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The German Open 2020 which is scheduled to be realized on 29th February in Hamburg, Germany has changed its ranking status in G2 AND E2 rankings, giving extra incentives for taekwondo athletes to participate. Germany has always been a country with a strong taekwondo history, successes and a very high number of taekwondo athletes and practitioners, and thus, the German Open can be proven a great opportunity to compete in, as Germany is easily accessible for many countries of Europe.

The event is already open for registration in Simply Compete.


During the WTE Council meeting and General Assembly in Dublin, Ireland two months ago, the New Height Categories for the Cadet division had been presented, as well as at the World Taekwondo Council meeting in Moscow, Russia.
With main objective the health of the taekwondo athletes and a more concise competition basis for athletes in terms of equitability, the way towards the development of the height categories has been given the green light, as the project started by dictation of Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos and the support of WT President Dr. Choue.
Ont that account, Dr. Choue has approved the first test event taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, during the 7th Turkish Open on 5 February 2020. The event is open for participation also outside the European continent and obtains WTE E-1 ranking. Up to now, almost 150 cadet athletes have already been registered and the ones who have not, are strongly encouraged to do so, in order to participate in a landmark event for the development and sustainability of the sport.
The World Taekwondo President, along with Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos, WT Secretary General Hoss Rafaty, WTE Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis, and all the WT Committee Chairmans are invited to review the event live and access directly the entire procedure of the competition and the insight derived.
Please advise the following document, regarding more information on the height categories of the event.

New Height Categories - Cadet Division - Turkish Open 2020

You may also find the link for registration here.
The athletes participating in WT President's Cup 2020 now have the opportunity to compete in both the junior and the senior age categories, provided that they meet the age criteria, and the respective competion days are different.

Thus, an athlete of 17 years old that has already been registered in the junior category, can now register to compete in the senior category as well, and vice versa.

The system has opened for registration of the athletes that have already been registered in of the two respective categories, and will remain open until 31st January 2020, 11:59 PM (GMT+01:00).

For the ones interested in participating in President's Cup 2020, kindly be informed that the accommodation guide has been updated in order to facitate all the growing requests of the registrants.


The updates are located in the new 'ENTRY CODE' for Scandic Hotel bookings and the three (3) additional hotels that have been added by the Organization Committee to the accommodation list (see pg.3).

Below you may find the updated accommodation guide for WT Presidents' Cup Europe 2020.


Updated Accommodation Guide - WT President's Cup Europe 2020




In 2021, the WT Coach licence will be mandatory and this licence will replace the WTE Coach Licence. The WT Coach licence replaces the WTE Coach Licence as per 1-1-2021. In 2020 you still need the WTE Coach licence to coach at WTE promoted and sanctioned events.


In this Q&A you will find all relevant information for you as coach. If you still have questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will receive an answer within one week. All questions and answers will be published as well.


       Q:        How does the new WT Coach licence systemwork?

 A:        WT developed a 3-tier coach certification course structure. Level 1 coaches can coach at all WT recognized international competitions including Continental Championships, G1 and G2 events. Level 2 coaches can coach at WT Promoted Championships such as WT World Championships (Senior, Junior, Cadet, Poomsae and Beach), WT Grand Prix and WT GrandSlam.

Level 3 coaches are the top-level coaches and are eligible to coach at Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games.


      Q:        Do I need training for the new WT licence?


A:        Yes, you do. Currently, WT and WTE are scheduling a number of courses throughout Europe. The idea is to educate all coaches at the most local level and in the local language: we want to organize the seminars in almost all European countries to keep the travel and accommodation expenses as low as possible and prevent coaches from travelling to attend acourse.


      Q:        Where can I register for the WT Coach courses?


A:        The registration process for the WT Coach courses goes via the WT Portal: https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com. For all WT Coach courses in Europe, you can register via the abovementioned link. The WT Coach course is listed as a regular event on thewebsite.


      Q:        Do I need to go to a WT Coach Course every 2years?


A:        Currently, WT is working on online educational content. The courses provide useful information and are of high educational value. It is therefore recommended to follow these courses, at least one for every 2 years. As the courses will be offered as local as possible, the financial burden should be minimized. More information on refresher course shall be provided by WT in duetime.

     Q:        What are the costs of a WT Coach licence? 

        A:            Level 1:       200 euro

              Level 2:        300euro

              Level 3:        to be determined


      Q:        What is the validity of the WT Coach licence?


A:        All WT Coach licences have a validity of 2 years and can be renewed for 2 years eachtime.


      Q:        Who will teach the WT Coach courses?


A:        A total of 38 Educators have been trained by WT to teach the WT Coach courses. Among them are the best International Referees, Olympic coaches, officials and other highly qualified persons with a profound knowledge and experience in Taekwondo. The Educators speak local languages and will be dispatched worldwide visiting different countries and sharing their experiences during thecourses.

      Q:        What do I do with my WTE Coach licence?


        A:         The WT Coach licence replaces the WTE Coach Licence as per1-1-2021.

            Throughout 2020 you still need the WTE Coach licence to coach at WTE promoted and sanctioned events.


      Q:        My WTE Coach licence expired in 2019 and I have no new one yet.
                  What do Ido?


A:        Attend a WT Coach course. After attending the course, you can coach at all events in 2020. As per 2021 the WT Coach rules and regulations enter into force.


      Q:        My WTE Coach licence is valid till mid 2020. What do Ido?


A:        If your licence is valid until mid 2020, you can either attend a WT Coach course or renew your WTE Coach licence for the remaining months of 2020. Per 1-1-2021, all WTE licences will be replaced by the WT Licence and you need to have a valid WT Coach licence as per thatdate.


      Q:      The WTE website for renewal is closed.
                How can I renew my WTE Licence for 2020?


A:        WTE encourages everybody to start already in 2020 with following the WT Coach courses. If you nonetheless want to replace your WTE Coach licence, please send an email with the following information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                      1.   Name

                      2.   Date of birth

                      3.   GOL number


      Q:       My WTE Coach licence is valid till after 1-1-2021. What do Ido?


A:        A small group of coaches have previously renewed their WTE Coach licence beyond the date of 1-1-2021. For those coaches concerned, WTE is in discussion with WT to find asolution.




Europe can look back at yet another amazing year! Once again,
Europe remains the leading Continental Union in the world with a
record number of not only athletes participating at our events but
also with a record number of 28 G-ranked events on our continent
including European Championships in 8 different member countries.
Our flagship event, the Extra G4 European Championships for
seniors in Italy was a huge success! Not only did we see the best of
the best athletes competing, also from an organizational
perspective, the Organizing Committee together my staff showed their creativity and
delivered wonderful championships by creating an amazing spectator experience by
introducing sport presentation. Also in 2019, we used our social media platforms to promote
our sport. We created for all events high quality teaser videos as well as highlight videos
afterwards in which the best moments of our events were captured! Our social media
platforms will also in 2020 be the main platform for our communication with our athletes and
coaches in their conquest to medals at our events.
We are on the eve of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. With 48 quotas up for grabbing, 13
European countries were able to grab 28 quotas in this early stage. Our European
Qualification tournament will be later than normal due to on the one hand an extremely busy
calendar and on the other hand the availability of our hosts. Nevertheless, I am certain that
Europe will once more flourish at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. For the first time in
history, a European athlete has the chance to write history and become a living legend: Jade
Jones has the opportunity go to battle for her 3rd consecutive Olympic Gold medal! Being
present at 3 Olympic Games, while remaining in between at the top of her weight division is
not only remarkable but with this achievement she earned our everlasting respect!
Taekwondo Europe will work closely together with WT and our member states in 2020 on
introducing the WT Coach Seminars throughout Europe. Under the leadership of dr.
Chungwon Choue, Europe will fully support the strategies of WT and will remain its closest
ally. For the first time in history, Taekwondo Europe, under the patronage of dr. Choue, will
host the European Championships for Small States in San Marino in June 2020. Innovations
in Motion is the slogan of Taekwondo Europe. In 2020 my team and I will work on more
innovations and making sure that our beloved sport will further develop in all European
countries and we will aim to have our events in the homes of our global Taekwondo Family,
giving our athletes the platform they deserve!
I would like to express my great appreciation to all International Referees, MNA officials,
Committee Chairmen and members, Council members and staff for their dedicated and
continuous service. Without your devotion our successes could not be realized! I would like
to wish all of you a prosperous New Year in which all your dreams may come true! But above
all I wish you and your Family a healthy 2020!


Sakis Pragalos

President Taekwondo Europe



Kindly find below the updated version of President's Cup Europe Poomsae Helsingborg 2020.


Updated Outline - President's Cup Europe Poomsae 2020



The first Generation 24 event has finally arrived. The Region 2 countries can register and participate in the 'Generation 24' series event that will take place 1-2 February 2020 in Sindelfingen, Germany.

You may download the official outline of the event in the link that follows and find out the 5 different European geographic regions that your MNA belongs to, as well as the eligibility requirements applicable to participate in the event of your region.

In each region event, Kids and Cadet athletes will compete to win a quota for the Grand Finale event. Only athletes from the countries in their accountable region can participate in each event.

Each gold, silver and bronze medalist will qualify for the Grand Final event in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina on 30 October (Cadets) and 31 October (Kids) 2020.


Outline - GENERATION 24



Valletta – During a short visit to Valletta, a Taekwondo Europe delegation lead by President Pragalos met with representatives of the Maltese Olympic Committee and SportMalta. Reason for the visit was an ongoing governance issue within the Malta Taekwondo Federation. President Pragalos discussed the situation within the federation and got full support from both organisations to interfere in the governance in the best interest of the athletes. The 2023 Games of the Small States of Europe were briefly discussed as President Pragalos pledged for inclusion of Taekwondo in the official program of the 2023 Games.  

Director-General Schunken responsible for Legal Affairs and Events within Taekwondo Europe, informed  the Executive Committee of the Malta Taekwondo Federation that an Interim Board will be appointed effective immediately. The Maltese Olympic Committee, SportMalta and World Taekwondo fully support this approach which has to guarantee the rights of the athletes and making sure their international participation at events in their quest for Olympic participation.

This Interim Board will be tasked to draft new statutes in compliance with WT and WTE statutes, restore good governance, organise democratic election within 12 months and manage the current affairs guaranteeing international participation of Maltese athletes.

From left to right:
Mr. William Beck, MOC deputy President, Mr. Pragalos, Mrs. Anna Vassallo MTF President, Mr. Joseph Cassar MOC Secretary-General and dr. Karen Zammit Southernwood Director Regulatory Affairs of SportMalta.


On Tuesday 11 December, the Latvian former and current taekwondo presidency visited Taekwondo Europe's offices and met with President Pragalos. The WTE Council Member and former Latvian taekwondo president Mr. Herman Mochalin, along with Mr. Roschin, who serves as Latvian taekwondo president at the moment and is a lawyer in profession, were warmly welcomed in Taekwondo Europe's offices.

During their meeting with WTE President Sakis Pragalos, the two parties disussed on a long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and equal opportunities taekwondo in the near future. Furthermore, the two parties also focused around the development of taekwondo in Latvia, activities pursued in national level to promote taekwondo and the engangement with the younger generation of athletes, as well as future events of Taekwondo Europe and the bidding opportunities for Latvian taekwondo federation, as it has already the experience of being an Organizing Committee and has proved that it posseses the know-how to successfully deliver a European taekwondo event.

In a friendly atmosphere, the two parties renewed their meeting in the perspectives of further collaboration and a joint effort towards the progress of taekwondo across Europe.





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