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Michail Mouroutsos (GRE) and Brigitte Yagüe Enrique (ESP), two of the elite personalities of Taekwondo, were appointed by World Taekwondo Federation to their athletic offices after being elected to represent the European continent.


Michail Mouroutsos holds the first Olympic Taekwondo gold medal. He became the inaugural Olympic champion in the men's -59 kg division in the Summer Olympic Games Sydney 2000, when the sport initially entered the Games. His Olympic presence was also continued in Athens 2004, where he managed to qualify in the 5th place. Michail was also awarded during the ETU 40 Years Anniversary in 2016 for his gold Olympic Medal and for holding the unique record of being the 1st Gold Olympic Medal in the Olympic history of Taekwondo (Sydney 2000). The Olympic Champion was also the only Gold Olympic Taekwondo Medalist in Europe for 12 years, until London 2012. Michail Mouroutsos is also a member of the ETU council and still serving Taekwondo as a coach.


Regarding his election, Michail Mouroutsos stated: “It is very important that athletes share their experiences and knowledge when withdrawn from the field of play. Since 2000, Taekwondo has radically changed, which means that every time it demands different requirements to be fulfilled. It is my pleasure to be part of a team where we can work from the scope of the athlete for the athlete’s benefit. I would like to thank everyone in the European Taekwondo Union for voting in favor of me and Brigitte and elected us to represent the European athletes. I assure that I will commit myself to my duties for the Taekwondo athletes’ welfare.”


Brigitte Yagüe Enrique comes from Palma de Mallorca, Spain and her baptism of fire in the Olympic Games was in Athens 2004. In 2012, Brigitte managed to claim a place in the Olympic athletes’ Pantheon and won the silver medal in London 2012 in the women's -49kg division. During the ETU 40 Years Anniversary in 2016, she was awarded for being the only European Taekwondo athlete holding the Triple World Champion title (Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2003, Beijing 2007, Copenhagen 2009). She also has her own Taekwondo family, since she married to Juan Antonio Ramos, also successful in Taekwondo.

Brigitte Yagüe Enrique stated: “It is an honor for me to be a member of the WTF Athlete Committee. Representing the European athletes is something that fills me with pride and satisfaction, since I have been part of the European family of taekwondo for many years. During my sports career, I want to highlight my struggle to become a better athlete day by day and above all, a better person. Now, I would like to tell you that my struggle continues, to help our sport in every possible way, to evolve and stand out among other sports. I would like to thank all those who have made it possible to be part of this wonderful family of taekwondo today.”


The two Taekwondo athletes will be present in the first committee meeting on 8 December, 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan, the hosting city of 2016 WTF World Taekwondo Grand-Prix Final.


They both carry the history of the Olympic Taekwondo and will certainly represent the European athletes during the meetings of the Committee in best practices.



The WTF World Taekwondo Junior Championships Burnaby 2016 in Canada was successfully completed. The young athletes competed from 16 to 20 November in the respective ten (10) categories for males and females. Over 800 athletes from more than 100 countries claimed a place on the world standings in the all filled up “Bill Copeland Sports Center”.


During this showcase event of the next generation of taekwondo elites, Europe managed for one more time to stand out among the continental successes. With 38 medals, Europe claimed the 47,5% of the overall medal standings. More specific, European females won 20 out of the 40 medals, reaching the 50% of the category, whereas in the male category, the respective amount was 45%.


Among the highlights of the championships were the Gold medalists. In total, 6 Europeans got a place on the highest step of the podium.


In female category:


-63kg – SOGUT Seyma (TUR), who counts one more gold medal from the ETU European Cadet Championships Bucharest 2013.

-68kg – WILLIAMS Lauren (GBR), with gold medals in WTF World Junior Championships Taipei City 2014 and ETU European Senior Championships Montreux 2016.


In male category:


-59kg – RECBER Hakan (TUR),  also a gold medalist in President’s Cup Bonn 2016.

-68kg – TCAKOEV Sarmat (RUS), with one more gold medal in his collection from the ETU European Cadets Championships Bucharest 2013

-78kg – DIVKOVIC Partik (SLO)

+78kg – TANDELOV Georgii (RUS), counting gold medals in ETU European Junior Championships Daugavpils 2015 and President’s Cup Bonn 2016.



Also, the distinctions for the European Taekwondo Union did not stop here, as Russia and Turkey claimed the 2nd and 3rd place respectively for the “Best male team” award. Yet the Russian Taekwondo Union continued, as the Russian team was awarded the 3rd place for both the “Best female team” and the overall “Medal Standings by Team”.


ETU President, Sakis Pragalos, stated: “During my stay in Canada - and not standing on the WTF General Assembly - I want to cordially congratulate all the athletes that participated in this sport event of highest standards. Also, it is my pleasure to see the European Taekwondo Union junior athletes and champions excel in these championships through their commitment and passion for Taekwondo. They are the ones that will carry the scepter of Taekwondo in the Olympic Games to come; ETU will give all its efforts to encourage and support their athletic course in the sport.


Photo Credits: Amanda Forrest (Tourism Burnaby)


The silver Olympic medallist from Spain, Eva Calvo Gomez, was honoured with the Real Orden del Mérito Deportivo medal for her imperative athletic achievements in Rio 2016 by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.


On Tuesday November 15, 2016 at the Nouvel building of the Museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofia in Madrid, the Spanish Government awarded Eva Calvo Gomez among other athletes with the Royal Order of Sports Merit (ROMD) distinction for her superior success at the Olympic Games during the event with the topic “The best athletes of the year”.


The ceremony was privileged by the presence of the Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Inigo Mendez de Vigo, who presided the delivery of the medals of the Royal Order of Sports Merit to the best athletes of the year· a proposal by the Higher Sports Council.


The event was also attended by the Justice Minister Rafael Catala, the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Chancellor of the Royal Order of Sporting Merit, Miguel Cardenal.





Etu Coach seminar, Antalya / Turkey  2 - 3 FEB 2017

Only for new Coaches!

Use the following link for registration:







The second phase started!
Follow the ETU website link to renew your coach card throughout the system and be informed for all the details regarding the holders that their card expires at 31/12/2016.
Please pay attention for all the requirements and get registered until 31/12/2016!!!







November 8, 2016


The British newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ in association with ‘Vitality’ honors for 29 consecutive years the UK and Ireland Sportswoman of the year, with the respective awarding ceremony. This year, a European Taekwondo star that has been getting brighter as time passes, is shortlisted among the finalists for The Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year Awards 2016. The Welsch taekwondo double Olympian Jade Jones, along with five more leading sportswomen claims two (2) awards for her outstanding contribution to sport.


1st Nomination

The Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year - Favorite Sportswoman of 2016

Nicola Adams (boxing)

Charlotte Dujardin (equestrian)

Jade Jones (taekwondo)

Johanna Konta (tennis)

Dame Sarah Storey (track/road cycling)

Laura Trott (track cycling)


2nd Nomination - Olympian of the Year

Nicola Adams (boxing)

Saskia Clark & Hannah Mills (sailing)

Charlotte Dujardin (equestrian)

Helen Glover & Heather Stanning (rowing)

Jade Jones (taekwondo)

Laura Trott (track cycling)


The voting for the award winner is public, which endorses the awards with credibility and of course popularity. The Sunday Times Sportswomen of the Year awards are among the most famous, prominent and influential in the British sporting calendar. All nominees are females who inspire women of all ages to actively participate in sports, promote a healthy lifestyle and a dynamic spirit.

For the ones interested in voting, you can visit the awards website: swoty2016.co.uk

The Award will take place at the News UK Headquarters in London Bridge on Thursday, December 8.


Download Here


On Saturday 5 November 7, 2016 the ETU Coach Seminar was successfully completed at the premises of Carlforsska gymnasiet in the city of Västerås, Sweden. A substantial number of ETU coaches from Sweden, the neighbor Scandinavian countries and from the rest of Europe attended the seminar.



This is the first time that an ETU Coach Seminar is realized in a Scandinavian country. The session was conducted by the ETU Referee Committee Chairman Chakir Chelbat. The ETU Coaches were updated upon the latest information regarding taekwondo, received feedback regarding taekwondo gear and analyzed controversial competition case studies, endorsing the ethics of the sport.


The attendance of ETU Coach Seminars is cardinally significant. As any responsible coach, ETU coaches ought to keep up with the latest modifications of the sport and all WTF rules and regulations adjustments, in order to preserve the high quality sporting standards. All the coaches who successfully completed the training received a Certificate of completion and are qualified to coach anywhere in the world.










The European Taekwondo Union is proud to announce that DAEDO International, one of the leading Taekwondo gear enterprises worldwide will be the Gold Sponsor of the upcoming ETU 40 Years Anniversary Gala.

A delegation of the company’s senior personnel will be attending the gala, supporting the award of the most important athletes and European Taekwondo figures that will be present during the event. DAEDO will also present its awarding categories on the occasion of the gala.


“We have a dream and passion for Taekwondo”
DAEDO International has its headquarters in Barcelona and has been offering products with the best price/quality relationship to Taekwondo since 1983. In 1987 it became the Official Sponsor and Supplier at the World Taekwondo Championships and in 1992 the Official Supplier of the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Since then, DAEDO has successfully participated in numerous world-scale Taekwondo events, such as World Taekwondo Championships and the Olympic Games Beijing 2008. DAEDO has also developed the Protector & Scoring System which established new standards in Taekwondo, centralizing in one thing: fair play in Taekwondo.


ETU President stated: “We are glad to have the support of DAEDO International for one of the milestone moments of the European Taekwondo Union. It is very important for us to have such partners, that help us enhancing the European Taekwondo the way we do. DAEDO is a credible company that is always striving for development and constantly invests in improving its gears, providing the high quality equipment that Taekwondo possesses right now. This is what characterizes ETU as well. We keep our foundations strong, we invest in our athletes, our MNA’s and championships, always striving for quality, credibility and character. In DAEDO, we see ETU and this is what makes this partnership special.”
The ETU 40 Years Anniversary will be held in Bucharest, Romania on Friday 9th of September 2016, during the European Cadet Championships (8-10 September 2016).







Abakarova Patimat writes history for Azerbaijan after winning the bronze medal in Rio 2016 on 17th August in the category -49kg.

This is the first olympic medal for Azerbaijan in the sport of Taekwondo. The young athlete, though left disqualified from her first match against Bogdanovic Tijana (SRB) who finally won the silver, claimed a place in the repechages and managed to go all the way to the podium.


ETU: Even if it is a very common question, how do you feel for this achivement?

Patimat: Currently, cannot express my feelings in words, but one thing I have to tell is that I am very happy.



ETU: You are aware that your Olympic medal has earned a page in the history of Azerbaijani taekwondo since you are the first athlete winning one. What is your comment on this?

Patimat: Yes, I destroyed the chain of bad luck in Olympic Games for Azerbaijani Taekwondo athletes, but at the same time I am sure that it will be the start of Olympic medals collection for my team mates.


ETU: What were the main keys of your success?

PatimatHard work, enhanced trainings and belief…


ETU: What are your wishes and expectations from your team mates in Rio and what do you think about the future of Azerbaijan taekwondo after Olympic Games 2016?

Patimat: Of course, I wish and believe that Radik, Farida and Milad will succeed to collect medals in Rio and hopefully in a different color; I will assist them in trainings and support them during matches. Concerning the future of Azerbaijan taekwondo after the Rio 2016, I am definitely sure of its enlargement, development and popularity.





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