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                                Montreux, 22 MAY 2016

Τhe curtain of the 22th European Championship in Montreux, Switzerland was dropped, seeing Bianca Walkden, Iva Rados and Arman-Marshall Silla to maintain the lead in their categories, while Great Britain conquered the first place in the medals table. This was the last notable event before the Rio Olympics, where European taekwondo will be represented by 42 athletes in order to maintain or increase the medal conquest rates (reached nearly 51% in London) on account of the "old world".

Iva Rados (CRO) defeated in the final holder of gold Olympic medal in London, Milica Mandic (SRB), as was the case two years ago in Baku, and she stood on the first place of the podium for the second consecutive event. In the semifinal of the -73kg Rados defeated Reshmie Oogink (who had already gotten the qualification for Rio), while in the final he prevailed by 1-0 against Mandic. Third place was scooped by Petra Matjasevic (MKD) and Reshmie Oogink (NED).

At 73 kg category, Bianca Walkden (GBR) confirmed the predictions about her being the preponderant favorite for the gold medal. Walden, who became only the second Brit to win a gold medal in the World Championships last year, defeated 5-4 Nafia Kus (TUR) in the final. Walkden, along with the gold medal in Montreux, managed to make it three in the European championships since she was first in Baku 2014 and third in St. Petersburg in 2010. Take into account that Walkden had beaten Kus in the semifinal of World Championships 2015 in Chelyabinsk as well. The third place was assumed by Olga Ivanova (RUS) and Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP).
In men's -87kg category, the title went to Vladislav Larin, a senior student of the Institute of History, Political and Social Science and a holder of gold medal last year at the European Championships Olympic Categories at Nalchik. Larin prevailed in the final through a golden score (1-1) against Arman Yeremyan, who finally fought despite suffering from a leg injury. Drasko Jovanov (SRB) and Payam Ghobadi Oughaz (AZE) achieved third place.

The most exciting final of the day was the one between Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR) and Roman Kuznetsov (RUS). The Russian was found ahead even by 8-3 in the third round, but Silla was extraordinary in the very last minute. It was then when he gathered a total of eight points against two of his opponent, so for the second time since 2014 Baku he was able to win the gold medal of the + 87kg category. Bear in mind that Silla has already achieved qualification for the Rio Olympics through the Olympic Games Qualification Europe Tournament held last January in Turkey. The 3rd place was taken by Piotr Hatowski (POL) and Omar El Yazidi (FRA).
Great Britain was found at the top of the table of medals winning three gold ones and a bronze. Turkey followedsuit with two gold, three silver and two bronze medals, while Russia managed two gold, one silver and six bronze medals.

In the overall table of medals were found 22 countries, compared with 24 two years ago in Baku and 17 to 2012 in Manchester.
"The organization of Montreux excelled at every level. The organizing committee has accomplished the hard task assigned by the ETU. I assert that events at a high level such as this one, with excellent organization in all areas, raise the sport's prestige at a European level and help its further development. The television signal from Montreux was transmitted to most European countries-members through EBU and I feel great that we have given everyone the opportunity to witness highly spectacular taekwondo games. I am positive that the television ratings exceeded all our expectations. I hope the European taekwondo shines in a few months at the Rio Olympics and keeps up the tradition that has had all these years" said the president of the ETU, Thanasis Pragalos.
Honorary Distinctions

Fair play Award
Female: Lauren Williams GBR
Male: Mourad Laachraoui BEL
Most Valuable Players/Best Athlete
Best Female: Jade Jones GBR
Best Male: Jaouad Achab BEL

Best Referee
2. Asuman AKDEMIR (TUR)
3. Norbert BENKO (HUN)
4. Federico ZANETTE (ITA)
5. Vladimir BELOKAPOV (BUL)

Best Team Female
1. GBR
2. TUR
3. SRB

Best Team Male
1. BEL
2. POR
3. RUS

Best Team Overall
1. GBR
2. TUR
3. RUS

Finals & Winners of Day 4

Female-A -73 kg

FINAL: Mandic, Milica- Rados, Iva 0-1
1. Iva Rados (CRO)
2. Milica Mandic (SRB)
3. Petra Matjasevic (MKD)
3. Reshmie Oogink (NED)

Female-A +73 kg
FINAL: Walkden, Bianca-Kus, Nafia 5-4
1. Bianca Walkden (GBR)
2. Nafia Kus (TUR)
3. Olga Ivanova (RUS
3. Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP)

Male-A -87 kg
FINAL: Yeremyan, Arman-Larin, Vladislav 0-1 golden point
1. Vladislav Larin (RUS)
2. Arman Yeremyan (ARM)
3. Drasko Jovanov (SRB)
3. Payam Ghobadi Oughaz (AZE)

Male-A +87 kg
FINAL: Kuznetsov, Roman - Silla, Arman-Marshall 10-11
1. Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR)
2. Roman Kuzentsov (RUS)
3. Piotr Hatowski (POL)
3. Omar El Yazidi (FRA)

MEDAL STANDINGS (after day 4)
GREAT BRITAIN 3-0-1, TURKEY 2-3-2, RUSSIA 2-1-6, BELGIUM 2-0-2, PORTUGAL 2-0-0, CROATIA 1-1-3, SERBIA 1-1-1, AZERBAIJAN 1-1-1, BELARUS 1-0-0, UKRAINE 1-0-0, SPAIN 0-2-2, FRANCE 0-1-5, POLAND 0-1-2, GERMANY 0-1-1, ARMENIA 0-1-1, SWEDEN 0-1-0, ISRAEL 0-1-0, SLOVENIA 0-1-0, ITALY 0-0-2, MOLDOVA 0-0-1, FYROM 0-0-1, NETHERLANDS 0-0-1.

Rados Iva (CRO): “I feel so emotional right now, I am extremely glad excited and happy and of course so proud of winning the gold medal in such an important final against Mandic. We know well each other and how she fights and my thought was I can do it and I will do it for the gold medal. As the game finished I had a wonderful feeling”.

Milica Mandic (SRB): “The final was really tough between me and Iva, she was good, the fight was good, but since I was not careful enough at a moment, she took advantage of it. Unfortunately, my mistake cost me the gold medal, but I keep looking the future and what I can do in order to have better performances through strong preparations “.

Walkden Bianca (GBR): “Definitely I feel honoured that I now hold the title of the European Taekwondo Champion and doing it again after the gold medal in Baku 2014. Regarding her future plans she stated: “My preparations are going really well for Olympic Games Rio 2014 and I keep trying improving myself, because when final was about to start, I got caught in a panic situation. So I want to work on this and give all my best”.

Larin Vladislav (RUS): “What I want to say is that I feel grateful to my family, my friends, the team it is so important to feel that people around me are supporting me and they are next to me in every step I do. This is the crucial reason for any success I have had and the most important is that it makes me feel happy and strong in everything I do. Now I will have some rest and relax, so when I will be back in action I will be completely ready for action”.

Yeremyan Arman (ARM): “It was a hard final, I had an injury on my knee but I tried the maximum I could. I really feel thankful to my coach and the whole team and for their advice, so when I walk in to the game I would fight with all my power”.

Silla Arman Marshall (BLR): “It was a very dramatic match, tough match with a strong opponent. It was unbelievable - I did my best and I think it was one of the most amazing fights. I already have experience in the games and championships and this is what actually helped me so much. I will keep fighting and working hard”.







Interview with Nina Klay of the Swiss Taekwondo


The top Swiss Taekwondo athlete Nina Klay, who participated in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, gives an interview for the ETU. Nina who had one of the most spectacular fights of the day, got the golden point, yet she did not manage to qualify to the semifinals.

What seems to be the future for the Swiss Taekwondo?

Well, it is difficult to say since there are no athletes at this moment to support the elite Taekwondo in Switzerland. There are many things that need to change in favor of the sport.

Can you identify a potential successor of your course in the Swiss Taekwondo?

I do not want to speak with names, but what I can say is that there are many juniors right now who have a lot of potential. Yet potential is not everything. It needs dedication and of course support.

You have achieved so many in your course career in Taekwondo. What is your next step?

I am already 27 years old. If I was to compete for more, that would be another four years topmost. That means until my 31. That is quite a lot for an elite female athlete in Taekwondo. I am already 13 years a professional athlete and 8 of them as a senior. Now, I feel it is time to have some time for myself. To finish my studies which is so hard to combine with all the competitions. Yet, I will not exclude myself from all tournaments – I will just lower my pace as an athlete.

Despite the fact that you will lower your pace in Taekwondo as you say, do you aspire to remain inside the field of the sport, either as a coach, or perhaps in the Swiss Taekwondo federation?

No one knows that. What I know for sure is that I do not want to do anything with the federation. Politics is not for me. As for coaching, of course I would like to try it and why not follow it. I have so many years of experience and for sure I would like to share it with the new generation. I think that can help the upcoming Taekwondo athletes. We will see what the future brings and I hope for the best.




Three finals but only one gold medal for Turkey

                                Montreux, 21 MAY 2016

The presence of Turkey in three of the four current finals, the "failure" of three of the four title holders to maintain their dominance, but also the fact that none of the athletes who qualified for the Rio 2016 through Olympic Ranking was able to win the gold medal in the category of -80kg, were just some of what happened in Montreux, Switzerland in the third day of the 22th European Championship.
Turkey had the chance to win three gold medals and effectively to ensure the first place in the overall medal standings from today. But among the candidates for the gold, only Irem Yaman (-62kg) managed to find herself on the highest step of the podium, taking the lead by Nina Klay (SUI) that after the completion of the European Championship announced her withdrawal from taekwondo.
As for Aaron Cook (MDA), Lutalo Muhammad (GBR), Albert Gaun (RUS) and Tahir Gulec (GER) who have secured their qualification for the Rio Olympic Games through Olympic Rankings, they all failed to secure the gold medal. Instead, at the top was the Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE) who got the qualification for Brazil through European Qualification Tournament in Turkey.
Montreux proved a jinx for the three European champions of 2014, since none of them succeeded to maintain the ir crown. Klay, in his last international tournament reached the quarter-finals of the -62kg, as did Anastasiia Baryshnikova (RUS) in the -67kg, while Aaron Cook was third in the -80kg. In the same category also competed Albert Gaun (RUS) who was first in -74kg of Baku 2014.

Further information:
In -62kg, Irem Yaman was the World Ranking No.-1 and this was confirmed in Montreux. After the gold medal in Chelyabinsk 2015, she won the first place in the European Championship in Switzerland by winning 5-0 against Magda Wiet Henin (FRA). In the third position of the podium were Daniela Rotolo (ITA) and Rabia Gulec (GER). Culec, who was third in Baku 2014, in the summer will be present at the Rio Olympics, a position secured through the Qualification Tournament.
In -67kg, unknown until a few hours ago, Lauren Williams (GBR) succeeded to win the gold medal. Although the ranking (No-166) is not a foreshadowed road to gold, she scored four victories in the semis (among them against ranked No-2 Elin Johansson from Sweden), while in the final she beat in golden point (4- 3) Nur Tatar (TUR), second in 2012 at the London Olympics. Although she could not be found at the top of her category, Tatar with the silver medal she won has now reached four in total in the European Women's Championships, namely one gold (2012), two silver (2010, 2016) and one bronze (2014). In third place in the -67 kg was Matea Jelic (CRO) and the No-1 in the World Rankings, second in 2014 in Baku, Haby Niare (FRA).
In -74kg, Portugal celebrated their second gold medal in Montreux 2016. The No-1 World Ranking, Juio Ferreira, defeated 5-3 Toni Kanaet (CRO) in the final and was crowned a European champion for the first time in his career. The third place was taken by both Nicholas Corten (BEL) and Claudio Treviso (ITA).
In -80 kg, Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE) tripled this year's victories against Yunu Sari (TUR). After he cut Sari`s way for the Rio Olympics (10-1 in the semifinal of the Qualification Tournament), and the gold medal in the final of World President's Cup (12-4), he also beat him in the final of Montreux 2016 by 5-0. Harchegani in the semifinals defeated the European champion of 2014 in Baku and No-2 in the World Ranking, Aaron Cook (MDA) by 1-0, while in the quarterfinals he prevailed by 1-0 in golden point against the European champion of 2014 in Baku in the category of - 74kg, Albert Gaun. With the medal he got in Montreux, Cook reached four (3-0-1) in the history of the games and the third under a different flag (Great Britain, Isle of Man, Moldavia).

Finals & Winners of Day 3
Female-A -62 kg
FINAL: Yaman, Irem-Wiet Henin, Magda 5-0
1. Yaman, Irem (TUR)
2. Wiet Henin, Magda (FRA)
3. Rotolo, Daniela (ITA)
3. Gulec, Rabia (GER)
Female-A -67 kg
FINAL: Tatar, Nur-Williams, Lauren 3-4 Golden point
1. Williams, Lauren (GBR)
2. Tatar, Nur (TUR)
3. Jelic, Matea (CRO)
3. Niare, Haby (FRA)
Male-A -74 kg
FINAL: Ferreira, Julio-Kanaet, Toni 5-3
1. Ferreira, Julio (POR)
2. Kanaet, Toni (CRO)
3. Corten, Nicholas (BEL)
3. Treviso, Claudio (ITA)
Male-A -80 kg
FINAL: Sari, Yunus-Beigi Harchegani, Milad 0-5
1. Beigi Harchegani, Milad (AZE)
2. Sari, Yunus (TUR)
3. Cook, Aaron (MDA)
3. Pazinski, Piotr (POL)
MEDAL STANDINGS (after 3rd day)
TURKEY 2-2-2, BELGIUM 2-0-2, GREAT BRITAIN 2-0-1, PORTUGAL 2-0-0, AZERBAIJAN 1-1-0, RUSSIA 1-0-5, UKRAINE 1-0-0, SERBIA 1-0-0, SPAIN 0-2-1, FRANCE 0-1-4, CROATIA 0-1-3, GERMANY 0-1-1, POLAND 0-1-1, SWEDEN 0-1-0, ISRAEL 0-1-0, SLOVENIA 0-1-0, ITALY 0-0-2, ARMENIA 0-0-1, MOLDOVA 0-0-1
Yamam Irem: “I am really excited for my succeed and winning the gold medal, it is hard to explain but I am really happy for this since is my first gold medal in Senior European Championships and it is so important for me. Sure one of the best things that ever happened to me especially because I feel like my efforts are paid and now I will keep on practising hard”.
Ferreira Julio: “Winning the gold medal after a hard game in the finals, is one of the greatest feelings definitely. It was difficult I got tired but in the end I achieved my goal and now I can feel exactly what happened. It is amazing I am really happy”.
Kanaet Toni: “I am happy for my silver medal but I could be better during the final and get the first place but this will make me even better and in the future I will do even more my best and I will continue trying so I will be able to achieve even more”.





    Montreux, 21 MAY 2016

Rui Braganca: Possibly the first Olympic medal in Taekwondo for Portugal.
Portugal counts overall 23 Olympic medals, but none of them in the sport of Taekwondo. Rui Braganca seems ideal to bring Portugal an Olympic medal in Taekwondo. The 25 year old athlete and No.2 in World Rankings, is one of the 72 qualifiers for Rio 2016.
According to the Portugese media, Braganca, one of the top European Taekwondo athletes and also a medicine student, is the big hope for Portugal to claim another medal in the Olympics. The combination of his success in Baku and Nalchik last year, along with the gold medal that he won in the European Taekwondo Championship in Montreux two days ago, might make a change in the lack of  Olympic medals of the country of Portugal (just one medal in Canoe-Kayak in Londo 2012).
Tijana Bogdanovic: The first gold medal for Serbia in women
Tijana Bogdanovic won the first gold medal for Serbia at the European Championships in women's level. In the semifinals of -49 kilos, Bogdanovic, left out of the finals the three times European champion and holder of the bronze medal at the London Olympics Lucy Zaninovic, while the final beat the 7-0 Ana Petrusic from Slovenia.
«I am thrilled! Before the final I knew that this would be the first gold for Serbia if you win, which is a historic success for the Serbian taekwondo. It was just an additional motivation », she told.
Women's medals at European Championships for Serbia:
1996: Tanja Grubor silver, bronze Dubravka Boškov
2012: Milica Mandic silver
2014: Milica Mandic silver, bronze Ana Bajic
2015: Tijana Bogdanovic silver
2016: Tijana Bogdanovic gold

Jesus Tortosa Cabrera: «I preferred to gamble to the final"
Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP), admitted he had to gamble to the final against Mourad Laachraoui (BEL), but eventually lost to an opponent who was passionate for gold the medal!
"I have chosen to gamble, this time I went wrong, but I prefer that to not trying. He came forward and expectations of aspiring to gold», told Tortosa to the Spanish media. Tortosa, Joel Gonzalez and Eva Calvo Spain are the hopes for a medal at the Rio Olympics for Spain.
Ron Atias: «I want the gold in Rio"
Ron Atias in Montreux, was defeated 1-0 by Rui Braganca (POR), however in view of Rio 2016 looks very high.
"My goal in Rio is the gold medal," said the Israeli media the eyes that Rio 2016 will take part in a class with 16 athletes (-58kg), which means that the three wins will be enough to ensure a medal.
Ron Atias is the only Israeli taekwondo athlete who will take part in Rio 2016. In Athens 2004 Israel was represented by Maya Arusi, while in Bejing in 2008 by Bat El Gaterer.

KSC Leopard Nürnberg e.V: «You write history again...»
Servet Tazegul and Hamza Adnan-Karim represent different countries (Turkey and Germany respectively), but both of them have something in common: the club where they fight (KSC Leopard Nürnberg e.V). In the facebook page of the club have been uploaded many photos of the two athletes, both on and off the field, commenting:
"The important thing for us is that both are healthy and will leave the tournament without injury. Both gold and silver medal belong to the Leopards. Congratulations to both. The Leopards writes history again».

Problems with Ketbi in Belgium?
The Belgians are in dilemma about leaving Si Mohamed Ketbi (BEL) outside Rio 2016, or not. According to the Belgian media, the holder of the silver medal in 2015 in Chelyabinsk, faces intense problems with his weight, thus he will be unable to fight in -58 kg. Ketbi, since he has participated not even once this year at -58 pounds (in 2016 had three medals in the -63 kg), while he is absent from European Championship which is underway in Montreux, Switzerland. As Belgian media announce, Salaheddine Bensaleh (BEL), No. 13 in the world, will be the first choice for Rio, if there are issues about the participation of Ketbi.
"Ketbi has not fought in his class since December. I just want the best to go to Rio, "said Laurence Race, sports coordinator in the National Taekwondo team.

Presidential congratulations for Servet Tazegul
Servet Tazegul received congratulations from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a few hours after winning the gold medal at the European Championships which is underway in Montreux, Switzerland. Mr. Erdogan contacted by telephone with the president of the Turkish Federation of Taekwondo, Metin Sahin and congratulated him on the feat of the Turk athlete. The «Cheetah», as is his nickname, after the completion of the final against of Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER), saluted militarily and made his victory lap waving the Turkish flag.
Bear in mind that Tazegul equaled the record of Geremia Di Constanzo (ITA) with five gold medals at the European Championship men. Tazegul indeed has even taken five consecutive ones, unlike Di Constanzo, who made a break in 1986 (winning bronze) before returning to gold in 1988.

Jade Jones: «I feel on top of the world»
For Jade Jones, winning the gold medal at Montreux 2016 was a lifelong dream, especially since this particular event is the final rehearsal of her participation in the Rio Olympics.
«The road to Rio has been harder than it was to London. So, to tick this title off my list before getting there, I feel on top of the world », said the athlete from Manchester. «I feel like this was mentally tougher than the European Games last year in Baku, I did not really know much about it but with this it's something I've really wanted to win for a long time», told the media of her country.
The No-1 in World rankings and a holder of the gold medal at the London Olympics was  twice bronze (2010, 2012) and once silver (2014) in the three previous editions of the European Championships.

Parallel Roads for Zaninovic - Minin brothers
Parallel roads, both in medals and the final rankings, are followed by Zaninovic and Minin families in the European Championships in Montreux. Lucija Zaninovic (CRO) won the bronze medal in the -49kg category, while her sister, Ana, was limited to the 5th place of -53kg. Accordingly, Konstantin Minin (RUS) came third in the -68kg, while his brother Vlacheslav, fifth in the -68kg. At least both families did not leave from Switzerland disappointed!



                                Montreux, 20 MAY 2016

History was written today by Servet Tazegul (TUR) in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreu in Switzerland. Today, the holder of two Olympic medals in London (2012) and Beijing (2008), achieved having  five gold medals (all in a row) – happening for the 2nd time  in the history of the games and therefore, he equals the record for most first places that Geremia Di Constanzo (ITA) held since 1988.

At the same time she was found among the first 11 of athletes that have won five medals (regardless of color) in European Championships.

Apart from Tazegul, Jade Jones (GBR) managed to make her dream come true and after three failed attempts at previous European Championships, she was finally found the highest step of the podium.

Elsewhere, Jaouad Achab (BEL) seems to have no opponent in -63kg since after World gold medal in Chelyabinsk and the European gold medal in Baku, he managed to be found again at the top of the category of -63 kg.

Further information:
In the -53kg category Tatiana Kudashova (RUS), after overcoming the huge barrier of Ana Zaninovic (CRO, No.-2 in World Ranking) in the quarterfinals, managed to win the gold medal with a 4-3 win over Patima Abakarova (AZE). The latter, apparently for tactical reasons (due to its participation in Rio 2016), last minute changed category, but that did not stop to find the podium of the victorious. The third place was taken by Zeliha Agris (TUR) and Floriane Liborio (FRA).

In -57kg category, Jade Jones (GBR) was the big favorite for the gold medal and confirmed that in the best way. She scored two emphatic wins against Martina Zubcic (CRO) in the semifinal 7-5 and Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) in the final by a score of 11-5. This was the first gold medal at the European Championships for the holder of the Olympic gold medal in London. In 2014 in Baku she was second but this time she performed better, leaving many promises in view of Rio 2016.

Regarding Glasnovic, it was likely that she ran out of breath after the great victory over Raheleh Asemani (BEL) in the semifinal (5- 4). The latter, in its first appearance in a major tournament under the colors of Belgium was limited to the third place along with Martina Zubcic (CRO).

In men and the -63 kg category, Jaouad Achab (BEL) had no problems to reach the second gold medal at the European Championship after that in Baku 2014. In the final, Achab defeated 8-2 the surprise performer of the category, Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL). The Pole reached the final leaving out the holder of the Olympic gold medal in London 2012, Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP), prevailing 6-1 in the semifinals. In the third place, besides Gonzalez Bonilla was also found Stevens Barclais (FRA).

In the category with the most athlete’s appearances (35 in total), the -68kg one, Servet Tazegul was the ultimate. In the final he won 6-5 against an interapid Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER) and added his name to the top of the list of athletes with the most gold medals in history (total of five). The gold medal came seconds before the completion of the fight, since the German proved a tough opponent.

Adnan-Karim was ahead by 3-0 and 5-3, but about 10 seconds before the end Tazegul got three points, the victory and the fifth gold medal of his career in European Championship of men. In the third place were Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM) and Konstantin Minin. Noteworthy of the second day was the conquest by Armenia of its second medal in the European Championships and also the impressive victory of the unknown -until before few hours; Stavroula Kontou(GRE) over the former owner of the title, Eva Calvo Gomez (ESP).

Winners of Day 2
SENIORS FEMALE A -53 (25 competitors)
FINAL: Kudashova, Tatiana (RUS) - Abakarova, Patimat (AZE) 4-3
1. Tatiana Kudashova (RUS)
2. Patimat Abakarova (AZE)
3. Zeliha Agris (TUR)
3. Floriane Liborio (FRA)

SENIORS FEMALE A -57 (26 competitors)
FINAL: Jones, Jade (GBR) - Glasnovic, Nikita (SWE) 11-5
1. Jade Jones (GBR)
2. Nikita Glasnovic (SWE)
3. Raheleh Asemani (BEL)
3. Martina Zubcic (CRO)

SENIORS MALE A -63 (30 competitors)
FINAL: Achab, Jaouad - Mecmajer, Jaroslaw 8-2 On points
1. Jaouad Achab (BEL)
2. Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL)
3. Stevens Barclais (FRA)
3. Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP)
SENIORS MALE A -68 (35 competitors)
FINAL: Tazegul, Servet - Adnan-Karim, Hamza 6-5
1. Servet Tazegul (TUR)
2. Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER)
3. Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM)
3. Konstantin Minin (RUS)

MEDAL STANDINGS (after 2nd day)
BELGIUM 2-0- 1, RUSSIA 1-0- 5, TURKEY 1-0- 2, GREAT BRITAIN 1-0- 1,
UKRAINE 1-0- 0, SERBIA 1-0- 0, PORTUGAL 1-0- 0, SPAIN 0-2- 1, POLAND 0-1-
0, GERMANY 0-1- 0, AZERBAIJAN 0-1- 0, SWEDEN 0-1- 0, ISRAEL 0-1- 0,
SLOVENIA 0-1- 0, FRANCE 0-0- 3, CROATIA 0-0- 2, ARMENIA 0-0- 1.

Kudashova Tatiana (RUS): “The Final against Patimat was a really tough game. I am extremely glad and proud that I won this fight and reaching the top by becoming a gold medalist, so happy that I finally achieved my goals for these Championships”.
Jade Jones (GBR): “It needs hard work in order to succeed and I am certainly proud and happy for becoming European Champion in Montreux, prior the Olympic Games in Rio. Actually, these games were an excellent chance to become even better and get well prepared for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and my great goal- a gold medal”.

Achab Jaouad (BEL): “I tried to fight hard and give all I got, I was concentrated to do my best and now I am so happy and satisfied for winning the gold medal, like I did during the European Championships in 2014. But I won’t stop here, I will continue hard working and hope that the future will be successful for me as until now”. Tazegul Servet (TUR): “Right now I feel so wonderful, I feel great because this is my 5 th European gold medal. Now, the next stop for me will be the Olympic Games Rio 2016, where I will do my best and of course my goal is another Olympic medal”.





                                Montreux, 20 MAY 2016

FEMALES - 73 kg

* PARTICIPATION: 17 athletes - 15 countries
* EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Iva Rados (CRO), 2nd place: Milica Mandic (SRB), 3rd place: Aleksandra Krzemieniecka (POL), Furkan Asena Aydin (TUR)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT CUP: Petra Matijasevic (MKD), Reshmie Oogink (NED), Anastasia Gurskaia (RUS), Seyma Sogut (TUR)
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Reshmie Oogink (NED) has five in 2016, the most important one that brought her in Rio 2016. This is the silver medal won at the Olympic Games Qualification Europe Tournament in Istanbul. He has won four gold medals in Fujairah Open (+ 73kg), Luxor Open (+ 73kg), Dutch Open (-73kg) and the World President's Cup (-73kg).

The gold medal will be contested between six athletes. First on the list is Iva Rados (CRO), which holds the No.-4 in thebWorld Rankings, holds the title of the Baku 2014, while last year's World Championships she was third (she was the only European who stepped on podium in that category) . In last year's final she beat Milica Mandic (SRB), which is the second of the relevant list, by 6-3. The athlete from Serbia, has got two silver medals at the European Championships, since added to what she got in 2014, she was also second and Manchester in 2012 (he was beaten 4-3 by Russian Anastasia Baryshnikova). Mandic, who is the only athlete from this category having a gold medal in the Olympic Games (London 2012), is the No.-2 World Ranking by which she qualified for Rio 2016.
Tuesday's candidate for the gold medal is Tina Skaar (NOR, No. 21). She qualified for the Rio Olympics through the Qualification Tournament in Turkey, as did Mandic. She possesses no medals at the European Championships, but is one of the athletes who know how to come out a winner. She did so with her personal life when diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). Not only did she not give up, but went to Constantinople and took the gold medal and qualification for Rio.
The last two members of the list is the No-10 of the World Rankings, Aleksanda Krzemieniecka (POL), Yanna Scheider (GER) Petra Matijasevic (MKD). The athlete from Poland was third in 2014 in Baku, Scheider (Nov-8) has four medals this year with last in Germany, while Matijasevic (No-9) to 2012 was third at the European championship of Manchester in the -67kg category.

FEMALES +73 kg

* PARTICIPATION: 13 athletes - 12 countries
* EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Bianca Walkden (GBR), 2nd place: Olga Ivanova (RUS), 3rd place: Ana Bajic (SRB), Rosana Simon Alamo (ESP).
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT'S CUP: Melan Adamic Golic (CRO), Bianca Walkden (GBR), Ana Bajic (SRB), Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP)
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Lorena Brandl (GER) has won one gold and three bronze medals this year. At the Belgian Open he won the gold medal, and was also third in Turkish Open, Fujairah Open and Luxor Open, always in the category of 73 kg.

The category of 73 kg will be held without the owner of most medals at European Championships,Gwladys Epangue (FRA). Epangue is recovering from injury, as to prepare for the Rio Olympics. Thus, the chase for the gold medal has now five nominations, the most important being Bianca Walkden (GBR). Walkden is No.-1 in the World Rankings. In 2014 she took the gold at the European Championship, while a year later she was also crowned a world champion in Chelyabinsk. He has gotten to qualify for the Rio Olympics through the World Rankings. Bear in mind that in 2015 Walkden became only the second Briton to win a world title after Sarah Stevenson in 2001 and 2011, and the third one to win a global title after Stevenson and Jade Jones' Olympic success in 2012.
Second in Baku in 2014 and third in 2015 Chelyabinsk was Olga Ivanova. She is in No-5 of the World Rankings. Included to her CV is a gold medal in the world championships of 2013 in Puebla and a bronze at the European Championships 2012 in Manchester. Last January he tried to get the qualification for Rio, but in the semifinals she was defeated 1-0 by Tina Skaar (NOR) thereby reduced to the bronze medal and therefore outside Rio 2016.
Serious candidates for gold are also Ana Bajic (SRB), Rosanna Simon Alamo (ESP) and Nafia Kus (TUR). Bajic was third at Baku 2014, Simon Alamo was third (in her palmare there are a total of four medals at women European Championships), while Kus except the bronze medal in the Chelyabinsk World Championship she was also first in the European Championships Olympic Categories in Russia's 2015 in the + 67kg category.

MALES -87 kg

* PARTICIPATION: 24 athletes - 23 countries
* EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Radik Isayev (AZE), 2nd place: M`Bar N`Diaye (FRA), Lutalo Muhammad (GBR), Ali Sari (TUR)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT'S CUP: Mohammed Elhatri (NOR), Daniel Ros Gomez (ESP), Drasko Jovanov (SRB).
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Mohammed Elhatri (NOR), was not found on top in any event in 2016 until now, but came close twice. In Fujairah Open was second as was in the World President's Cup. Also, in the Turkish Open he won 3rd place.

Among the medallists of Baku 2014 only M`Bar N`Diaye takes part (Radin Isayev(AZE) participates in the + 87kg category). The athlete from France, was second in the European Championships in Azerbaijan, after the defeat by Radik Isayev (AZE). The latter decided to fight in a heavier category compared to Baku.
Apart from N`Diaye, favorites for a medal also are Arman Yeremyan (ARM), Alexander Bachmann (GER), Vladislav Larin (RUS), while the leading role, despite the change of category, is expected to be played by Damon Sansum (GBR).Yeremyan, a European champion in 2008 in Rome, last year managed to find himself among the top three winners of the European Championships Olympic Categories. More specifically, after the defeat by Yunus Sari (TUR) in the final of -80kg he achieved second place and won the silver medal. Bachmann is found on no 4 of the the World Rankings (during 2016 he has won three medals in various Open), while Larin (No-6) was third in the World Championships of Chelyabinsk and in the European Championships Olympic Categories in Russia he was second at + 80kg. As for Sansum, he was second in the World Championships of 2015 in Chelyabinsk -80kg and also second in the European Champiosnhips of Baku two years ago, again in the -80kg category.

MALES +87 kg

* PARTICIPATION: 18 athletes - 16 countries
* EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Arman Marshall Silla (BLR), 2nd place: Verdan Golec (CRO), 3rd place: Leonardo Basie (ITA), Volker Wodzich (GER)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT'S CUP: Arman Marshall Silla (BLR), Mahama Cho (GBR), Roman Kuznetsov (RUS)
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Omar El Yazidi (FRA) has swept the medals in 2016. He has six overall, but no gold. He was second in the Turkish and Ukraine Open, and was found in the third step of the podium of winners in Fujairah Open, Belgian Open, Spanish Open and most recently at the German Open.

Three of the four athletes who will come to Rio for the Olympic category of 80 kg are engaged in the heaviest category of the European Championship Montreux 2016. These are Mahama Cho (GBR), Radik Isaev (AZE) and Arman Marshall Silla (BLR).
Cho, No.-6 in the World Rankings, managed to get the qualification for Rio via the Qualification Tournament in Turkey, where he was ranked first. Isaev is the world champion of 2015 in Chelyabinsk in -87kg, a European champion 2014 in Baku in the -87kg category, and second in the European Championships Olympic Categories Russia in + 80kg. He is now located in Nov-13 of the World Rankings.
Marshall Silla is the third of this group of athletes who will travel to Rio. Located at No.-9 World Rankings he is the title holder of the Baku 2014, while in 2016 he was second in both the Qualification Tournament of Turkey and the World President's Cup in Germany.
An important role in the case of medals will also be played by Vedran Golec (CRO, No-7), Omar El Yazidi (FRA, No-14) and Ivan Trajkovic (SLO, No-15). Golec was second in Baku 2014 and third last year at the European Championships Olympic Categories, while El Yazidi is in excellent form as was shown in the tournament he had participated from the beginning of the year. Trajkovic, although unable to qualify for the Rio Olympics (he was ranked third), has considerable experience of big games and his palmare among others contains a world medal in Puebla 2013 and two European ones including the one he got four years ago in Manchester.





Montreux, 19 MAY 2016

Portugal, Belgium, Serbia and Ukraine are the first four countries found in the top positions of the podium of the winners at the premiere of the 22th European Taekwondo Championships hosted in Montreux, Switzerland. Rui Braganca (POR), the leading name of the category of -58kg and one of the favorites to win a medal at the Rio Olympics, needed the process of golden point in order to bend Ron Atias' resistance (ISR) in the final. In contrast, Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB), who will also be present in the summer 2016 in Rio defeated Ana Petrusic with relative ease (7-0) (SLO) to the end of -46kg category.

Iryna Romoldanova (UKR), after getting her revenge in the semi-final of -46kg against Hajer Mustapha for the defeat in the final of the Baku 2014, reached the gold medal after her victory over Blanca Palmer Soler (ESP) by 3- 0. Regarding the -54kg category,Mourad Laachraoui (BEL), one of the people who a few months ago had involuntarily been in the limelight because of his brother's relationship to terrorism, won his first medal in big event. It colour was gold after his final win by 6-3 against Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP), son of Jesus Tortosa Alameda who apart from winning three gold medals in European Championships, he had also participated in the Olympic Games of 1988 in Seoul.

The results of the finals and final places:
Male-A -58 kg

FINAL: Braganca, Rui (POR) -Atias, Ron (ISR) 1-0 Golden point
1st place: Rui Braganca (POR)
2nd place: Ron Atias (ISR)
3rd place: Feyi Pearce (GBR)
3rd place: Ruslan Poiseev (RUS)

Male-A -54 kg
FINAL: Tortosa Cabrera, Jesus (ESP) -Laachraoui, Mourad (BEL) 3-6
1st place: Laachraoui, Mourad (BEL)
2nd place: Tortosa Cabrera, Jesus (ESP)
3rd place: Denisov, Stanislav (RUS)
3rd place: Artamonov, Mikhail (RUS)

Female-A -49 kg
FINAL: Petrusic, Ana (SLO) -Bogdanovic, Tijana (SRB) 0-7
1st place: Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB)
2nd place: Ana Petrusic (SLO)
3rd place: Alexandra Lychagina (RUS)
3rd place: Lucija Zaninovic (CRO)

Female-A -46 kg
FINAL: Palmer Soler, Blanca (ESP) -Romoldanova, Iryna (UKR) 0-3
1st place: Romoldanova, Iryna (UKR)
2nd place: Palmer Soler, Blanca (ESP)
3rd place: Mustapha, Hajer (FRA)
3rd place: Yildirim, Rukiye (TUR)

MEDAL STANDINGS (after 1st day):
Ukraine 1-0-0, Serbia 1-0-0, Belgium 1-0-0, Portugal 1-0-0, Spain 0-2-0, Israel 0-1-0, slovenia 0-1-0, Russia 0-0-4, Great Britain 0-0-1, France 0-0-1, Turkey 0-0-1, Croatia 0-0-1

Bogdanovic Tijana: «I am so glad for this win and I feel so nice since this is my first gold medal in European Senior Championships and it makes me feel so happy. I hope that my teammates will do the same tomorrow, we support each other so much, the team spirit in our team is so powerful and when we do or say something it is for the whole team because we have a strong bond. This Championship is definitely huge experience for me and an excellent opportunity to prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, where I will do my best and try to win an Olympic medal ».

Rui Braganca: «I feel so amazing, I am really happy for winning this medal, it was a hard fight and I did not believe I could make it again, since is the second time this has happened... my first medal was in Baku two years ago and I am really glad that I made it again. This championship was a huge challenge for me, I gained and I learned many elements that are going to help my preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 ».




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