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With a scope of the forthcoming World Taekwondo Europe Junior Championships 2017 that will be held in Cyprus this November, on Thursday 10 August, the WTE President Sakis Pragalos had a meeting with the local organizing committee in order to talk through and examine all aspects towards a fine organization.

The President of the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation Phivos Christou, along with Vice-President Angelos Sarpetas, Secretary-General George Korelis and the State Officer Dimitris Araouzos - all members of the OC - met with Mr. Pragalos and extensively dicussed the organizational features of the event, the recently introduced brand new image of World Taekwondo Europe and its optimal communication, along with all its operational procedures.

One more subject that was put on table was the status of the inaugural European World Taekwondo Beach Championships, as Cyprus is the current bidder for taking up the organization of the unique event.

As a the new season of taekwondo championships in on the doorstep, World Taekwondo Federation credits highly the current assembly, since despite the events scheduled to be held on the island, it has also set the way for a series of educational seminars for taekwondo coaches in the future, collaborating with the Cyprus Sport Organization (CSO), always with the active contribution the the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation.





On Tuesday 8 August, the World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos welcomed the Serbian Taekwondo Assiciation delegation at the headquarters of WTE in Athens, Greece. The President of the Serbian Taekwondo Association Dejan Burčul and Vice-President Siniša Jancić, along with the Serbian National Team Coach Dragan Jovic, during the few hours meeting with Mr. Sakis Pragalos, expressed their support and interest concerning the Taekwondo sport and events.
Introducing their proposal for Belgrade being the host city for the 23rd World Taekwondo Europe Senior Championships in 2020, the Serbian Taekwondo delegation elaborated and confirmed that the sport of Taekwondo has gained a lot of popularity the late years, not only through the successes of Milica Mandic and Tijana Bogdanovic – the national taekwondo medalists, but also because there are specific initiatives and activities being carried out, having as main goal the development of the sport.
WTE President Sakis Pragalos stated: “The Serbian Taekwondo Association has made an extraordinary development during the recent years. Belgrade has a strong experience in hosting major sport events and I believe that it is the ideal time to combine Taekwondo’s popularity in Serbia with the sport facilities of Belgrade and organize an event of European scale.”



The city of Belgrade beyond its famous history in architecture with many theatres, museums, monuments and opera houses, als

o has approximately one-thousand sporting facilities, which many of them can serve sport events of all levels.
Belgrade’s background regarding hosting major sporting events includes EuroBasket 2005, the 2005 European Volleyball Championship, the 2006 European Water Polo Championship, the European Youth Olympic Festival 2007 and the 2009 Summer Universiade. Finally, Euroleague Basketball recently announced that Belgrade will host the 2018 Final Four, validating for one more time its sport event organizing supremacy.

Kindly find below the list that includes the European medallists from 2nd WTF President's Cup 2017 held in Athens,Greece in Cadet divisions who are eligible to qualify for the 8th European Cadet Championships 2017 in Budapest, Hungary during the dates 5-8/10/2017, according to the President's Cup 2017 ByLaws & Outline.
Additionally, it is essential to clarify that: All athletes will be registered by the MNA and all athletes will be registered under their National Team Name (not club, individual , unaffiliated etc).
NOTICE: All the athletes are eligible to qualify at the same weight category participated in the 2nd WTF President's Cup 2017. Changes in weight categories or transfer of the quota are not available. 



By highlighting some of the most meaningful and inspiring initiatives that took place in 2017, Peace & Sport features on the cover of its annual report, the biggest White Card campaign ever organized up to now. The stunning result was an initiative of the World Taekwondo and the World Taekwondo Europe who organized this major #WhiteCard activation at the inaugural World Taekwondo Beach Championships Opening Ceremony.

The 400m2 white cotton sheet used for the needs of the result, also involved the cooperation of all athletes, national teams, coaches, taekwondo fans and all attendees of the ceremony who were present on 5-6 May 2017 at the Bastion of Grand Master’s Palace in Rhodes Island in Greece; a historical and cultural site representing the crossroad between Eastern and Western culture, also recognized as World Heritage Monument by UNESCO.

The white cotton sheet that was used for the picture is on its way to be cut into 80 bed sheets and be delivered to a Refugee Camp in Greece.

Appreciating all of Peace & Sport initiatives, we aspire on greater actions, many more contributors and of course the active support of Taekwondo!

You can see the annual report and its references here: http://www.peace-sport.org/news/april6-report-is-now-released/



This report highlights some of these meaningful and inspiring initiatives that took place this year.



Coaches that already hold an ETU Coach License and their cards are expiring on 31/12/2017, should follow the electronic renewal procedure available on ETU website.

The fees for renewing your coach card for one (1) year until 31/12/2018 are as below:

70€ up to 31/07/2017

100€ up to 30/08/2017

120€ up to 30/09/2017.




Use the follwing link to register:






The 23rd World Taekwondo Championships were successfully completed on June 30, 2017 and were the most extraordinary edition with largest participation in Taekwondo history.    

European Taekwondo Union representatives achieved to prevail for one more time during a global event. More specific, in the medal overall standings, the first five (5) places have been taken by four (4) European countries and out of sixteen (16) gold medals in total, the eight (8) were collected by European practitioners.

After seven-days of high-level Taekwondo action, the host nation Korea climbed on the first place of the overall medal standings, followed by Turkey in the second place, Serbia on the third and Russia and GBR on the fourth and fifth place respectively.

Turkish representatives Nur Tatar and Agris Zeliha World Champions in 67kg and -53kg categories one-to-one attained the two gold medals for their country. The silver medal for Turkey was gained by Ilgun Hatice Kubra in 57kg category.

Nur Tatar, silver Olympic medallist and the four-time European Champion managed to win her first World title in Muju 2017 and after her victory, she stated:  “I could not believe it, and I still can’t believe it, this is my fifth time at the World Championships. Finally, I got it”.

The female representatives of Serbia lead their country to the third place of the overall ranking since Mandic Milica and Stankovic Vanja left Muju holding the World Champion titles in their categories (-73kg and -49kg).  The Olympic Champion London 2012 won her first World gold medal during the Championships 2017and mentioned: “I still cannot believe what we've done. I am thrilled that i climbed to the top of the world. I had difficult task ahead, this was the most difficult year so far with two injuries in a row ".Well along, she thanked her coach Dragan Jovic, who was also named one of the two Best Coaches of the event, and received congratulations messages from the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic and from the Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udivicic !! 

 Stankovic Vanja, the 19 years old athlete, was a great surprise of the -49kg category. As she commented after her victory: “I did not expect to get to finals I just wanted to show my best and believe in myself and see what will happen”.

Russian Taekwondo representatives collected 7 medals in total with the gold one of the Khramtcov Maksim in 74kg category to be distinguishing. As the 19-years-old World Champion mentioned, the final fight of the Championships was the most difficult one since it was a big responsibility and continuing he added: “ I knew it was a historic moment for Russia – could be the first gold”.

The Russian medals are listed by the following athletes: Silver World medallists were Artamonov Mikhail in 58kg, Kotkov Anton in -80kg, Larin Vladislav in -87kg and Kudashova Tatiana in -53kg. The third place on the podium was reached by Kuznetsov Roman in +87kg And Kuzmina Tatiana in -62kg category.

Furthermore, Bianca Walkden has become the first athlete of GBR to successfully defend a World Taekwondo Championships title. The heavyweight beat Jackie Galloway of USA with a score 14-4 in the +73kg category final and celebrated her gold victory in the event. "To be honest it hasn't sunk in, I'm just so happy," she stated at BBC Sport following her second World title and continuing she added, "I played it down more than I thought I would and came out into the final and was thinking 'this is just the gym, I'll just try and kick everyone' like I do in practice”.

Cho Mohama secured the only silver medal for GBR in the World Championships, fighting in the +87kg category and double Olympic medallist Jade Jones (-57kg), Sinden Bradly (-63kg) and Sansum Damon (-80kg) achieved bronze medals and as a results GBR with five (5) medals in total took the fifth place on the overall standings.

Moreover, in the female division Korea came first, followed by Turkey, Serbia, USA and Great Britain. Regarding male division, Korea was first again, followed by Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Great Britain.

Azerbaijani representative Beigi Harchegani Milad after winning the gold of the European Games Baku 2016, the gold in the European Championships Montreux 2016 and bronze Olympic medal in Rio 2016, added in his remarkable collection the title of the World Champion afterwards his participation in the South Korean city of Muju. Azerbaijan’s second World medal was achieved by Mammadov Mahammad who won the bronze one in the -63kg category. 

Bachmann Alexander of Germany won the gold medal in -87kg category and was the only medallist for his country in Muju 2017. Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Slovenia and Sweden were the countries that managed to win one bronze medal respectively.

World Taekwondo Championships Awards:

Female MVP & Male MVP Award: Ah-reum Lee (KOR) and Abdoul Issoufou (NIG).

Best Coaches: Mun-hee Cheon (KOR) and Dragan Jovic (SRB).

Best Referees: Tarik Benrodi of Morocco, Andrey Khegay of Russia, Song-chol Kim of Canada, Neydis Tavarez of Puerto Rico and Julie Dib of Lebanon.

Greece was awarded by the “Active Participation” trophy and the “Good Fighting Spirit” award was given to Djibouti.


Final Results Here 


Source: World Taekwondo 




The European Taekwondo Union (ETU) elections were successfully held at the ETU General Assembly 2017 that was realized in at the Concerto Hall, Carnival Culture Palace B1,Muju, South Korea, on Friday 23 June 2017. During the same day all the continental Taekwondo Unions and the World Taekwondo realized their elections, scheduled every 4-year period.


Mr Pragalos Sakis has been re-elected President of the European Taekwondo Union and Mr Fysentzidis Michail is the ETU Secretary-General.  Mr Pragalos has been serving European Taekwondo at the head position since 1999, while the last ETU elections took place in Bucharest during the ETU General Assembly on August 20, 2013. Mr Fysentzidis entered the ETU structure in 2011 as Vice-President, and from 2013 until 2021 he holds the ETU Secretary-General position.


Also, the elected Vice-Presidents of ETU are the following: Mr Binev Slavi, Mr Castellanos Pueblas Jesus, Mr Cito Angelo and Mr Yuzefovich Igor. At the position of the Treasurer is Mr Welu Norbert.


Overall, the new ETU Council is consisted by: Mr Apostol Constantin, Mr Chmielarz Artur, Dr Duymaz Oktay, Mr Fleming Martin, Mr. Fysentzidis Michail, Mr Georgiev Andrei, Mr Kluychnikov Evgeny, Mr Patakfalvy Miklos, Mr Prot Franjo, Mr Safarov Naghi, Mr Samadzhiya Lesik, Mr Shlychkov Aleksandr, Mr Sousa Jose Luis, and Dr Zadehmohammad Reza. Concluding, Mr Padros Juanjo and Mr Marton Zsolt Krisztian were elected as ETU Auditors.


Shortly after the announcement of the results of the presidential election, the ETU Council embraced Mr Sakis Pragalos showing their unity and harmony. In his acceptance speech, ETU President noted: ‘I appreciate the trust that I have been shown all these years. We are a family that shares the same vision and aspirations for the progress of the sport and I am honored to continue serving Taekwondo. In a spirit of unity, together with all MNA’s and the new ETU Council, I am ambitious that the years to come will be determinant for Taekwondo.’


ETU Secratary-GeneraI Michail Fysentzidis commented: ‘Ιlook forward to collaborating with the new ETU Council and of course continue our joint efforts with President Sakis Pragalos, remaining aligned in a course to a better future for Taekwondo.’


At the Head of the World Taekwondo Federation Dr. Chung-won Choue has been also re-elected to serve for one more term as World Taekwondo President, while the four additional continental Taekwondo Presidencies are comprised by:


African Taekwondo Union (AFTU) – Gen Ahmed Mohamed Fouly

Asian Taekwondo Union (ATU)– Kyu Seok Lee

Panamerican Taekwondo Union (PATU)– Master Ji Ho Choi

Oceania Taekwondo Union (OTU)– John Kotsifas





Friday, 23 June 2017


The ETU General Assembly 2017 took place today in Muju, Korea at the Concerto Hall, Carnival Culture Palace B1, where the ETU Elections were also successfully held.The European Taekwondo Council re-elected Mr. Sakis Pragalos as its President for one more term of four (4) years, until 2021.Mr. Sakis Pragalos serves as ETU President since 1999.


The last ETU elections took place in Bucharest during the ETU General Assembly on August 20, 2013.

In the overall election procedure also included the ETU Vice-Presidents, ETU Council Members and the Cash Auditors election.


Shortly after the announcement of the results of the presidential election, the ETU Council embraced Mr. Sakis Pragalos showing their unity and harmony.

In his acceptance speech, ETU President noted: ‘I appreciate the trust that I have been shown all these years. We are afamily that shares the same vision and aspirationsfor the progress of the sport and I am honored to continue serving Taekwondo.’ He continued,stating: ‘In a spirit of unity, together with all MNA’s and the new ETU Council,I am ambitious for the years to come, that will be determinant for the development of Taekwondo.’







The WTF World Taekwondo Championships will be launch in Muju, southwest Korea, 24-30 June 2017 and all Taekwondo practitioners are awaiting the seven-day event. The 23rd edition of the Championships is expected to be the most extraordinary one in the history of the World Taekwondo Championships.Europe will show case for one more time that the supremacy of the sport still continues unrivaled within the continent. As the latest continental Champion of Rio 2016, European Taekwondo through its elite athletes will strive to sustain its competency level and lead in World rankings as well.

The capstone event of the World Taekwondo calendar will welcome approximately 1,000 athletes from 170 countries at the Taekwondowon venue, a purpose-built training and competition complex built in the rolling foothills of the Muju Valley.  As usually, the competition categories will remain the same; in total sixteen(16) categories (8 for men and 8 for women).

This is the 6th time that South Korea hosts the relevant championships and Muju 2017 will be the meeting point of the world’s top Taekwondo athletes to gather for competing. Among them,numerous of European elite athletes are included,who own massive collections of medals at any level of competition.

Beginning with, the double Olympic Champion representing GBR, Jade Jones, will be present at the Worlds and will compete at the -57kg category. The ‘headhunter’ will fight in order to tick the last major title left off her list, according to what she mentioned after her gold victory in the 2nd WTF President’s Cup.

Azerbaijan will have a strong representation since the Olympic Champion in Rio 2016, Isaev Radik participating in the open weight category, will travel to Korea in order to defend his 2015 World Champion title.  Also at the high-status event, the bronze Olympic medallist and European Champion Milad Beigi Harchegani will participate in the -80kg category and in the female -49kg category Patimat Abakarova will fight 10 months after her Bronze medal in Rio.

Furthermore, the London 2012 Olympic Champions, Milica Mandic, Servet Tazegul and Joel Gonzalez Bonilla representing Serbia, Turkey and Spain respectively, will get on the terrain in order to claim another prestigious title to their successful background.

The list continues way too long with another top female athlete from Serbia, Tijana Bogdanovic and Eva Calvo Gomez of Spain, being both silver Olympic medallist sand European Champions, could not be dismissed from the World’s participant list. Among them, Nur Tatar (TUR) holder of a silver and bronze Olympic medals and the bronze Olympic medallist and World Champion Biancen Walkden will be remarkable participations with the British one to be in favour for winning a second World title in a row.

Moreover, GB’s Lutalo Muhammad will participate in the -87kg category and having collected one silver and one bronze Olympic medal is now appealing his first World medal.

Many more World medallists and European Champions will participate in the significant event in order to defend their titles.Among them are also the 2015 World Champion in Chelyabinsk and European Champion, Jaouad Achab (BEL), the silver World medallist and double European Champion of Portugal Rui Braganca, the females Turkey’s World Champion and European Champion Irem Yaman and silver World and gold European medallist Iryna Romoldanova from Ukraine.

Even before London 2012 the European Taekwondo has been working to advance its Championships and through the collaboration with its MNA’s to support its elite athletes. Five years later, the seeds of this endeavor are ready to continue their achievements and claim the outcome of their efforts by standing on the World Taekwondo Champions podium. 





We cordially welcome you to the pages of our yearly report where we would like to reflect to the past and share our ambitions and plans. 

The ETU Year Magazine is a guide to keep track of all the progress of Taekwondo in Europe and a contribution to ETU history. 


Achievements are made for sharing - Download the ETU Year Magazine 2015-2016 Here !



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