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CATEGORIES: FEMALES -46 & -49 kg / MALES -54, & -58 kg

                                Montreux, 17 MAY 2016

FEMALES - 46 kg
* PARTICIPATION: 15 athletes - 15 countries
* EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Hajer Mustapha (FRA), 2nd: Iryna Romoldanova (UKR), 3rd place: Asia Bailey (GBR), Mateja Kunovic (CRO)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT CUP: Kyriaki Kouttouki (CYP), Dina Pouryounes Langeroudi (ETU), Blanca Palmer Soler (ESP)
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Maryam Ismaili (BEL) is the athlete with the most medals this year. Ismaili has got five medals, namely: Ukraine Open (gold, -46kg.), Belgian Open (silver, -46kg), Fujairah Open (bronze, -46kg), Slovenia Open (bronze, -46kg), Spanish Open (-46kg ).

Participating athletes are those who made the final in 2014 in Baku. The French Hajer Mustapha (Nov-9) and Iryna Romoldanova (Nov-9) from Ukraine. At the highest step of the podium was Mustapha, leaving in second place the Romoldanova, which in January claimed the qualification of the Rio Olympics through the Olympic Qualification tournament, but was limited to the 3rd position of -49 kg.
In 2015, the World Championships of the Chelyabinsk Romoldanova was second at -46 kilos. In fact she was the only European representative on the podium in that category.
The two athletes are among the favorites for the gold medal and the organization of Montreux, while the same list also includes:
- Kyriaki Kouttouki (CYP) is No-1 in the World Ranking,
- Maryam Ismaili (BEL, Nov-11)
- Rukiye Yildirim (TUR, No-64) which among others the two medals in European women (St. Petersburg 2010, gold & Manchester 2012, bronze)
- Dina Pouryounes Langeroudi (ETU) which is in the 27th place World Ranking, even winning 14 places in the rankings announced for the month of May.

FEMALES - 49 kg
* PARTICIPATION: 19 athletes - 16 countries
* THE EUROPEAN WINNERS 2014 (BAKU): 1st place: Lucija Zaninovic (CRO), 2nd place: Yasmina Aziez (FRA), 3rd place: Ivett Gonda (HUN), Svetlana Igumenova (RUS)
Yasmina Aziez (FRA) No-1
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT CUP: Kristina Tomic (CRO), Alexandra Lychagina (RUS), Sasa Damnjanovic (SRB).
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Christina Tomic (CRO) is the athlete with the most medals this year. Tomic has won four medals, namely: Slovenia Open (-49kg, gold), Ukraine Open (-49kg, gold), World Presidents Cup (-49kg gold), Turkish Open (-49kg bronze).

Lucija Zaninovic (CRO, No.-2) seems to be the absolute favorite for the gold medal. She already counts three gold medals in the last three competitions (St. Petersburg, Manchester, Baku) and in the event of Montreux she will attempt to make them 4 out of 4. Zaninovic, which in August will be present in «Rio 2016», is the only athlete in this class that has a medal in the Olympic Games, namely bronze at London 2012.

The main opponent to claim the gold medal will be the No.-1 World Ranking, Yasmina Aziez from France. Aziez has also has secured a place for «Rio 2016» (through the Olympic Games Qualification Europe), and has been found twice in the final European Championship, but she both times experienced defeat by Zaninovic resulting to stay in second place, while 2012 in Manchester was also third in the -49kg.

Among the other contenders gold medal, four names particularly stand out:
- Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB No-8) was third in the World Championships of Chelyabinsk in 2015, second in the European Championships Olympic Categories of Russia in the same year and will also be present at the Rio Olympics due to the second position she took at Olympic games Qualification Europe last January,
- Svetlana Igumenova (RUS No-11) in 2015 was found in the third step of the podium in both the World and European Championship,
- Erica Nicoli (ITA No-29) last year was third in the European Championships Olympic Categories, while she almost made it to the Rio Olympics, but eventually ranked third in the Qualification Tournament in Istanbul.

MALES - 54 kg
* PARTICIPATION: 26 athletes - 23 countries
* THE WINNERS OF THE 2014 EUROPEAN (BAKU): 1st place: Stepan Dimitrov (MDA), 2nd place: Georgios Simitsis (GRE), 3rd place: Jesus Tortosa Gabreta (ESP), Mehmet Dolas (TUR)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT CUP: Majid Sofiyev (AZE), Jorge Canales Torres (ESP), Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP), Stanislav Denisov (RUS), Ovidiu Trifan (ROU).
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Jack Woolley (IRL) has celebrated five medals, most recently the bronze in German Open. Earlier this year he was second in the US Open, second in Fujairah Open and the Spanish Open, and participated in the Olympic Games Qualification Europe but was limited to third place and the bronze medal thus excluded from the Rio Olympics.

It's among the categories where the prediction for the athlete who will win the gold medal is rather risky. Seemingly, closer to the gold are the Jesus Tortosa Cabrera (ESP), Giorgos Simitsis (GRE), Stanislav Denisov (RUS), Jack Wolley (IRL) and Mourad Laachraoui (BEL).
The Spanish athlete (No-8) was third in the last European Championship, but earlier this year and through the Olympic Games Qualification Europe, he managed to win the silver medal and ensure qualification for «Rio 2016» in the category of -58kg which gives him the lead and in the chase for the gold medal.

Simitsis (No-15), in 2014 last European Championship was second, while in 2016 has won a gold medal (Slovenia Open, -58kg) and a bronze (Belgian Open, -54kg).
The third of the favorites, Russian Denisov (No-6) won the bronze medal at last year's World Championships in Chelyabinsk, and already counts three bronze medals this year at Dutch Open, Belgian Open and World Presidents Cup, all in the category of -54kg .
Wolley, the athlete who is in 4th place of the World Rankings, claimed the qualification for the Rio Olympics but was eliminated after the defeat by Ron Atias (ISR) with a score of 12-10 in the semifinals. However, from this organization he took the bronze medal, while in his palmare he has four more in 2016. Recently he was third in the German Open, while earlier he was second in the US Open, second in Fujairah Open and the Spanish Open.
Laachraoui is very combative and has got very high expectations for gold in Montreux. Being No-5 in the world rankings, he has four medals this year, with major being the gold at the US Open in Luxor Open. Also he was third in Canadian Open and Fujairah Open.

MALES - 58 kg
* PARTICIPATION: 30 athletes - 28 countries
* WINNERS OF THE 2014 EUROPEAN (BAKU): 1st place: Rui Braganca (POR), 2nd place: Levent Tuncat (GER), 3rd place: Dylan Chellamootoo, Ruslan Poiseyev (RUS)
* QUALIFICATION FROM WORLD PRESIDENT CUP: Salaheddine Bensaleh (BEL), Shalva Shubitidze (RUS), Milos Gladovic (SRB)
* MOST MEDALS IN 2016: Milos Gladovic (SRB) may not be able to qualify for the Rio Olympics, he ranked third in the Olympic Games Qualification Europe (-58kg), but this year has already been found four times on the podium . He was first in the Dutch Open, World Presidents Cup, second in Slovenia Open and Belgian Open.

Four athletes out of the five that are in the lead for the gold medal, have already secured qualification for the Rio Olympics. These are Rui Braganca (POR), Levent Tuncat (GER), Si Mohamed Ketbi (BEL) and Ron Atias (ISR).
Braganca, No.-2 in the World Ranking, is the title holder in this category in the event of Baku in 2014. In his resume, among others, he has a gold medal in the European Championships Olympic Categories held last year in Baku.
Tuncat, currently is No.-3 in the world ranking. In Montreux he will claim his fourth gold medal at the European Championships and fifth overall since last year in Baku he was second.
Ketbi hasn't won a medal at the Men's European Championship, however, last year in Chelyabinsk he was second in -58 kg. Being at No-6 of the World Rankings, through which he gets to qualify for Rio 2016.
Atias (ISR, No-80) in the final of the Olympic Games Qualification Europe topped the category of -58 kg (in the final defeating Jesus Tortosa of Spain by 3-2) and ensured his qualification for Rio.

Apart from the above, favorites for the gold medal are:
- Ruslan Poiseev (RUS, No-18) third in both the European 2014 (Baku), and the World Championship 2015 (Chelyabinsk)
- Milos Gladovic (ISR, No-5) has the most medals this year, most recently in the World Presidents Cup when he won the final by 6-5 against Salaheddine Bensaleh (BEL, No-13) also among the favorites for the first place.

The program of the first day:
08: 30-14: 00 Preliminary Round - Quarterfinals - Semifinals
17-00-18: 30 Finals - Medal Ceremonies
19:00 Opening Ceremony



ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 in Numbers                                Montreux, 16 MAY 2016

Entering the final week of the ETU European Championships Montreux 2016, this competition represents the 22nd European Championship.
This is the first ever retrospection of the European Taekwondo Championships, depicted in 34 numbers, from 1 until 1.720.000.
1: For the first time, Switzerland is organising European Taekwondo Senior Championships following its predecessor Azerbaijan (2014).
2: This will be the second live TV broadcasting of the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, first being in Baku two years ago.
3: The number of athletes who will celebrate their birthday at the games. These athletes are Rosillo Atencia (ESP, 20.05.1990), Ovidiu Trifan (ROM, 21.05.1998), and Marko Majkovic (CRO, 21.05.1997).
3: The number of International Sport Federations that have been founded in Montreux
o   1923 Internation Bobsleigh Federation (IBSF)
o   International Waterski Federation (IWSF)
o   1924 : Fédération Internationale de roller sports (FIRS)
5: The highest number of gold medals awarded to a single athlete in the history of the European Championships. Top in the list of men is Geremia Di Constanzo (ITA) and in the list of women is Coral Bistuer (ESP).
7:  Gwladys Epangue’s (FRA) total number of medals, who will not be present at the games this year. The French athlete, who has secured her place in Rio 2016, has 3 gold, 3 silver and one bronze medal. The respective male athletes are Seifula Magomedov (RUS) and Bahri Tanrikulu (TUR) who also have 7 medals.
8: The number of cameras that will be used to cover the TV broadcasting of the event. The finals will be held on terrain 2.
10:  The number of Olympic medallists who will participate in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016. Four of those athletes (Milica Mandic – SRB, Jade Jones – GBR, ServetTazegul – TUR, Joel Gonzalez Bonilla – ESP) have a gold medal.
10: The number of European Championships in different sports that Montreux has hosted
o   1910 : Ice Hockey
o   1924, 1925,  1927, 1929, 1931, 1939, 1948 : Roller-Hockey
o   2015 : Fencing
o   2016 : Taekwondo
11: The number of times the European Taekwondo Championship has coincided with the Olympic Games.
14: The number of people on the WTF Demonstration Team. The show will take place during the opening ceremony of the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, on the first day of the competition (19/05/2016).
16:  The age of the youngest participant in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016. Maria Arslanoglou (GRE) who was born on 4.9.1999 will be 16 years, 8 months and 15 days old on the first day of the competition.
18: The number of people behind the Team of Host Broadcaster which will be responsible for broadcasting the games in the whole of Europe and not only.
19:  The number of European countries participating in the Olympic Games Rio 2016, also participating in ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
22: The ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 marks the 22nd time which the games will be held. The first was in Barcelona in 1976.
31: The age of the oldest female athlete taking participating in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.  Larysa Gershanok (ISR), on the first day of the competition, will be 31 years, 6 months and 16 days or 11.520 days old.
34:  The number of countries which have won at least one medal in the men’s/women’s European Taekwondo Championships. Spain is in the first place with 175 medals.
36: The men’s -68kg category is the most popular, since 36 athletes from 32 countries will be participating.
39: Teemu Heino (FIN) will be the oldest athlete participating in ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016. He was born on 15.12.1976 and will be 39 years old, 9 months and 4 days or 14.522 days old on the first day of the competition.
42: The European athletes which have get the golden ticket to the Olympic Games Rio 2016. 41 of them will be present in ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
47:  47 out of 50 Member National Associations (MNA’s) of the European Taekwondo Union will be present at the four terrains of Salle Omnisports du Pierrier – setting a new record for the European Taekwondo Championships.
64: The number of medals which will be awarded to the athletes during the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
70: The number of volunteers for the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
80: The number of minutes which will be broadcasted live each day during the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016. The live coverage of the event will be equal to more than five hours.
86:  The days left between the completion of the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 and the beginning of the Taekwondo sport at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 (17-20 August)
387: The participating athletes in ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
598: The total number of athletes, team officials and referees attending the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016.
1288: The total number of medals awarded at the 21 previous European Taekwondo Championships.
1976: The year the European Taekwondo Union was founded. This year marks its 40th anniversary, that will be celebrated in Romania in September 2016.
1980:  The year when women entered the European Championship Programme. Worth mentioning is that the European Taekwondo Championship was held before the respective Women’s World Championship.
2015: The European Olympic Weight Categories Championship is introduced by ETU. A brand new European Championship, hosted for the first time in Russia in 2015.
100.000: Views of the official teaser trailer of the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 via YouTube and Facebook, only just the first week of May.
1.720.000: The latest Taekwondo event TV broadcasting (EQT) was watched just in Netherlands, by more than a million viewers.



The ETU President Sakis Pragalos was present at the extraordinary WTF Council Meeting held in MUJU, Korea (May 6, 2016).
Overall 27 Council members and 2 auditors attended the meeting.
The WTF Council finalized its preparations for the Rio 2016.
An overview report of the Olympic Taekwondo training and competition venue was presented and after discussion, the Council approved to allow the placement of national flags, as well as permitting colored pants for the first time in Rio 2016.
The Council was also updated on the TOKYO 2020 agenda and venue, where Para-taekwondo will make its debut.
The next brainstorming meeting will be held in Rio on August 19 after the Olympic Games, while the next Council meeting will be held in Burnaby, Canada in 16-20 November at the 2016 World Taekwondo Junior Championships.







Twelve days remaining until Montreux                                Montreux, 7 MAY 2016

The excitement is growing in Montreux, as the “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera” is getting ready to welcome from May 19 to 22, the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, the final cardinal event to be hosted in the Old Continent.

Just a few months prior to Rio Olympic Taekwondo Competition, a total of 387 Taekwondo fighters from 46 countries are set to compete in the 22nd edition of the European Championships (20th for the women’s category) to place themselves in the Pantheon of winning athletes, performing at top level.

In fact, for the first time in the history of the competition, the medal winners of the 1st WTF President’s Cup (held 7-10 April in Bonn, Germany), qualified directly to the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016, therefore earning each country the right to compete with more than one athlete in every category.

Some of the brightest stars of world Taekwondo will parade at the European Championships in Montreux, prepared to offer a great spectacle on the four courts of “Salle Omnisports du Pierrier”.

The Road to Rio passes through Montreux
The European Taekwondo Championships, held for the first time in Switzerland, will be under the spotlight, as 41 out 42 athletes of both men’s and women’s categories have earned the “golden” ticket for Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Among them, the four (4) Gold medallists of London 2012, Jade Jones from Great Britain, Servet Tazegül from Turkey, Joel González from Spain and Milica Mandić from Serbia will also give their best performance, exploiting their dynamic before Rio 2016.

Save the dates
The official Press Conference is scheduled for Tuesday May 17, while the draw will be held the following day. The Championships will start on Thursday May 19 to be concluded on Sunday May 22. The Opening Ceremony, which will take place upon completion of the Finals of the first day, will also include exhibition matches by the WTF Demonstration Team.

The ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 is supported by the Swiss Olympic Association.

About ETU:
As the European continental organization of the World Taekwondo Federation, the ETU is the official governing body taekwondo in Europe. It comprises the National Taekwondo Federations of all the European member nations and regulates all Taekwondo matters on a continental basis.

ETU Media Contact
Effie Zikouli
Chairwoman, ETU TV & Media Committee
(+30) 690 96 54 690
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Now that the registration period is over we would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the European Taekwondo Senior Championships 2016 that will be held in Montreux, Switzerland from May 19th to May 22nd in the Salle Omnisports du Pierrier.

In this occasion we would like to give you some useful information on the registration process of all contestants/teams.

Team registration will take place in Eurotel Hotel (Grand-Rue 81 , CH-1820 Montreux, Switzerland)  

May 16th from 14.00-20.00  

May 17th from 10.00-20.00

Please bring with you:

1)      The Bank statement  of the Entry fees of your Team for Montreux

2)      A hard copy of the confirmation e-mail from Hangastar

3)      The ETU Coaches License (card or Certificate) of your Teams’ Trainers & Coaches

4)      The Bank statement of the Annual fee for 2016 of your National Federation. In case your payment is still pending, you will be requested to make it in cash during registration.

5)      All Coaches will have to wear  a formal suit on Semifinals and Finals

6)      You are kindly reminded that your Team is entitled to the following accreditation cards:

Head of Team : 1/ Manager: 1/ Coaches: 2/ Trainers : 2/ Team Doctor: 1 / Athletes:  8 male- 8 female

Looking forward to meeting you in Montreux.




Τhe aim of the President's Cup, was to give all athletes a second chance. Therefore, all President's Cup Senior medalists will qualify for the ETU European Championships Montreux 2016 and will have the opportunity to shocase their talent and compete along with their national team.

You may find all the President's Cup medalists, that qualify automatically for the European Championships in Montreux, Here!



The Executive Council of the European Taekwondo Union conducted its latest meeting in the new headquarter offices of ETU in Athens, Greece. ETU Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis informed the Council on the WTF Global Dispute Settlement Project; also, on any changes in the WTF Recognized Companies, as well as other sport related issues.
The Executive Council proclaimed Dr. Park Soo Nam as Honorary President of ETU, a decision that requires the ratification of the ETU Council on the next Council Meeting. The Executive Council accepted the proposal of the ETU President to introduce as of 2017, a quota system for medallists participating in the WTF President’s Cup. The MNA’s of ETU will be in charge of filling up the obtained quota with regard to sending athletes to the upcoming European Championship. All European medallists of the WTF President’s Cup directly qualify for the European Championship in Montreux 2016 and will be contacted as such. The Executive Council agreed to have the 2017 World Taekwondo President’s Cup to be held in Greece.




The 40th Anniversary of ETU will be celebrated in Romania, during the European Cadet Championships. During the event, ETU will introduce the Mixed Team competition, a competition mode in which teams of both genders will fight each other for winning a medal. More information on the new competition format and regulations will be announced promptly. The next European Para Taekwondo Championships 2017 will be held in Ulyanovsk, Russia and ETU will host the first European Beach Poomsae Championships in 2016. During the meeting it was announced that Ms. Georgia Gatsis was appointed as General Director of the ETU office in Athens. As with immediate effect, Ms Gatsis will lead the office and all staff.



The President of AIPS Europe, Dr. Ioannis Daras, informed the Council on the ETU Media Workshop held in Istanbul, Turkey, on the occasion of the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympics. Extensive weight was given upon the upcoming European Championships in Montreux, regarding all TV & Media operations, an issue that was presented by Effie Zikouli, TV & Media Chairwoman. ETU Referee Chairman, Mr. Chakir  Chelbat, informed the Council about the WTF IR ranking system, that is planned to be introduced soon for all International Referees.  





French Taekwondo Federetion will host the next Etu Coach Seminar on the 30th of April in INSEP ​(National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance), Paris.
The Coach License is mandatory for all coaches who want to officiate at ETU and other G-ranked events worldwide. Your ETU Coach License will be accepted as well by all other Continental Unions of WTF while participating at events in their region.

Registration on line below:





The 4-day ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016 will take place at the Salle Omnisports du Pierrier in Montreux, Switzerland from 19 to 22 of May 2016.

Interested media that are registered with AIPS or their national press association need to register here!

Applications received after 9 May 2016 will not be considered.

The official Press Conference will take place on 17 May 2016 in Eurotel Montreux and the draw will be delivered on 18 May 2016.

For international media wanting to attend, please contact ETU's TV & Media Committee Chairwoman, Effie Zikouli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and for local media,please contact the Organizing Committee's Press Officer Geneviève Brunner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meanwhile, stay connected by using the official hashtag #ETU_Montreux2016

Quick Links
    Information about the Championships, including entries, schedules and news.
    Media accreditation application
    Accredited Media Guide




On 10 April 2016, the President’s Cup carried out its fourth and final day of competitions, with the first fight having started at 8 am and the last one finishing almost at 5 pm.

The competitions included all three categories of fighters and reached almost the 65 fights per court.  The athletes participating were 254 people and almost 40 fights per court were carried out.

The countries which ranked the highest in medals are the following:

Russia with 14 gold medals, 6 silver and 15 bronze. On the second place comes Turkey, with 10 gold, 4 silver, and 14 bronze, Croatia with 6 gold, 6 silver, 5 bronze, and finally Germany with 6 gold medals, 5 silver and 10 bronze.

At the end of the fourth and final day of the President’s Cup, the awarding ceremony was realized. The senior medalists’ trophies were awarded by the WTF President Dr.Choue, ETU President Sakis Pragalos, ETU Secretary-General Michael Fysentzidis and DTU President Park Soo-Nam.

The athletes’ trophy ceremony was followed by the awarding ceremony of the best President’s Cup referees.

Delegates from WTF, ETU and DTU, along with all the referees and volunteers gathered for photo souvenir after the ceremony and renewed their meeting in the next President’s Cup.

All competition matches results can be found through TPSS.

In detail, the winners of the President’s Cup Day 2 in each competing category are the following:


Category: Cadets Male A -61 (7 competitors)

1 PÖRSCH, Jona - Germany

2 TAKOV, Stefan – Serbia

3 SINDROS, Dimosthenis – Greece

3 HAMAMI, Aylan - France


Category: Cadets Male A -65 (2 competitors)

1 PRYAZHNIKOV, Alexander – Russia

2 Parthenios, Angelos – Greece


Category: Cadets Male A +65 (2 competitors)

1 Chizhik, Nikolai - Russia

2 RADAKOVIC, Mihailo – Serbia


Category: Juniors Male A -78 (15 competitors)

1 GUL, Emre - Turkey

2 LAZOGLU, Hasan Can - Turkey

3 ALIEV, Emil - Russia

3 ZRELLI, Mehdi Ben – Germany


Category: Juniors Male A +78 (14 competitors)

1 TANDELOV, Georgii - Russia

2 BAIMATOV, Artur - Russia

3 ATESLI, Emre Kutalmis - Turkey

3 TEREKHOV, Ruslan - Russia


Category: Seniors Male A -74 (56 competitors)

1 FEJZIC, Damir - Serbia

2 KANAET, Toni – Croatia

3 SUNGU, Berkcan - Turkey

3 GULIYEV, Said - Azerbaijan


Category: Seniors Male A +87 (29 competitors)

1 Cho, Mahama - Great Britain

2 SILLA, Arman-Marshall - Belarus

3 MARDANI, Sajjad - Iran

3 KUZNETSOV, Roman - Russia


Female Category:

Cadets Female A -51 (12 competitors)

1 DINKOVIC, Iris – Croatia

2 ROSCIOLI, Giulia - Italy

3 GRBIC, Andrea - Serbia

3 HEBBAR, Célia - France


Category: Cadets Female A -55 (14 competitors)

1 KLEPAC, Nika - Croatia

2 PERISIC, Aleksandra - Serbia

3 KALTEKI, Faidra - Greece

3 DOSIL GAGO, Ana - Spain


Category: Cadets Female A +59 (7 competitors)

1 ZELJKO, Darija - Croatia

2 IMŠIROVIC, Amela - Croatia

3 BORIC, Adna - Bosnia And Herzegovina

3 COOKE, Jasmine - Great Britain


Category: Juniors Female A -63 (18 competitors)

1 BLIZNIAKOVA, Margarita - Russia

2 CEPPI, Lena - Switzerland

3 GARCIA VIDAL, Miryam - Spain

3 DESYLLA, Ioanna – Stavroula - Greece


Category: Juniors Female A -68 (13 competitors)

1 Erensayin, Simge - Turkey

2 PICHUGINA, Anna - Russia

3 SASSI, Della - France

3 HUSOVIC, Darija - Germany


Category: Juniors Female A +68 (9 competitors)

1 BAKLANOVA, Anastasiia - Russia

2 AVOULETTE, Solène - France

3 BASMA, Beyza - Turkey

3 Arslan, Dilara - Turkey


Category: Seniors Female A -62 (35 competitors)

1 YAMAN, Irem - Turkey

2 BOOTH, Rachelle - Great Britain

3 AYVA, Tugba - Turkey

3 ROTOLO, Daniela - Italy


Category: Seniors Female A -73 (21 competitors)

1 OOGINK, Reshmie - Netherlands

2 Matijashevikj, Petra - Croatia

3 GURSKAIA, Anastasiia - Russia

3 SOGUT, Seyma Turkey





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