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In a few days, a total number of 2,700 athletes from 5 continents, 1,000 officials and thousands of spectators will make Greece the sport spot of Europe, April 2018.


The international taekwondo athletes will travel worldwide in order to attend the all-time record event WT President’s Cup 2018 that will be held in Athens and the extraordinary WT Beach Championships 2018 held on Rhodes Island.


The massive events in Southern Europe will be honored by the presence of the World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria H.E. Shin Boonam and the BTF President and strong politician for many years Slavi Binev.


The provision and vigorous encouragement of WT President Dr. Choue to the worldwide taekwondo events act as a key-factor and motivation in the realization of the games and also in athletes’ performance.


Highest of importance and inspirational is the contribution of  the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation President Slavi Binev within the sport with Bulgaria to become hosting country of several taekwondo events which are held under the presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Bulgaria H.E. Shin Boonam.


Thus, World Taekwondo Europe is pleased to welcome in Greece all the officials, executives and athletes who will attend the remarkable taekwondo events with major goal, to create a memorable experience to all the contestants and audience.




The countdown has started for the World Taekwondo Beach Championship 2018, scheduled to kick off 25-28 April 2018 on Rhodes island. It is the second year of this breakthrough event and World Taekwondo Europe is one more time among the organizing authorities along with the administration of South Aegean region, the municipality of Rhodes and Sports Traveler 76, which facilitates the registration, booking and other athletes’ and teams’ services during their stay in Rhodes.


The World Taekwondo Beach Championship were initially launched in 2017 on the island of Rhodes, hosted in the venue of the Nautical Club of Rhodes. As for 2018, the event will be realized in the same venue for one more time, yet some things have changed for the better.

Competitions Days: Four (4) instead of two (2) competition days will sum the WTBC in 2018. The local climate, the weather and the hours of competition, along with the increasing interest of registered athletes, the teams and the public to attend the event, has made it imperative to lengthen its duration and shorten the competing hours.

Opening Ceremony: The WTBC2018 opening ceremony will be realized on the first day of the event. The competition timetable on Wednesday 25 April is scheduled from 10:00-18:00, followed by the opening ceremony at 19:30. All the national teams will meet at the entrance of the Medieval City of Rhodes as last year, where the flag parade will initiate and passing through the medieval pedestrian alleys of the Old City will gather with all other attendees and public at the Melina Mercouri Medieval Moat Theater, where the ceremony will begin.

Training Area:The athletes will be training out at the premises of the Tennis Academy Club of Rhodes, which will be totally transformed to support the needs of our sport. As for the distance, it is located across the main venue and as all surrounding area and streets will be closed and have entrance permit only for athletes, teams, and (in some cases) the public.

Broadcasting:The image of the WTBC2018 will be all around the world. Broadcast on the Olympic Channel and live transmission across Europe through the EBU (Eurovision) network, with Michael McKenzie being the commentator of the event will highlight the championships internationally, while the national broadcast on one of the post accredited and popular Greek channels (SKAI TV) with two well-known national commentators will guarantee that the event will also travel in domestic grounds.

Supporters: As last year, WTBC2018 is supported by a number of international and national sponsors and contributors, either directly to the organization of the event, its communication, or the athletes’ support.


In detail:

Booyoung and Kukkiwon are the official WT sponsors of WTBC2018.

DAEDO INTERNATIONAL is for the second year the Gold Sponsor of the event apart from World Taekwondo Europe Gold Sponsor and longstanding supporter.

As for domestic sponsors, Garden Skincare will support the event and the athletes needs in sunscreen – totally necessary with so many hours under sun.

Local supporters as VIP CARS and Panagiotas provide the delegation with vehicles and local delicacies, while the local Pane di Capo is responsible for all the matriculation of the teams, OC, IRS, staff, etc.

As last year, GEM Travel is the official accommodation and transportations partner, while the event is supported by the two venues – the National Club of Rhodes and the Tennis Club of Rhodes – which form the FOP and training area of WTBC2018 accordingly.





(Rotterdam, 17 April 2018) - World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) announces the cancellation of broadcast for WTE European Senior Championships Kazan 2018, scheduled to be realized 10-13 May 2018. The Organizing Committee of the event failed to deliver the required technical standards for EBU (Eurovision) according to the given timeframe and the event will not be televised.

WTE Media & TV Committee Chair Mrs. Effie Zikouli stated upon the incident: “We did everything possible to facilitate and accelerate all procedures to broadcast the Taekwondo Senior Championships in Kazan. As in delivering BAKU 2014 and MONTREUX 2016, television broadcast is piloted in a spectrum of a well-defined formulated plan that is impelled to be submitted in time, to have the expected results.”

The TV rights of the WTE European Taekwondo Championships have been granted to EBU under contract since 2013. Thus, the operational standards are governed by the procedures of the Eurovision network and are under specifications agreed and applied internationally.

Default in corresponding to this regulatory set and in provision to not meet the broadcast model has, as a result, the removal of the broadcast product from the television program.

The OC is accountable for the sanctions derived by WTE and EBU accordingly.


The World Taekwondo President Dr. Chungwon Choue appointed Mr. Chakir Chelbat as the WT Technical Delegate (TD) for the Para Taekwondo competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


The Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be held during the dates 03-05 September 2020 in the Makuhari Messe Hall B.


The Chairman of WT Para Taekwondo Technical and Referee Committees Chakir Chelbat, serves Taekwondo sport with dedication and enthusiasm for several years and now the World Taekwondo commissioned him with an utmost importance position.


On the occasion, the World Taekwondo Europe would like to extend its warmest congratulations to Mr. Chakir Chelbat on his appointment as WT Technical Delegate for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.


WTE wishes him every success in his new duties and pledge for further support and look forward to productive cooperation.


World Taekwondo Europe would like to remind you that the registration for the 3rd WT President's Cup 2018 will take place at Ano Liossia Olympic Indoor Hall during:
23/4/2018 from 11.00-14.00 & 15.00-20.00
24/4/2018 from 11.00-14.00 & 15.00-20.00
Also be informed that you have to bring with you the following:
1)      A hard copy of the online registration confirmation e-mail from *SimplyCompete*
2)      The *WTE Coaches License* (card or Certificate) of your Teams’ Trainers & Coaches
3)      Forms: Personal Indemnification & Liability Declaration (in case you have not sent them by e-mail)
4)      All payments will be in cash at registration desk/or  by business credit card 
5)      Any extra accreditation requested at registration desk for extra team officials will be subject of an administration fee(not all requests can be guaranteed)
6)      All weight category changes requested are subject of administration fee
7)      Weigh-In will take place one day prior to the respective competition day of each weight category between 15:00-19:00 at Ano Liossia Indoor Hall. 
8)       Totally six (6) weigh-in rooms will be available for all athletes (3 male & 3 female)
9)       Two (2) testing scales will be available at a separate room for weight testing. ATTENTION!!!! Once the athlete enters the Official Weigh-in room with the Referees NO Category Change ALLOWED
10)     For your Information, Catering Coupons for the Venue restaurant will be available outside the registration/accreditation centre at the price or 9 euros. If you need more information about the menu please feel free to contact us again. 


Venue map:
Updated Timetable!

Photo Credits: World Taekwondo


The city of Hammamet in Tunisia welcomed the World Taekwondo Junior Championships during the dates 09 - 13 April 2018.


The five-day event was attended by almost 1,000 athletes from 118 countries, which is a record number, who competed in 10 male and 10 female weight categories.


The young representatives of World Taekwondo Europe achieved to prevail during the global event. Totally, 38 of the 80 medals given were collected by European athletes who realized superb performances at the La Salle Couverte Hammamet and proved that the future of our sport will be even brighter.


Specifically, at the Juniors Female Overall Medal Standings Russia climbed on the top place, followed by Great Britain and Korea claimed the third place. Iran, Korea and Turkey were the top three countries in a row on the Juniors Male Overall Standings.


The gold medals held by WTE athletes are eight (8) in total, gained by Powell Aaliyah (weight division -46kg) and Smith Jordyn (weight division -44kg)  representing Great Britain, while Stevic Serdja (-59kg) and Bozanic Nadica (-63kg) won two gold for Serbia and first place for Azerbaijan in -63kg division by Aghayev Javad. Additionally, Atesli Emre Kutalis of Turkey took over the first place in +78kg category while Laurin Althea of France and Abebaio Kristina of Russia topped the Junior Women -68kg and +68kg weight categories respectively.


Moreover, eight (8) silver medals and twenty-two (22) third places were secured by European athletes during the extraordinary event.


Awards were also given to Andrey Ananchenko (RUS)and Vahid Abdollahi of (IRI) for the ‘Best Female Coach’ and ‘Best Male Coach’ one-to-one. For the MVP titles, Iran’s Hossein Lotfigoldmedallistin junior male -45kg categoryand Korea’s Mireu Kang goldmedallistin junior female -42kg categorywere awarded. ‘Best Female Referee’ awardwas claimed by Renata Crkvenac of Croatia and Abdelhak Chbibi of Belgium awardedthe ‘Best Male Referee’. ‘Active Participation Award’was won by the Indian team andthe ‘Good Fighting Spirit Award’ was claimed by Ethiopia.


The next meeting for the young Taekwondo practitioners will be in 2020 where the city of Sofia in Bulgaria will host the next edition of the World Taekwondo Junior Championships.


Results: http://www.worldtaekwondo.org/competition/wtf-world-junior-taekwondo-championships/11-2018/results/


Source: World Taekwondo




The updated time schedule for the 1st WTE Open Multi European Games, that will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria during the dates 31 May until 10 June 2018, is now available by clicking the the links below:


files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Event_Calendar.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Seniors.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/U21.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Juniors.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Cadets.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Children.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Masters.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Poomsae.pdf

files/WTE Open Multi European Games/Para.pdf


For athletes registration concerning the Kyorugi B Contest Class please visit ma-regonline.



According to the outline (page 6), the medallists of the following divisions will be directly qualified to the European Championships as below:


1. Cadets: top four (4) European Medallists qualify directly for the WTE Cadet Championships 2018(dates & place TBD). 

2. Juniors: top four (4) European Medallists qualify directly for the WTE Under 21 Championships 2018 /If the age criteria of the athletes are met. (Warsaw-Poland, November 2018)

3. U21: top four (4) European Medallists qualify directly for the WTE Under 21 Championships 2018 (dates & place TBD).

4. Seniors: top four (4) European Medallists qualify directly for the WTE European Olympic Weight Categories Senior Championships 2018( (dates & place TBD).







The World Taekwondo Europe delivers two more WTE Coaches Seminars, Poomsae and Kyorugi in June 5, 2018 addressed to candidates who wish to become recognised Taekwondo coaches.

In detail, on the occasion of the massive 1st WTE Open Multi Championships 2018, coaches will have the chance to attend one WTE Poomsae Coaches Seminar & one WTE Kyorugi Coaches Seminar that will be held at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The relevant seminars are mandatory for coaches/trainers who wish to have the right in coaching during G-status Tournaments and European Championships.

Moreover, it is a great chance for candidates to enrich their knowledge concerning Taekwondo rules and regulations as essential information and simultaneously get authorized to coach their athletes at the vital WTE events with a two-year coaching license.

Hence the highest level of coaching results in the best possible performances of European athletes in all level of competitions globally.

More details:


WTE Kyorugi, Coaches Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

WTE Poomsae, Coaches Seminar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria



AMMAN, Jordan (April 1, 2018) – On Sunday April 1st, 2018, the Azraq Taekwondo Academy training facility was officially inaugurated by Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) Chairman and World Taekwondo (WT) President Dr. Chungwon Choue, just short of two years after the launch of the Foundation’s first pilot project in the camp.


His Royal Highness, Prince Rashid Bin El Hassan, President of Jordan Taekwondo Federation, attended this historic event, along with representatives from Jordan authorities, including Vice-President of Jordan Olympic Committee, Amman Mayor Office and SRAD, as well as delegates from UNHCR and CARE Jordan and friends of the Foundation who travelled specially from overseas to attend.


Located 90 kilometers away from the Jordanian-Syrian border, the Azraq Taekwondo Academy began operations on April 27, 2016, as one of the first projects set up in a refugee camp by THF, and currently hosts more than 32,000 refugees, victim of the Syrian civil war, many of whom being children. THF’s Academy enhances the children ftom the camp with important self-defence skills and key universal values of the philosophy of taekwondo. More than 80 students train at the Academy, and taekwondo sessions are offered three times a week.

The facilities provided will make a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of children today and in the future, as they will allow the Academy to host more students and a better training experience in comfort and safety. Also, the classroom provided, will allow THF to implement its education programme that teaches Olympics values and the universal values of World Citizenship and World Peace.


Speaking following the opening ceremony, President Choue said:

“It was with great pride and humility that I was able to open the new taekwondo facility at the Azraq Taekwondo Academy. The Academy has been a great success and has even already produced its first black belt. But, we knew there was even more that we could do to maximize opportunities for these deserving young people.

“This new facility will make a huge difference and allow students to practise in comfort and safety. We have seen over the last two years how taekwondo has the power to bring hope and joy to people who need it most and help them live healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles. With this new facility we can reach even more young people and help teach them values which will help them in the future. This wonderful new facility will provide a benchmark for future THF projects around the world.”


THF and World Taekwondo hope to align their efforts with other Olympic Federations, inviting other sports that need a physical facility to offer classes in this new Academy in Azraq. The Academy will provide a benchmark for future projects by THF and Azraq will be used as a model for THF academies across the world – in Rwanda, in Djibouti and elsewhere.

For more information about THF’s current activities, please visit http://thfaid.org/projects/.


Source: World Taekwondo


The 1st edition of the massive WTE Open Multi European Games 2018 will be hosted by the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, during the dates 31 May until 10 June.

The taekwondo public will have the chance to participate and experience at the innovative event which takes place for first time in the history of our sport. A ground-breaking event that will last about half a month and includes both Kyorugi and Poomsae disciplines in all age categories, Master, Under 21, Para-Kyorugi and Para-Poomsae championships.


Please have in mind that the detailed timetable and information concerning Kyorugi Contest Class B registration system will be announced promptly.



On behalf of the OC we would like also to inform you that at the beginning of June there are many different cultural, sports and social events taking place in the city of Plovdiv. Thus, you are kindly advised to fill in the accommodation form and send it to the OC before 14.04.2018. Until that date the OC can guarantee the lowest possible prices. After that date, the hotels may increase the rates due to the high touristic demand of the city. 


Don’t miss your chance and register now for the exceptional event!


For the Official Outline of the relevant event please click on the link below:




Additionally, the Outline Package is now available:


Appendix 1 - Accommodation Form - 1OMEG

Appendix 2 - Transportation Form - 1OMEG

Appendix 3 - Visa Details Form - 1OMEG

Appendix 1 - Accommodation Form - 2018EPTOC

Appendix 2 - Transportation Form - 2018EPTOC

Appendix 3 - Visa Details Form - 2018EPTOC

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