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Named As Baku 2015 European Games Ambassador

Baku 2015 European Games has today announced that GB Taekwondo athlete Jade Jones will be an international Athlete Ambassador for this summer’s inaugural event.

Ms Jones became Great Britain’s first-ever Taekwondo gold medallist at London 2012, with victory in the 57kg weight division.

She also won silver at the 2011 World Taekwondo Championships in Gyeongju, South Korea, and picked up another silver medal at the 2014 European Taekwondo Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, last May.

Mr Simon Clegg, Chief Operating Officer of Baku 2015, said: “To be able to name a reigning Olympic champion as a Baku 2015 ambassador is a fantastic achievement for the first European Games and a testament to the calibre of athletes that the event will attract.

“I am sure Jade will very much enjoy promoting the Games in Great Britain through her role as an international Athlete Ambassador, and we hope to see her give a memorable performance in Baku this summer.”

Baku 2015 international Athlete Ambassadors will represent their sports and feature in extensive marketing campaigns around the continent and on social media to promote the first European Games.

Ms Jones, 21, said: “I am very proud to have been named as a Baku 2015 Athlete Ambassador, and it will be an honour to help promote the Games. It is important for European athletes to have our own multi-sport event, and my aim is to become the first European Games Taekwondo champion.”

Mr Mark England, the British Olympic Association’s Chef de Mission for Baku 2015, said: “Jade’s participation as a Baku 2015 international Athlete Ambassador reflects British athletes’ enthusiasm for the European Games. Britain has a strong sporting tradition, and the Athlete Ambassador programme will help to generate interest and excitement in the country ahead of Baku 2015.”

Ms Jones joins French rhythmic gymnast Kseniya Moustafaeva, Denmark’s canoe sprinter René Holten Poulsen and Serbia’s Basketball 3x3 team of Dušan Domović Bulut, Marko Savic, Marko Zdero and Dejan Majstorovic as Baku 2015 international Athlete Ambassadors, with more to be announced in the near future.

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The Russian Taekwondo Union will host the 1st European Championships Olympic weight categories, in Nalchik Russia. During this 4 day competition, the athletes will be able to win their last ranking points for being selected to participate at the European Games, held in June 2015, in Baku Azerbaijan. Each national teams can bring max. 2 athletes per weight category making the total number of athletes participating per national team to 16 athletes. The application has been opened on tpss.eu.

Download OWC Schedule HERE

The best athletes of Europe will gather in Istanbul Turkey to claim the qualification to the Olympic Games in Rio de Tzanerio. The Istanbul is the city chosen by the members of the Board of ETU and the matches will be 16 and January 17, 2016. These games will give the qualification to two winners each Olympic class to go to the Olympic Games in Brazil regardless of what they have secured their participation if they are in the top of the world rankings.

Two new members joined the ETU's Management Board in accordance with a decision of the meeting held in Athens. It is the Chairman of the training sessions coaches Antonio Barbarino from Germany and one of the two main speakers at seminars, Philippe Bouedo from France.

The Royal Spanish Taekwondo Federation hosted the ETU Coach Seminar in Madrid, Spain. The seminar was visited by many Spanish coaches and the obtained license gives the coaches the opportunity to coach at all G ranking events in Europe and worldwide. On the picture ETU Vice president and president of the Spanish federation, Jesus Castellanos and the lecturers, Phillipe Bouedo and Chakir Chelbat.


The IPC decided to include Para Taekwondo into the program of the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo! The WTF Para-Taekwondo Committee as well as the ETPU under the leadership of Alexander Shlyshkov and Evgeny Klyuchnikov have done a tremendous job in promoting Para-taekwondo in Europe. Today, the dream for all Para-taekwondo athletes has become reality as they can now start to prepare for participation at the Paralympics in Tokyo. ETU congratulates WTF with this tremendous success!


The ETU Committees are the working groups of the ETU. Here the main work is done in preparation for the sessions of the decision-making bodies. Committees are composed of several specialists and are usually lead by one chairman. It is possible to be a member of more than one committee.

For 2015, ETU President Pragalos has appointed new Chairpersons of the Committees after the Council members of ETU nominated candidates for these positions. These newly appointed Chairpersons replace the existing Chairpersons as by decision of ETU. All Chairpersons are appointed for the term of one year. ETU will inform all Chairpersons by letter and wishes all of them the best of luck in conducting their new tasks.


Technical Committee
Chairman: Mr. Angelo Cito (Italy)

Referee Committee
Chairman: Mr. Chakir Chelbat (Sweden)

Games Committee
Chairman: Philip Bouedo (France)

Poomsae Committee
Chairman: Park Soo Nam (Germany)

Financial and Economic Committee
Chairman: Igor Iuzefovici (Moldova)

Public Relations Committee
Chairman: Ivan Banchevski (Bulgaria)

Marketing Committee
Chairman: Zoran Cendic (Serbia)

Legislative Committee
Chairman: Dr Leandros Lefakis (Greece)

Scientific Committee
Chairman: Mike McKenzie (United Kingdom)

A-Class Poomsae Committee
Chairman: Mustapha Moutarazak (Netherlands)

Athlete & Coach Committee
Chairman: Antonio Barbarino (Germany)

ETU Taekwondo Academy
Chairman: Panikos Loizou (Cyprus)

Youth & Collegiate Committee
Chairman: Miroslav Brezan (Croatia)

Woman Committee
Chairwoman: Elena Benitez (Spain)

Medical Committee
Chairman: Dr. Giannis Theodorakis (Greece)

Doping Control committe
Chairman: Dr. Panagiotis Karagounis (Greece)

Para Taekwondo Committee
Chairman: Paul Viscogliosi (France)

Fairplay Committee
Chairman: Abdenbi Amhand (Switzerland)

Solidarity Committee
Chairman: Evgeny U. Klyuchnikov (Russia)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
Chairman: Prof. Athanasios Strigas (Greece)

TV & Media Committee
Chairwoman: Effie Zikouli (Greece)

Ethic Committee
Chairwoman: Vassiliki Avgoustinou (Greece)


Sakis Pragalos, President of the European Taekwondo Union spoke exclusively with MasTKD about the different events in which ETU will be involved in 2015. “Our agenda is pretty busy but we are organized for this 2015. We continue to grow and to work harder so Taekwondo continues to improve in Europe”, said the ETU President.

Europe is organizing for the first time the European Games, a huge event that brings huge responsibilities and obligations. “All the preparations are underway; we have staff dedicated to that event working daily in order to get things turn out as planned. The best ranked athletes taking into account the March 31 WTF Olympic ranking will qualify directly to the European Games. We are on the right track”, said Pragalos during the exclusive interview with MasTKD.

Moving on a different matter, regarding the dismissal of Jean-Marie Ayer as WTF Secretary General, the ETU President gave his point of view: “Undoubtedly, this decision was made seeking the benefit of our sport. The steady growth of Taekwondo worldwide required opening a liaison office abroad; however the person who holds the position of secretary general should be close to the president. Many in Europe were surprised, but Dr. Choue, as our leader, has led our institution in the best way and this is certainly a decision that will benefit everyone, “said Sakis Pragalos.

Due to the growth of Taekwondo in Europe, ETU has opened an office in Sweden. “Europe is very united and that is why we recently opened an office in Sweden which is directed by Chakir Chelbat; he will be responsible for keeping a close communication with the Scandinavian countries” said Pragalos to MasTKD.

“We are working with a new online system that keeps everyone updated. The WTF information comes through the MNA releases, and sometimes this information does not reach everyone, so we set up this system that notifies the MNA, the coaches and the MNA members of any news or release” said ETU President.

When asked about the Awards given by MasTKD readers for “The Best in 2014”, where Europe got the majority of the awards, he said: “I follow MasTKD every day, in fact I was one of the voters. Many times I logged in and voted for the Europeans (laughs). I want to take this opportunity to tell you that indeed you are doing a great job and I congratulate you“said Pragalos exclusively to MasTKD.

“We’re always working towards increasing the level of Taekwondo in all areas in Europe that is why we are offering courses for coaches given by Chakir Chelbat and Philippe Bouedo. We have already set the dates during 2015 in different European cities. On the other hand, I want to thank MasTKD for always keeping the global Taekwondo family informed” concluded Pragalos exclusively to MasTKD.

January 28th, 2015

The ETU Council met on 28 January 2015 in the ETU headquarters in Athens. The most important decision point on the agenda was the hosting of the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympics. There were 2 candidate cities, Baku and Istanbul. The delegates of both hosts delivered their presentation and it was Istanbul, Turkey who won the bid eventually by a close margin. The Council was informed by the chairman of the Appeal Committee in the Sweden case that the committee came to a decision. The committee upheld the decision of the Sanctions Committee which means that Sweden is suspended as member of ETU until their statutes are in full compliance with ETUs and WTFs. Swedish athletes are till that time not allowed to participate at events.

Secretary-General Fyzentidis announced that all ETU committees are being reviewed and new nominations are being made. All current Committees are being dissolved and the new chairmen and members will be announced shortly. President Pragalos elaborated on the cooperation between ETU and Kukkiwon. They will start cooperation in the field of events for taekwondo practitioners in Europe. Not only education of instructors, but one of the major events will be the Hanmadang festival and Martial arts events. In addition, ETU shall have the sole authority to conduct dan promotion tests for 3rd dan and higher. Only those countries who have an MoU with Kukkiwon can hold their own dan promotion tests. Kukkiwon will no longer grant Kukkiwon dan certificates to masters in Europe, whether or not they are member of an ETU member. That means that exclusively ETU’s MNAs and ETU are allowed to obtain Kukkiwon dan certificates and that means that taekwondo practitioners need to be a member of the MNA in their country to get a Kukkiwon certificate!

Due to not attending the ETU Council meetings, two positions in the ETU Council became vacant. According to the ETU Statutes, the Council held by-elections and the Council unanimously elected Mr. Philippe Bouedo (France) and Mr. Antonio Barbario as new Council members for the period to the elections in 2017.


Sweden Suspended as Member of ETU


The Swedish Taekondo Federation has been in violation of the WTF and ETU Statutes. At the time ETU was informed about this situation, the federation was requested to make the necessary changes to the statutes. However, after some months, no change had been made. Therefore, ETU started judicial procedures against the federation.

First, a Sanctions Committee ruled on the case and decided for the STF to be suspended. The federation appealed to this decision, and asked not for suspension, but for demoted membership, which means a punishment, but less severe than the suspension punishment. By doing this, the federation agreed with the findings of the Committee, but disagreed with the sanction. To rule on the appeal, ETU appointed an Investigations Committee and this committee is the organ to advise the Appeal Committee.

Based on the report of the Investigations Committee, the Appeal Committee upheld the decision and denied the appeal. Therefore, the Swedish Taekwondo Federation is suspended as member of ETU.

This decision means that the athletes of the Swedish Taekwondo Federation are no longer allowed to compete at events in Europe. All members of ETU are informed of the decision and are urged to upheld this decision upheld within the federation and within events that take place in the federations.


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