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WTF President, dr. Chungwon Choue appointed Mr Franjo Prot as Chairman of WTF Scientific Committee. Mr. Prot - present President of the Croatia Taekwondo Federation - is a professor at the University in Zagreb. His work for taekwondo has been valuable and this appointment makes it possible to include the expertise of prof. Prot also at the global level.

italian taekwondo federetion


With reference to the event to be held in Brindisi (Italy) with the presence of Kukkiwon technicians, we would like to call your kind attention to the following remarks:
•    The course is not organized through the Italian Taekwondo Federation.
•    The Italian Taekwondo Federation did not give any sanction to this event and does not have any relation with the local organizing committee.
•    The Italian Taekwondo Federation is the only official National Sport Federation recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee.


ETU President Pragalos and Secretary-General Fysentzidis visited the WTF headquarters to attend the ceremony in which IOC President Thomas Bach was awarded the 10th Dan by dr. Chungwon Choue.

The WTF Executive Committee also met in the WTF Seoul office. In this meeting, all continental Presidents and Sec Gens meet with WTF to discuss a wide range of topics.


ETU President Pragalos met today with President of the NWTU, Mr Antonio Barbarino and President of the BTU and Vice-president of the DTU, Mr Gerd Kohlhofer.

The WTF Presidents Cup, which will be hosted in Bonn on 1-3 April 2016 was subject of the amicable and fruitfull discussions.


ETU President visits FITA Headquarters and meets Dr. Sun Jae Park

Sakis Pragalos met ETU Honorary President and WTF Vice-president Dr. Sun Jae Park in Rome, Italy on 24 June. Together with FITA Vice-president Mr. Guiseppe Flotti and Secretary-General Mr. Angelo Cito, several topics were discussed.

On the Photo:
Mr. Guiseppe Flotti, Mr. Angelo Cito, Dr. Sun Jae Park & Mr. Sakis Pragalos

ETU Logo.

If you register for any coach seminar online via the website of the European Taekwondo Union, you receive a unique inlog code and password. With these you can log into the system in the future. Therefore it is important to save the password and inlog codes so you can enter the website and registration tool very easy in the future.


Direct Qualification for the European Championships


Germany - Bonn (NWTU) will host the 1st WTF President’s Cup on 7-10 April 2016. The ETU Council decided to organize a new event with an unprecedented concept. All medallists (top 4) – in each weight division and age category - of this event, will qualify directly for participation at the next ETU European Championships. Keep this date blocked in your calendar and visit the ETU webpages regularly for more updates!


+67 kg Weight Category


1st place: Gwladys Epangue, France
2nd place: Milica Mandic, Serbia
3rd place: Olga Ivanova, Russia & Iva Rados, Croatia.

The medals were presented by the President of Azerbaijan NOC


+80 kg Weight Category


1st place: Isaev Radik, Azerbaijan
2nd place: Vladislav Larin, Russia
3rd place: Vedran Golec, Croatia & Daniel Ros Gomez, Spain

The medals were presented by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan Republic and Mr. Kamaladdin Heydarov, President of Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation and Vice President of WTF.


67 kg Weight Category


1st place: Anastasia Baryshnikova Russia
2nd place: Farida Azizova, Azerbaijan
3rd place: Nut Tatar, Turkey & Elin Johansson, Sweden

The medals were presented by Mr. Gian Primo Giardi, President of San Marino NOC and Pashayev Niyameddin, Vice President of Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation.


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