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ETU Nalchik.

The Organizing Committee of the first European Championships Olympic Weight divisions prepared the accommodation and transportation guide for the event.

You can download the guide HERE. National teams can aplly til 17 March, in each weight category maximum 2 athletes.

ETU Scotland Flag.

In April 2014, ETU accepted Scotland as provisional member of ETU. The outcome of the referendum in Scotland concerning its independence was part of an important benchmark in the further decision making process of ETU. The majority of the people in Scotland voted against independence and ETU had to consider its position of an independent Scottish membership within ETU. At this time it is not opportune to transform the provisional membership into associate or full membership of ETU and therefore the provisional membership status will no longer be maintained by ETU. The athletes of Scotland can participate at the Dutch Open under the flag of ETU but after this event, Scotland and its members have to work constructively together with GB Taekwondo.

WTF confirms suspension of Sweden

The World Taekwondo Federation confirmed on 9 March the suspension issued by ETU to the Swedish Taekwondo Federation (STF). WTF saw in the appeal of Sweden no grounds to lift the suspension which means that the Swedish federation has to comply with WTF and ETU rules and regulations concerning their statutes and governance. The Swedish athletes are as of today allowed to compete at WTF sanctioned events only under the flag of WTF and they will receive no ranking points at these events until the STF’s statutes are put into compliance.


More than 800 players are participating in 1st Qatar International Taekwondo Open.

Mr. Khalifa Al Kubaisi, General Secretary of Qatar Taekwondo and judo federation, tournament director said that: “the strength of the expected competition in different weights and high technical level of the players involved confirm that it will be one of the leading international stations friction players in preparation for future benefits at the global, international and Gulf and Arab level”.

South Korea, France, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries are participating to this event at Aspire Zone Venue in Doha which confirms that the tournament will see a power struggle in order to climb to the podium to embrace medals.

The ETU President, Athanasios Pragalos noted: “It is always a pleasant feeling to witness the growth of taekwondo around the world and most of all, European clubs to participate in this”.


The Serbian Taekwondo Association will host the next European Poomsae Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. The president of the Association, Mr. Schramm and ETU signed a contract allowing Serbia to host the next European poomsae championships. The event will be hosted from the 26th untill the 28th of June 2015. President Schramm and the Secretary-General Mr. Cendic, visited the office of ETU to sign the hosting contract.

On Pictures: Mr. Pragalos, Mr. Cendic, Mr. Schramm, Mr. Fysentzidis.

AZERBAIJAN - Representatives from 22 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of Europe gathered in Baku this week to take part in the third, and final, NOC Open Day ahead of this summer’s inaugural European Games.

By MasTaekwondo


TURKEY - 2015/02/16 - Complete results in the 2nd Turkish Open Taekwondo Tournament 2015, held on February 13-15, 2015 Antalya, Turkey an event ranked G-1 by the WTF.

By MasTaekwondo


TURKEY - Complete results of the 3rd European Taekwondo Club Championships, a G-1event held on February 10-11, 2015 in Antalya, Turkey.

By Mas Taekwondo


The ETU in coordination with the Belarus Taekwondo Federation would like to inform you that because of lack of participation for the ETU COACH SEMINAR in Belarus on February 24th 2015, all the registrants are kindly requested to participate at the ETU COACH SEMINAR that will be held on February 21st 2015 in Moscow. Otherwise, all the prepaid registrations will be refunded. For the applicants interested to participate to the Moscow event, there is no need to reregister but a prompt informative email will be required.


On 16 February, ETU President Pragalos met with a delegation of the German Taekwondo Union. ETU and DTU had fruitful and constructive discussions about the future of governance within the German federation. Their system slightly differs from the guidelines laid out by ETU. The meeting showed that the relationship between ETU and DTU is an excellent one as the DTU delegation made it clear that DTU will comply with the rules, regulations and statutory obligations of both WTF and ETU.

On the picture from left to right:

Manuel Kolb
Gerd Kohlhofer
Musa Cicek
ETU President Sakis Pragalos
Park Soo-Nam and
Antonio Barbarino.


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