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President Mr. Giovanni Malago visits ETU Seminar

Mr. Giovanni Malago visited the ETU coach seminar in Rome, Italy.
The 3 day coach license seminar kicked off yesterday. Also Olympic gold medalist Carlo Molfetta and the Italian national coach attended the seminar in Rome.

For the second time in only 2 months, the ETU Coach Seminar kicked off! A total number exceeding 300 coaches participated at the seminar. The Opening Ceremony was conducted in the Hall of Honor of the National Olympic Committee (CONI) of Italy in Rome. Secretary-General of the Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA) and also Chairman of the Technical Committee and Council member of ETU, Mr. Angelo Cito again did an outstanding job in hosting the seminar. ETU’s Chairmen of the Referees and Games Committee, Mr. Chakir Chelbat and Mr. Philippe Bouedo are teaching this 3-day course which will allow the attendees to coach at all WTF and ETU sanctioned events for 2 years. The obtained license will give them


ETU wishes to thank the president of FITA and WTF Vice President, Dr. Sun-Jae Park and Mr. Angelo Cito for all their work. The organization and hosting of the ETU Coach seminar is an example of how ETU wants to organize these events in the different member states of ETU. Countries who are interested in hosting the ETU Coach seminar are requested to contact the ETU office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In This Photo:

Grandmaster Young Ghil Park, chairman of the WTF Poomsae Committee
Mr. Chakir Chelbat
Philippe Bouedo.


Working on European Deaf Championships


In June 2015, the ICSD will organize the European Deaf Martial Arts Championships in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation is working closely together with the ICSD and WTF to make sure the taekwondo event will be of the highest standards! ETU is very happy to see that the federation is working hard on this issue and ETU fully supports this initiative. All participants at this event need to have the WTF GAL in order to participate.

Today the first day of the ETU Coach Seminar kicked off in Dusseldorf (Germany). The seminar is visited by many coaches from Netherlands and Germany but also other European nations. The coach license will be mandatory as off 2015 for all coaches who want to coach at ETU championships and ETU sanctioned events as G-ranking events. The seminar will take 3 days and the coaches will be updated about the new WTF competition rules which will be effective as of 1 January 2015. In addition, the subject of first aid and the new WTF medical code will be discussed.


Pre Ticket Sales!


The ticket page of the Baku 2015 European Games has opened. You can register now and receive the news letter and be regularly informed about news. You can pre register and make sure you will have the best seats of the house. Please see for more information the following link:

Pre-Ticket Sales Link

Manchester Great Britain


ETU President Sakis Pragalos presents the awards and price money during the awarding ceremony of the male - 80 kg division.The WTF Grand Prix took place on 24-26 Oktober in Manchester Great Britain and valuable points for the WTF Ranking list could be won at this event. Only the best athletes on the ranking list were able to participate at this high prestige event. During the WTF Grand Prix events, the winners take 5000 US$, the runner up (2nd place) take 3000 US$ and the third places win 1000 US$...

Today, ETU president Sakis Pragalos appointed Mr. Michel Madar as member of the Executive Coucil of ETU. Mr. Madar is currently WTF Council member and ex-officio Council member of ETU. The appointment is effective immediately and ends on the election day at the General Assembly in 2017.

This weekend, poomsae coaches from throughout Europe travelled to Athens to attend the poomsae coach seminar. Grandmaster Ik-Pil Kang was the instructor of the seminar and the responses of the attendees were very positive. Chairman of the ETU Poomsae Committee, Mr. Park Soo-Nam was also present and shared his views on poomsae with the leadership of ETU. This seminar provides the poomsae coaches with a license which will be mandatory for all poomsae and kyurugi coaches as of January 2015.

The Swedish Taekwondo Federation has been suspended as member of ETU. According to WTF and ETU rules and regulations, appeal to decision is possible. In the case of Sweden, the federation appealed to the decision of the ETU Executive Council. For this reason, ETU decided that the athletes of the Swedish Taekwondo Federation are allowed to participate at all ETU championships and ETU sanctioned and promoted events for the duration of the appeal.

The 16th edition of the Balkan Taekwondo Championships have taken place between the 10th and 12th of October in Maribor, Slovenia. The event has gathered approximately 470 participants from 11 countries.

Besides the regular kyorugi and poomsae competitions, this flagship event of the Balkan Taekwondo Union has now taken to new heights with the official debut of the explosive 2 VS 2 segment putting together for the first time, 4 competitors on the same surface at the same time, using electronic competition gear.

With the efforts of the Romanian Taekwondo WTF Federation President, Mr. Apostol Constantin, and the support of the European Taekwondo Union and Balkan Taekwondo Union in promoting this new and exciting competition type,2 VS 2 has already confirmed popularity,as the event has been streamed and presented by the Slovenian National Television and Canal TV after already taking to the hearts,of spectators and competitorsalike in the Tabor Sports Hall in Maribor.


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