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The athletes and teams interested in participating in the 2018 Warsaw Under 21 Championships will have to proceed to their registration until 21 October, when the registration period ends.

Also, along with the registration, athletes have to book their accommodation at the official hotels provided by the OC in order to secure their participation.

Please be kindly informed that the accommodation booking deadline is also on 21 October (as the registrations deadline).

Therefore, the already registered athletes and teams that have not proceeded to their accommodation booking will have to meet the deadline, in order to be guaranteed the room(s) requested.

After the passing of the deadline date, neither the OC nor the official hotels can guarantee room availability and do not hold any responsibility towards the athletes' and teams' accommodation. 



You are kindly informed that the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang 2018, set to be launched on 27-29 October in Athens, Greece is amended to March 2019.

Pivotal reason for this amendment is the number of teams and athletes willing to participate in the event, yet lacked the opportunity due the to the short amount of time given for registration period and time remaining until the event.

Thus, in order to meet athletes' request, the decision that was made was to move the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang date to March 2019.

Regarding the already registered participants, kindly be informed that your registration in Hanmadang remains as it is.

Also, all the accommodation bookings made through the official hotels of the event will be reimbursed.

Further information on the exact dates of the event will be announced in due time. 



Event Though the Youth Olympic Games will continue until the 18th October, the curtains for taekwondo fell since all the five competition categories for male and female were completed during the previous week.

Recapping the athletic event of the year for the youth, the total medal collection of the European athletes is summed up in 12 medals; 4 gold, 2 silver, and 6 bronze, that count for the 30% of the total awarded medals.
Russia is at the top of the countries list since all gold medals were claimed by Russian athletes, plus one bronze.
There was at least one “European” medal for every competition category, with the only exception the one of Men +73 kg.

In detail, the medals for Taekwondo Europe are listed as follows:

Men -48kg      -  SHISHKO Dmitrii (RUS) - GOLD
Men -55kg      -  POPOV Georgii (RUS) - GOLD
Men -63kg      -  AGHAYEV Javad (AZE) - BRONZE
                         CAULO Gabriele (ITA) - BRONZE
Men -73kg      -  ACHAB Badr (BEL) - SILVER

Women -44kg -  SHCHERBAKOVA Polina (RUS) - GOLD
                         STOJKOVIC Lena (CRO) - BRONZE
Women -49kg -  RYADNINSKAYA Elizaveta (RUS) - GOLD
Women -55kg -  TZELI Fani (GRE) - BRONZE
Women -63kg -  BOZANIC Nadica (SRB) - SILVER
                         CENNAMO Assunta (ITA) - BRONZE
Women +63kg - ADEBAIO Kristina (RUS) - BRONZE

The majority of the above athletes is likely to be seen in the forthcoming Olympic Games, as they have already made a more than a successful debut, representing the Olympic future of Taekwondo in Europe. Their experience in one of the greatest athletic events universally will give them unforgettable experiences and provide them with all the necessary resources to cope with the challenges of qualifying and competing at the Olympic Games.


You may find the Official Results book for Taekwondo in Buenos Aires 2018 here: Official Results Book TAEKWONDO


World Taekwondo Europe is proud to announce that the Under 21 European Championships 2019 have been designated to the city of Helsingborg in Sweden.

After Grozny in 2016, Sofia in 2017 and Poland in 2018, the taekwondo youth championship moves to northern Europe.

In detail, the city of Helsingborg which will host the event with its partner and governing authority of the Region Skåne decided to bid for the upcoming version of the championships in 2019, willing to organize and carry out the event in success for both the city and the sport.
The local club in the city “Tian Dao” will be the one actively taking part in the organization of the championship and working closely with both the city as the organizers and World Taekwondo Europe as the promoter of the event.

As for the host city, Helsingborg is located at a coastal area in southern Sweden, across the Helsingør strait from Denmark, which is to the west of the country.

Sweden, which has not hosted any taekwondo events at least for the past five years and actually represents a nordic crossroad, it will facilitate the athletes and teams of the surrounding Nordic countries and northern Europe as well.

We are certain that the Organizing Committee will live up to the expectations of a European Championship and a successful event for the city and its people. 




Functioning as a substitute for the European Games 2019, World Taekwondo allowed Taekwondo Europe to host one extra G4-ranking event during the year 2019.

In analogy to the Asian Games for the continent of Asia, Europe had been missing out the possibility to have its athletes participating at a G4-ranking event.

World Taekwondo gave ultimately the green light for Europe to have a substitute event, which will also include in total 5 weight divisions for male and 5 weight divisions for female category, summing up to 10 medal events. 

The decision was taken by World Taekwondo after the relevant request of Taekwondo Europe since similarly, the Asian Games included 5 male and 5 female weight divisions in total.

Under this decision and conditions, the European athletes have an equal opportunity to the rest continental athletes towards gaining ranking points in their Road to Tokyo 2020.  


The registration window for participation at the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang will be extended until Wednesday 17 October 2018.

On top of the registration extension, the top 8 of each division will gain a ticket that gives them direct access to participating at the 2019 European Poomsae Championships.

The 2019 European Poomsae Championships will also include for the first time in its history, the exact Gyek-Pa divisions that are used in Hanmadang.


Enter the official Hanmadang registration website and secure your participation!

Register now: http://rhanmadang.kukkiwon.or.kr




World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos and World Taekwondo Europe Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis held a meeting with the delegation of the Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina led by Damir Šunjić and Samir Šarić. The meeting was held as part of the agenda on the occasion of WTE Presidium visit in Belgrade, Serbia during the previous week.


During the meeting, previous taekwondo activities and projects that have been realized in Bosnia and Herzegovina were discussed, as well as the potential to plan and realize additional events and competitions. The friendly atmosphere and bilateral support showed a horizon of prosperity for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation, holding a discussion in a friendly environment and empathy towards the local actions towards enhancing the engagement with the sport.

WTE Presidium was very positive in assisting the Federation around planning and implementing certain projects and activities that will help to develop the sport nationally and upgrade operations and deliveries of major taekwondo events.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Taekwondo Federation is on the right track on its development objectives, as among others, it will be represented during the Cadet European Championships from 28 November to 2 December 2018 in Spain, and during the European U-21 Championships, from 8-11 November 2018 in Poland. 





The 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang registration system is now open and it will remain as such until 9th October.


To register and be present at the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang follow the steps below:

Step 1 : ENTER > Follow the link rhanmadang.kukkiwon.or.kr and select "Europe" to be deirected at the version of the European Hanmadang.

Step 2 : REGISTER > by following the steps onsite:

1. Sign up as a representative representative by using Dan information. And representative must hold Kukkiwon Dan/Poom Certificate.

2. One(1) participant is able to take part in two (2) individual events and one (1) group event.

3. Registration must be proceeded when participation section, event and category is selected. (Please check Contest Outline for more information on participation section, event and category).

4. Entry Fee must be paid after registration during the period payment by only payment card. If you do not pay it, the registration will be nullified.

5. You are now registered at the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang!!

Step 3: BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION > Follow the link to the official accommodation microsite https://gmcongress.gr/hanmadang/ and select the accommodation of your preference. Indicate the number of the rooms you require, and proceed to checkout to confirm your reservation.


Congratulations! You are successfully now part of the 1st European Taekwondo Hanmadang!!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on the schedule!

See you in ATHENS!!!


On the occasion of Taekwondo Europe visit in Belgrade, Serbia, to meet with the Ministry of Sports and Youth, along with the Serbian Taekwondo Federation for the designation of the European Taekwondo Championships 2020, the Taekwondo Europe President appointed Serbian Taekwondo Vice-President Professor Siniša Jasnić as Deputy Secretary-General of Taekwondo Europe.
Professor Jasnić who pursued his studies and doctorate in Physical Education of the University of Novi Sad, is currently a lecturer at the ALFA University in Belgrade, Serbia, and has been a lecturer in many other Universities among them the University of Shen Zhen, People's Republic of China, Berkeley University, Oakland University in California, University of Hamburg, Wroclaw, Valencia and Alma ATA.
He has also holds a great number of participations and lectures at many sports conferences included San Jose, Puerto Rico, Sport Accord in Seoul, Beijing, Athens, Pretoria in Africa, Kampala in South Africa, Abu Dhabi, etc.
Among many roles, he served as General Director of Universiade Belgrade 2009, President of the University Sports Union of Serbia and Montenegro during 2003-2005, Member of the Olympic Committee of Serbia during 2004-2006, while since 2005 he is also President of the University Sports Association of Serbia.
His international roles include:
Since 2001 - Member of the EUSA
Since 2003 - Member IK FISU
Since 2003 - Chairman of the EUSA Marketing Committee
Since 2005 - Vice President of EUSA
Since 2005 - President of all FISU championships
Professor Jasnić is author of more than 40 scientific and professional papers, and he has an extensive experience in sports event organization and management internationally.
His experience in domestic sport events and championships includes: 
Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of the World Student Volleyball Championship - Novi Sad 1998.
Organizer and founder of the European Student Volleyball Championship - Vrbas and Užice 2001.
Secretary General of the 16th World Judo Championships in Judo - Novi Sad 2002.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee III of the European University Basketball Championship - Novi Sad 2003.
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the IV World Student Championships in karate - Belgrade 2004.
President of the Organizing Committee of the European Student Championship in football - Nis 2006.
President of the Organizing Committee VI of the European Student Championship in basketball - Novi Sad 2007.
President of the Organizing Committee of the European Student Championship in Small Football - Novi Sad 2007.
President of the Organizing Committee of the European Student Handball Championship - Nis 2007.
President of the Organizing Committee of the VII World Student Championships in Taekwondo - Belgrade 2008.
Vice President of the Organizing Committee of the IX World University kayaking and canoe championship in calm waters - Belgrade 2008.
Vice President of the Organizing Committee of the World Rowing Championships - Belgrade 2008
Professor Jasnic's on-field experience will be proven of great contribution and significance to further professionalize operations and events within European Taekwondo. The needs of integrating the Taekwondo europe identity throughout the national events, as well as achieving a qualitative and impactful European Taekwondo Championships in 2020, highlight the Professor's  word, who will mainly communicate and interact with Taekwondo Europe Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis, effectively keeping up with the operations of the European Taekwondo events and Championships.
Source: Sports Academy Belgrade

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