing both of them as two of the most significant figures and pioneers of the sport.






After the latest ETU A-class poomsae events of the past few months, the Ranking List has been updated.


Please find in the excel sheet the actual rankings.



Israel Taekwondo Federation and the entire Taekwondo world bow their heads in sorrow and grief at the untimely passing of Anya Mirkin.

Anya Mirkin a gifted athlete of the Israeli National Team, European Championship Rome 2008 medalist and several times National Champion, will be sorely missed to Israel Taekwondo Federation and to the entire Taekwondo family.

Her conquering smile and amazing personality will forever remain deep in everyone's hearts.

ETU wishes its deepest condolences to her family. ETU President, ETU Secretary General and ETU General Director also express their condolences to the Sharabi Martial Arts Club and to her personal coach Yehiam Sharabi.





After the completion of the Italian Taekwondo Federation’s elections, Mr. Angelo Cito is now the new President of FITA as he was voted by 17522 electorates (98%).The elective assembly FITA coincides with the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Italian Federation and for the occasion the new logo was presented.
Additionally, Carlo Molfetta gold medallist London 2012, also entered the new Federal Council as athletes’ representor.
Therefore, the European Taekwondo Union managed to note down Mr. Angelo Cito’s first reaction and feelings after his triumph.

1. ETU: How easy or difficult is to become a successor of Park Sun Jae's work?

Cito Angelo:It is a great honor for me to be Park Sun Jae's successor and an enormous challenge at the same time, as it is well known that he was an excessive personality and his contribution in Taekwondo History was at least remarkable.

2. ETU: What is your vision for FITA?

Cito Angelo: The Italian Federation had an effective impact on the National and International Taekwondo through the years, with frequent innovations in order to achieve the goals that have been set. The major aim is to be a precursor and competitive Sport Organization.

3. ETU: The trust that Park Sun Jae showed you all these years was reflected in your election as President. What are your next goals as the new President of the Italian Taekwondo?

Cito Angelo: First of all, I would like to show my appreciation for Park Sun Jae and the entire Italian Taekwondo Family for the enormous faith they showed me with 98% of preferences. It is definitely an extraordinary result, which is related with serious responsibilities to be carried on, regarding the work that was planned to be done by Park Sun Jae and me, for the interest of the entire Taekwondo movement.

4. ETU: Do you consider the sport of Taekwondo is popular in Italy?

Cito Angelo: Nowadays, Taekwondo is a sport with great prospect of spread among young people in Italy and as a result the interest of Italian Institutions and the National Olympic Committee is increasing day by day.

5. ETU: How would you achieve to spread the dynamic of Taekwondo to the public?

Cito Angelo: In my opinion, is not possible to spread Taekwondo to the public if we disregard modern technologies and new media. It is therefore necessary to organize and plan sports events, keeping in mind nowadays communication necessities.

This new Federal Council elected in the seventeenth elective Assembly:

Cito Angelo
Vice President
Flotti Giuseppe
Davalli Angelo   
Dellino Giuseppe
Trovarelli Antonio         
Ragona Lorenzo      
Athletes Representatives

Molfetta Carlo
Nolano Claudio
Coach Representative
Chiodo Salvatore
Honorary President
Park Young Ghil

Audit Commitee
Loioli Renato    
Secretary General
Massimiliano Campo




                                Montreux, 22 MAY 2016

Τhe curtain of the 22th European Championship in Montreux, Switzerland was dropped, seeing Bianca Walkden, Iva Rados and Arman-Marshall Silla to maintain the lead in their categories, while Great Britain conquered the first place in the medals table. This was the last notable event before the Rio Olympics, where European taekwondo will be represented by 42 athletes in order to maintain or increase the medal conquest rates (reached nearly 51% in London) on account of the "old world".

Iva Rados (CRO) defeated in the final holder of gold Olympic medal in London, Milica Mandic (SRB), as was the case two years ago in Baku, and she stood on the first place of the podium for the second consecutive event. In the semifinal of the -73kg Rados defeated Reshmie Oogink (who had already gotten the qualification for Rio), while in the final he prevailed by 1-0 against Mandic. Third place was scooped by Petra Matjasevic (MKD) and Reshmie Oogink (NED).

At 73 kg category, Bianca Walkden (GBR) confirmed the predictions about her being the preponderant favorite for the gold medal. Walden, who became only the second Brit to win a gold medal in the World Championships last year, defeated 5-4 Nafia Kus (TUR) in the final. Walkden, along with the gold medal in Montreux, managed to make it three in the European championships since she was first in Baku 2014 and third in St. Petersburg in 2010. Take into account that Walkden had beaten Kus in the semifinal of World Championships 2015 in Chelyabinsk as well. The third place was assumed by Olga Ivanova (RUS) and Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP).
In men's -87kg category, the title went to Vladislav Larin, a senior student of the Institute of History, Political and Social Science and a holder of gold medal last year at the European Championships Olympic Categories at Nalchik. Larin prevailed in the final through a golden score (1-1) against Arman Yeremyan, who finally fought despite suffering from a leg injury. Drasko Jovanov (SRB) and Payam Ghobadi Oughaz (AZE) achieved third place.

The most exciting final of the day was the one between Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR) and Roman Kuznetsov (RUS). The Russian was found ahead even by 8-3 in the third round, but Silla was extraordinary in the very last minute. It was then when he gathered a total of eight points against two of his opponent, so for the second time since 2014 Baku he was able to win the gold medal of the + 87kg category. Bear in mind that Silla has already achieved qualification for the Rio Olympics through the Olympic Games Qualification Europe Tournament held last January in Turkey. The 3rd place was taken by Piotr Hatowski (POL) and Omar El Yazidi (FRA).
Great Britain was found at the top of the table of medals winning three gold ones and a bronze. Turkey followedsuit with two gold, three silver and two bronze medals, while Russia managed two gold, one silver and six bronze medals.

In the overall table of medals were found 22 countries, compared with 24 two years ago in Baku and 17 to 2012 in Manchester.
"The organization of Montreux excelled at every level. The organizing committee has accomplished the hard task assigned by the ETU. I assert that events at a high level such as this one, with excellent organization in all areas, raise the sport's prestige at a European level and help its further development. The television signal from Montreux was transmitted to most European countries-members through EBU and I feel great that we have given everyone the opportunity to witness highly spectacular taekwondo games. I am positive that the television ratings exceeded all our expectations. I hope the European taekwondo shines in a few months at the Rio Olympics and keeps up the tradition that has had all these years" said the president of the ETU, Thanasis Pragalos.
Honorary Distinctions

Fair play Award
Female: Lauren Williams GBR
Male: Mourad Laachraoui BEL
Most Valuable Players/Best Athlete
Best Female: Jade Jones GBR
Best Male: Jaouad Achab BEL

Best Referee
2. Asuman AKDEMIR (TUR)
3. Norbert BENKO (HUN)
4. Federico ZANETTE (ITA)
5. Vladimir BELOKAPOV (BUL)

Best Team Female
1. GBR
2. TUR
3. SRB

Best Team Male
1. BEL
2. POR
3. RUS

Best Team Overall
1. GBR
2. TUR
3. RUS

Finals & Winners of Day 4

Female-A -73 kg

FINAL: Mandic, Milica- Rados, Iva 0-1
1. Iva Rados (CRO)
2. Milica Mandic (SRB)
3. Petra Matjasevic (MKD)
3. Reshmie Oogink (NED)

Female-A +73 kg
FINAL: Walkden, Bianca-Kus, Nafia 5-4
1. Bianca Walkden (GBR)
2. Nafia Kus (TUR)
3. Olga Ivanova (RUS
3. Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP)

Male-A -87 kg
FINAL: Yeremyan, Arman-Larin, Vladislav 0-1 golden point
1. Vladislav Larin (RUS)
2. Arman Yeremyan (ARM)
3. Drasko Jovanov (SRB)
3. Payam Ghobadi Oughaz (AZE)

Male-A +87 kg
FINAL: Kuznetsov, Roman - Silla, Arman-Marshall 10-11
1. Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR)
2. Roman Kuzentsov (RUS)
3. Piotr Hatowski (POL)
3. Omar El Yazidi (FRA)

MEDAL STANDINGS (after day 4)
GREAT BRITAIN 3-0-1, TURKEY 2-3-2, RUSSIA 2-1-6, BELGIUM 2-0-2, PORTUGAL 2-0-0, CROATIA 1-1-3, SERBIA 1-1-1, AZERBAIJAN 1-1-1, BELARUS 1-0-0, UKRAINE 1-0-0, SPAIN 0-2-2, FRANCE 0-1-5, POLAND 0-1-2, GERMANY 0-1-1, ARMENIA 0-1-1, SWEDEN 0-1-0, ISRAEL 0-1-0, SLOVENIA 0-1-0, ITALY 0-0-2, MOLDOVA 0-0-1, FYROM 0-0-1, NETHERLANDS 0-0-1.

Rados Iva (CRO): “I feel so emotional right now, I am extremely glad excited and happy and of course so proud of winning the gold medal in such an important final against Mandic. We know well each other and how she fights and my thought was I can do it and I will do it for the gold medal. As the game finished I had a wonderful feeling”.

Milica Mandic (SRB): “The final was really tough between me and Iva, she was good, the fight was good, but since I was not careful enough at a moment, she took advantage of it. Unfortunately, my mistake cost me the gold medal, but I keep looking the future and what I can do in order to have better performances through strong preparations “.

Walkden Bianca (GBR): “Definitely I feel honoured that I now hold the title of the European Taekwondo Champion and doing it again after the gold medal in Baku 2014. Regarding her future plans she stated: “My preparations are going really well for Olympic Games Rio 2014 and I keep trying improving myself, because when final was about to start, I got caught in a panic situation. So I want to work on this and give all my best”.

Larin Vladislav (RUS): “What I want to say is that I feel grateful to my family, my friends, the team it is so important to feel that people around me are supporting me and they are next to me in every step I do. This is the crucial reason for any success I have had and the most important is that it makes me feel happy and strong in everything I do. Now I will have some rest and relax, so when I will be back in action I will be completely ready for action”.

Yeremyan Arman (ARM): “It was a hard final, I had an injury on my knee but I tried the maximum I could. I really feel thankful to my coach and the whole team and for their advice, so when I walk in to the game I would fight with all my power”.

Silla Arman Marshall (BLR): “It was a very dramatic match, tough match with a strong opponent. It was unbelievable - I did my best and I think it was one of the most amazing fights. I already have experience in the games and championships and this is what actually helped me so much. I will keep fighting and working hard”.







Interview with Nina Klay of the Swiss Taekwondo


The top Swiss Taekwondo athlete Nina Klay, who participated in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, gives an interview for the ETU. Nina who had one of the most spectacular fights of the day, got the golden point, yet she did not manage to qualify to the semifinals.

What seems to be the future for the Swiss Taekwondo?

Well, it is difficult to say since there are no athletes at this moment to support the elite Taekwondo in Switzerland. There are many things that need to change in favor of the sport.

Can you identify a potential successor of your course in the Swiss Taekwondo?

I do not want to speak with names, but what I can say is that there are many juniors right now who have a lot of potential. Yet potential is not everything. It needs dedication and of course support.

You have achieved so many in your course career in Taekwondo. What is your next step?

I am already 27 years old. If I was to compete for more, that would be another four years topmost. That means until my 31. That is quite a lot for an elite female athlete in Taekwondo. I am already 13 years a professional athlete and 8 of them as a senior. Now, I feel it is time to have some time for myself. To finish my studies which is so hard to combine with all the competitions. Yet, I will not exclude myself from all tournaments – I will just lower my pace as an athlete.

Despite the fact that you will lower your pace in Taekwondo as you say, do you aspire to remain inside the field of the sport, either as a coach, or perhaps in the Swiss Taekwondo federation?

No one knows that. What I know for sure is that I do not want to do anything with the federation. Politics is not for me. As for coaching, of course I would like to try it and why not follow it. I have so many years of experience and for sure I would like to share it with the new generation. I think that can help the upcoming Taekwondo athletes. We will see what the future brings and I hope for the best.


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