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On insert dates the 2nd edition of the WTF Presidents Cup will be hosted in Athens, Greece. A maximum of 1.500 athletes will be accepted.
Medallists will qualify directly for the European Championships.


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The 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships were successfully completed between 6-9 February 2017 in Antalya, Turkey. The competitions were held in Maritim Pine Resort Hotel in the area of Belek, a coastal resort with all the necessary facilities to host a taekwondo event in its major venue and hall areas.

For one more year, the open european event attracted a significant number of competitors, not only from Europe, but from other continents as well. In detail, the total competitors of the championships summed up to 797, where 232 of them were cadets, 268 of the competitors were juniors, while the seniors reached the number of 297 participants.

The countries that participated in the championships were twenty-six (26) and the overall number of teams that were registered in the event were one hundred and seventy-one (171).

Along with the Kids Championships, the Clubs Championships were the first European and the first continental championships to implement the new WTF taekwondo regulation policy. It was also the International Referees' first appearence in the recently introduced uniforms in total white. Participating in the first European G Ranking event for 2017, the taekwondo athletes have already begin the points accumulation for the new season, while adjust to the new rules of the game.


ETU Secretary-General Michail Fysentzidis stated: “A new era has surfaced for Taekwondo and Europe took the lead with the 3rd European Kids Taekwondo Championships and the 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships. These two events were the first continental Championships, where the athletes competed under the new WTF Taekwondo rules.  It is very promising to watch the taekwondo athletes’ adaptability to new competing policy and consequently to new training processes. It is also very important for all the taekwondo athletes to accumulate as much experience as they can by participating in official G-Ranking and European Championships, in order to familiarize and adapt to the new in-field competing environment as soon as possible.”


For the detailed results of the 5th European Clubs Taekwondo Championships, please follow the link: http://bit.ly/2l0wTyO

Below you will find the overall Club Ranking of the 5rd European Clubs Taekwondo Championships:



Mr Herman Mochalin, ETU Council member and president of the Latvia Taekwondo Federation, visited the ETU office in Athens. The LTF  is interested in organising European Championships in 2018 after a successful Junior European Championships in 2015. President Pragalos awarded Mr Mochalin with the 7th dan for his contribution to taekwondo in Latvia and Europe.



The 3rd European Kids Taekwondo Championships was successfully competed between 4-5 February 2017 in Antalya, Turkey.

The Championships were realized in Maritim Pine Beach Resort Hotel, where all teams could combine the venue area with their accommodation at an eye-capturing coastal area in the south of Turkey.

In total 171 little taekwondo athletes from 11 countries competed during these two days. In detail, the athletes summed up to 98 males and 73 females. The overall teams that participated were 78.

This is the 3rd year of this championship, which has turned out to be the perfect way to introduce the young Taekwondo athletes to official competition standards, procedures and familiarize on how to function in a multicultural environment, socialize and embrace fair play while interacting with their fellow athletes.

The 3rd European Kids European Championships was the first European and the first continental championships as well to implement the new WTF taekwondo regulations in the competitions. In addition to this, the International Referees'  white uniforms were introduced in a European event, officially launching the new 'image' of taekwondo.

The kids’ talent and their energy seems to get better and better every year. Some incredible little champions were awarded during the championships during the two days of the event, embodying the taekwondo values in the best way possible.

Below you will find the medalists of the 3rd European Kids Taekwondo Championships:



On Monday 6 February 2017, during the general election of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Michail Fysentzidis has been elected President of the International Olympic Academy (IOA). The Secretary General of the European Taekwondo Union was elected with the popular vote of 14 out of 25, as also Spyros Capralos was re-elected President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

“It is a great honor that the majority has elected me President of the International Olympic Academy”, said Mr Fysentzidis and continued: “I aspire that through my new responsibilities I will continue to serve the sporting world and the Olympic Ideal, primarily with modesty, but principally vigorously to fulfill the potentials to survey, elaborate and implement innovative ideas and educational programs in benefit towards athleticism and always aligned with the Pierre de Coubertin initiatives.”

Counting eight (8) years (1996-2004) as Deputy Member, thirteen (13) more as Regular member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and as an active contributor to the sporting world, Michail Fysentzidis disseminates in the Taekwondo world the same principles as the mission of IOA conditions; the appraise in educational values through sports.

ETU President Sakis Pragalos stated:
“There are 206 Presidents of National Olympic Committees, yet internationally, the President of the Olympic Academy is only one. It is a primal distinction for the Taekwondo Family and especially for the European Taekwondo Union the recognition of  Michail Fysentzidis in such a significant position. I would like to wish to him on behalf of the ETU Council as well as personally prosperous days on his new duties”



According the incident on Tuesday 31 January 2017 implicating the taekwondo athlete Meisam Rafiei from Iceland to be refused his entry to USA, the President of the European Taekwondo Union, Sakis Pragalos stated:

“Just a few hours after the announcement of the US Olympic Committee that was informed by Donald Trump’s government that the ban on visitors from some Muslim-majority countries should not impact athletes traveling to the United States for international events, ETU has already the first incident of a taekwondo athlete to explore. Our athlete Meisam Rafiei, having a dual Iranian-Icelandic citizenship that competes for Iceland, was asked to disembark from his flight to Nevada USA while travelling to the U.S. Open in Las Vegas. Sports are the way for a peaceful and better world without discrimination of any kind, in a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. Even though the issue was finally solved, we need to remember what we stand for in respect to the spirit of Olympism and the history that United States have written and still write on these pages." 




(Nicosia, Cyprus) A Memorandum of Understanding of considerable importance was signed on Thursday 2 February 2017, among the Cyprus Sport Organisation (CSO) and the European Taekwondo Union (ETU). The President of CSO, Cleanthis Georgiades, welcomed to the CSO offices in Nicosia, the President of ETU, Sakis Pragalos and the ETU Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis for the procedure, while they were also accompanied by the President of the Cypriot Taekwondo Federation, Phivos Christou. The two parties of the MOU, after a long period of negotiation, finalized their collaboration and came to an agreement to provide a challenging educational program, in order to improve taekwondo trainers’ knowledge, upgrade the level of requirements for the participants, advance their intellectual achievements, ensure an educational environment of high standards and provide Certificates.


ETU has been developing educational programs for the taekwondo community for years now”, said the ETU President Sakis Pragalos and continued: “yet, this MOU provides a significant opportunity for all the trainers to enable their professional career in any European Union country. Our cooperation with CSO, and at this point I would like to thank Mr. Georgiades, will ensure a high-standards educational environment for all participants, since both the location and the scientific personnel are acknowledged all over Europe.”


"'We express complete satisfaction for achieving cooperation among the CSO which is the highest athletic authority in the Republic of Cyprusand ETU”, stated the President of CSO, Cleanthis Georgiades and added: “we look forward to a constructive cooperation, through which will highlight both Cyprus and sport and open new horizons.”


The Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis stated: “This co-operational partnership, that will implement the Trainer License Courses and will provide Certificate, so that the graduates can practice as experts, is certainly a big step forward, not only for ETU but for each MNA individually.” 


The details of the program will be announced via the ETU & the CSO websites in March 2017. 


CSO: Cyprus Sports Association; The Cyprus Sport Organisation is a semi-governmental organization enacted by the 1969 – 1996 laws upon which the Cyprus Sport Organisation acts as the Highest Athletic Authority in the Republic of Cyprus.

* Official Sponsor of ETU *: DAEDO INTERNATIONAL

PHOTO 1:(from left to right) The signing of the MOU by the President of CSO, Cleanthis Georgiades and ETU President, Sakis Pragalos. Present also the Deputy General Director, Dimitris Araouzos, the CSO Council Member, Anrie Sialou, the ETU Secretary General, Michail Fysentzides and the President of the Cypriote Taekwondo Federation, Phivos Christou.


PHOTO 2: ETU President Sakis Pragalos receives a welcome by the President of CSO, Cleanthis Georgiades







The European Taekwondo family and the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation bow their heads in grief and sorrow at the untimely passing of Stavros Proios.


Stavros Proios entered the taekwondo family from the early childhood. He had been a co-athlete with the current Deutsche Taekwondo Union President Stefan Klawiter and under the coaching of master Seo Yoon Nam, Stavros equally mastered the art of Taekwondo by holding in total 8 Dan.


Stavros continued his career in coaching, while he was also an International Referee. He serviced for several years as Vice-President of the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation and he was also the official coach of the Athletic Association of Sports & Education in Kastoria, Greece.


Stavros had trained many outstanding athletes and he had passed the flame and passion of Taekwondo to even more. His conquering personality and character will forever remain in his friends and students.


ETU wishes its deepest condolences to his family. The ETU President, ETU Secretary-General and ETU Genaral Director also express their condolences to the Hellenic Taekwondo Federation.  


(Photo from left to right: Olympic Medalist Michalis Mouroutsos, Stavros Proios, ETU President Sakis Pragalos)




All coaches who have lost the opportunity to revise their cards, which expires  at 31/12/2016, you can now use the below link and to renew for two years at a cost € 200








The European Taekwondo Union proudly welcomes the Swedish Taekwondo Federation full membership status among its MNA's.

In October 2014 and based on the articles 15.3 and 15.5 of the ETU STATUTES, the ETU Council had decided to revoke the membership of the Swedish Taekwondo Federation with immediate effect.

ETU had guaranteed that the decision would not have an impact on Swedish athletes participation in taekwondo events. Hence, as expected, all Swedish athletes participated normally in all tournaments and Championships under the WTF or ETU flag.

After the compliance of the STF statutes with the ones of ETU and WTF, ETU announces that the Swedish Taekwondo Federation had retained its full membership in the continental union.

The decision has been officially communicated to all Member National Associations.


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