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The World Taekwondo Europe Championships 2018 season continues with the 8th version of the World Taekwondo Europe Under 21 Taekwondo Championships which will be realized in Warsaw, Poland.

The event will take place between 8 - 11 November 2018 and this is the first time that the Polish Taekondo Federation undertakes a European Taekwondo Championship, expanding in this way the number of European countries that have explored the challenges, potentials and know-how in taekwondo events of European scale.

The outline of the event and well as all relevant information for accomodation, transportation and more will be published in short.

Stay tuned!


 On behalf of the European Taekwondo Family, World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos expresses his deepest condolences as below:





On 4 August, Daedo International, WTE Gold Sponsor and long time partner, celebrated its 35th Anniversary. Guests from all over the world were invited for the celebrations and Daedo International hosted an excellent evening. Two famous opera singer provided the guests with magnificent musical entertainment and Daedo looked back at its 35 years of history via the speech of Mr. Park, CEO of Daedo. Also Daedo made a wonderful photo compilation which brought back numerous memories from the past 35 years But Daedo also looked ahead and made an inspirational and beautiful video.

Next to Dr Choue and Ahmed Fouly, President of WTE, Mr Sakis Pragalos congratulated Mr Park and Daedo with the following speech:


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Park, distinguished guests,

Today we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Daedo International. In those 35 years, you not only built a brand, but you built a legacy in our beloved sport of Taekwondo.

Since I am President, the European Taekwondo Union and now World Taekwondo Europe, is walking with you in our common path towards the future of our sport. I must say that I am very proud that we have built such a strong relationship in the past decades!

I am delighted to be here for the anniversary of an exceptional partner, and this is an opportunity for me to put into perspective the contribution of Daedo International in taekwondo over the years of its history. Everybody remembers that it was Daedo International that worked on the introduction of the electronic body protector and started an era in which our sport became more transparent and fairer. But not only that: Daedo International proved to be an innovative and trendsetting partner throughout the years.

Daedo International has been an everlasting partner of World Taekwondo Europe and its support proved to be critical in differentiating Taekwondo competitions within Europe and establishing the notion of high-end supply in the sport. Also, your contribution to the National Teams in Europe shows your broad involvement and warm ties to the European Taekwondo Family. For that I am very grateful.

Mr. Park, you have always been a trusted partner for me and our organization. Your support through the years and our partnership is a valuable asset for our

organization. Allow me to congratulate you and your family for the amazing brand you have built in the past 35 years.


Thank you.

# # #










On the occasion of the 35th Anniversary of Daedo International, the Executive Council and Council of WTE met today in Barcelona. On the agenda were several important topics dea ling with good governance, finances, events, GDPR, Kukkiwon and EUSA cooperation and some other issues. Dr. Choue, president of World Taekwondo also shortly visited the Council meeting to greet the Council. 

After the statutes of World Taekwondo were amended, World Taekwondo Europe also made some changes in order to comply with the WT rules and regulations. Important issues that were approved by both the Executive Council and Council include the prohibition for officials to be a board member in more than one Member National Association. In addition, some amendments concerning the inclusion of good governance within WTE and its federation were included as well as due process requirements (fair legal proceedings) for federations to comply with. All amendments were approved and will be put by e-voting to the members to be ratified. 

World Taekwondo approved a request of WTE to host an extra G4 event for seniors as Europe will not have a Games event in 2019 as Taekwondo is not on the program of the European Games. Therefore, WTE will open the bidding for an extra G4 event in Q1 of 2019. 

The Treasury prepared already the financial statements for the year 2017. Normally, the reporting cyclus is done every 2 years, but the Council decided to have financial reports every year. The Council adopted a Per Diem Policy, which arranges the per diems of all officials working within WTE. President Sakis Pragalos announced that all payments for staff, workforce, International Referees and other persons working at events or WTE activities shall be paid by bank transfer only. Also federations that have obligations to WTE shall fulfil them by bank transfer or credit card/pay pal payments. 

The Council looked back at the 2018 European Championships in Kazan and discussed the media involvement at WTE events. Chairwoman Zikouli of the TV and Media Committee elaborated on the pro and cons of the current WTE events concerning the involvement of media and TV and proposed to the Council to consider possibilities to join the European Championships, a multi sport event consisting of 7 sports that join forces together, with the aim of gaining more media attention and sponsorship possibilities. 

The Executive Council had a lengthly discussion about the financial challenges the Organizing Committees of both WTE and Open events are facing. As such, the hosting fees for WTE events are to be reviewed by the Treasury and the entry fees will be divided by WTE and the OC, based on consultations between WTE and the host. It was also decided that not only federations, but cities, regions or other interested parties have the right to bid for a WTE event. 

Another discussion on this topic entailed mandatory hotels for participants at events. The Executive Committee decided that only at WTE events, the OC has the right to have national teams stay in official hotels. The OCs have to provide hotel rooms in different range of prices and to provide transportation services for the teams. The OCs of Open international events have the option to include mandatory hotel occupation in their outline. They decide this by themselves and have to clearly mention this in the outline of the event. 

The Council adopted a bylaw that deals with athletes or clubs that apply for participation at G1 events, do not pay and do not attend the event while occupying the spot and thus blocking other athletes from registering. The OCs of G-events should not allow these athletes to block the system and prevent other from participation. Athletes that register and do not show should first pay their outstanding obligations before being able to register for the next event(s). 

In order to standardize the G1 events in Europe, WTE will provide each G1 organizer with standard issues that needs to be followed to obtain G1 recognition. Also each G1 shall change its entry fee to 100 euro in order to further support the Organizing Committees in their budget. 

Mr Klyuchnikov gave a presentation on the evolution of Para Taekwondo in Europe and the Council decided that each Open International event should do its utmost to include Para Taekwondo in its event schedule. In this way, the European Para athletes will be fully prepared to participate at the Paralympics in 2020. 

President Pragalos announced the appointment of Kenneth Schunken as executive deputy Secretary-General, responsible for the WTE Rotterdam Office and all event and legal operations of WTE. Mr. Schunken will work closely together with the Director-General of the WTE Athens Office, Ms. Georgia Gatsis. Under the leadership of the Secretary-General, Michael Fysentzidis they will be in charge of the WTE operations. 

Mr. Jon Smith proposed to study the option of implementing an online chat forum on which athletes, coaches and fans have the opportunity to discuss the results of major events in Europe. With this forum, potential sponsors and a wider public getting more interest in Taekwondo competition and its athletes. 

Spain has been granted to host the following the WTE European Cadets Championships, the 2nd WTE European Master Championships, the 1st WTE European Kids Championships for Clubs, the 1st WTE European Poomsae and Freestyle Championships for Clubs and the 1st ever WTE European Poomsae Championships for Kids (color belts). These events will take place in Marina d’Or between 29 November and 6 December of this year: 

29/11 – 2/12 : European Cadets Championships (entry fee 100)
29/11 – 2/12 : European Masters Championships (entry fee 100)
3-4/12: European Kids for clubs (entry fee 70 euro)
5-6/12: 1st European Poomsae and Freestyle Championships for Clubs (entry fee 100 euro)
5-6/12: 1st European Poomsae Championships for Children (entry fee 70 euro)

Poland will host the WTE European Championships Under 21 in November of this year. The exact dates will be communicated shortly by the Polish federation. 





The biggest in participation Taekwondo festival aiming to bring together Taekwondo practitioners from all over the world and revitalize the martial arts, was launched on Saturday 28 May, on Jeju Island, South Korea. The famous all over World Taekwondo Hanmadang festival was initiated with a spectacular opening ceremony in Halla Gymnasium in Jeju island and will last until Tuesday 31st July.

Even though the event has a solid presence in other continents, there was a general request of initiating the European edition of Hanmadang Festival, as there is a great number of active taekwondo practitioners in self-defense technique, breaking and especially poomsae, that have and are still being recognized worldwide in various competitions, aspiring to participate in such a paramount event. This is why World Taekwondo Europe was present during the opening of the 2018 Jeju World Taekwondo Hanmadang; to sum up all the information, technical aspects and know-how needed to have the event adapted to a European mega Taekwondo Hanmadang festival.

After the MoU signed between Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo Europe on 17 March 2018, the two sides decided to initiate the event in one of the most active continents of taekwondo, Europe, and everything shows that more details will be announced soon for the host city, and the exact dates and venue of the event.

The Hanmadang Festival, which is founded and promoted by Kukkiwon, usually attracts more than 5000 high taekwondo technique practitioners from more than 60 countries. The festival is a taekwondo show for young and older audiences, while it exhibits the essentials of taekwondo as a martial art and technicality. It is a holistic demonstration of the taekwondo tradition worldwide, its cultural background and a promotion of taekwondo lifestyle and its lifetime values.

Hanmadang Festival represents the perfect event to host and present the genuine taekwondo spirit, highlight the skills and its techniques, and it is certain that all European participants will excel for one more time in rankings.















World Taekwondo Europe and the European Taekwondo Family expresses its condolences to the people of Greece with regard to the deadly fires in the Athens region.
We join the people of Greece in mourning the victims of this deadly catastrophe and we stand united with Greece during this tragic time, and recognise the efforts of the rescue workers in saving lives and curbing the spread of the fires.



On Tuesday 24 July, Professor and Grand Master Miroslav Brezan and WTE Youth and Collegiate Committee Chairman, visited the World Taekwondo Europe Offices and met with the President Sakis Pragalos and Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis.

During their meeting, they discussed the progress of the taekwondo events that Professor Miroslav Brezan has founded over the years, such as the famous Croatia Karlovac Open, which is realized every year and counts more than 50 years of history and the World Hallelujah Cup, which is realized every 2 years.

Worth to mention that they also pinpointed the one of its kind in Europe taekwondo event, the Karlovac – Alessandria (Italy) PEACE TOURNAMENT, under the supervision of Grand Master Antonio Paoletti, which acts as a meeting hub of 4 different religious groups – the Catholics, represented by Karlovac; Orthodox, represented by Belgrade; Muslims, represented by Sarajevo and Jewish, represented by Jerusalem. The tournament was founded to support fraternity and unity among different people, cultures and religions of Europe and is usually realized during the second half October.

Professor Miroslav Brezan is founder of the Taekwondo Club Karlovac, located in Croatia. It was established in 1968 and it represents one of the oldest and most historical Taekwondo Clubs in Europe. Also, Professor Brezan himself is one of the Taekwondo pioneers in Karlovac and Croatia, serving the Taekwondo vision for 50 years.

What is more, due to his noteworthy efforts towards the growth of the sport, Professor Brezan has received several privileged awards for his contribution in general. Among many, he has been awarded by the World Taekwondo, World Taekwondo Europe, the Croatian Olympic Committee and the Croatian Taekwondo Federation. He has also received a Life Award by the Karlovac Sport Association and the County of Karlovac Sport Association.




World Taekwondo Europe has the pleasure to invite you to participate in the Balkan Taewkondo Championships that will be held on 14-16 September, 2018 in Bucharest, Romania.

The Balkan Championship is being held as an effort to build relationships among balkan taekwondo athletes clubs and MNAs, as well as an invitation to all taekwondo community to join in as a warm up of a new taekwondo season ahead.
The Championship enjoys the patronage of the World Taekwondo Europe and the organization of the Balkan Taekwondo Union.
Download the Outline Here



As an inspiration for the generations to come, World Taekwondo President Dr. Choue, along with his Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF) initiative, which has been expanding through the world since 2015, has given a greater meaning in what taekwondo represents, the values it supports, and the human rights it fortifies by enhancing young refugees to be diligent, have faith and believe in their selves. Also, it acts as a hub that embraces the refugee children, trying to give back to them the only thing that makes a kid happy; a smile on its face.

Aligned in these values, THF has been spreading peace through taekwondo and President Choue vows to help resolve global refugee crisis.


"Peace is more precious than triumph”; this is not the message from Pope Francis to the world, but from World Taekwondo (WT) President Choue Chung-won to ramp up efforts to tackle the refugee crisis across the world.

World Taekwondo President also chairman of the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation (THF), believes that sport should instill dreams and hopes in refugee children, and taekwondo, Korea's traditional martial art featured in the Olympics, can play a leading role in this purpose.

The five-term president of WT, the International Federation governing the world's most famous combat sport, is trying best to spread this lofty message throughout the world.

"The 21st century is the era of sharing and living together, and sport has great potential to contribute to world peace," Choue said in a recent interview at the WT's headquarters in Seoul.

"It is important to foster taekwondo as a popular and fun sport but taekwondo, as an Olympic sport, must be thought of as something that plays a positive role in making the world a better place," he added.

Under Choue's leadership, WT puts up a banner with this message in a local language where its demonstration team is performing.


Peace preacher

His philosophy has been shown well in WT's seamless efforts to become a responsible body to promote peace through a variety of activities.

Choue, who has also served as board member of the Olympic Refuge Foundation since 2017, stressed the importance of providing support for young children and students.

"The young people in refugee towns have no place to go after school. Taekwondo can be a starting point for cherishing their hopes," he said.

In 2016, in cooperation with the Olympics Committee, WT opened the door for people with refugee status to attend the Olympic Games.

"We plan to expand our efforts by giving more opportunities for these young people to participate in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020," he said.

To this end, the THF, established under the leadership of Choue in 2016 to deliver taekwondo training and education for refugees, has conducted a number of projects in many countries, including Jordan, Nepal, Turkey, Djibouti, Rwanda and France.

On June 3, THF signed a memorandum of understanding with Rome and the Italian Taekwondo Federation (FITA) to support refugees in the local community of the Italian capital through taekwondo. Rome was also named as the THF ambassador city.

FITA, a long-time supporter of the humanitarian activities, collaborated with the THF two years ago in delivering programs in a refugee camp in Rome.

"With its growing number of refugees, the city is aware of the seriousness of the refugee crisis, and is now seeking to find a solution to solve the European refugee problem through taekwondo," Choue said.

"The main purpose is to support the youth in refugee villages and educate them to become good citizens."

In a related move, WT opened its 10th regional training center named "The Giulio Onesti facility" in the Italian capital on June 4.

Built on an area of 25 hectares, Giulio Onesti accommodates both indoor and outdoor facilities, including three training courts, six classrooms and accommodation for up to 200 people.

In April, the THF opened its first dedicated taekwondo training facility, the Azraq Taekwondo Academy, in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan.

Located 90 kilometers away from the Jordan- Syrian border, the Azraq camp, a facility for refugees who escaped from the Syrian civil war, serves many boys and girls by teaching taekwondo skills and providing necessary education for their futures.

Choue's passion for supporting refugees comes from his strong belief that the refugee crisis should be taken as a global crisis.

"There are soaring numbers of refugees worldwide and half of them are women and children. We must all work together to solve this global problem," he said.

Taekwondo has become a medium for the Vatican City to join hands with WT to support women and young people in refugee camps.

"In 2016, the Vatican first showed interest in sport, and WT put on a taekwondo demonstration at an indoor auditorium in the city," Choue said.

In late May, WT performed the first-ever demonstration in the presence of the Pope in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City with thousands in the audience. The performance ended with the unfurling of a banner reading "Peace is more precious than triumph" in Italian.

Pope Francis, who received an honorary 10th dan black belt from Choue in May last year, has expressed keen interest in the THF's efforts to support refugees.


Reinventing taekwondo

Dr. Choue said that taekwondo's role in improving inter-Korean relations is a great example of how sport can contribute to peace and stability.

"I believe that taekwondo has played an important role in finding a breakthrough for inter-Korean relations by creating a thawing atmosphere behind the scene," he said.

As a result of WT's efforts, taekwondo participants from South and North Korea, which represent WT and the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF), respectively, performed together at the pre-show of the Opening Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games in February.

The joint demonstration was an iconic moment for taekwondo as it showed the sport's potential to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula.

Along with his efforts to support refugee children and women, Choue has spared no efforts to reinvent taekwondo as the most exciting and popular combat sport through reformative measures.

First, WT is working to improve its official "dobok" (uniform) by upgrading its design and materials.

"Current uniforms have problems with functionality. Using materials to better absorb sweat and improve air permeability, we will develop new uniforms that can ensure more comfortable movements for participants," he said.

The organization plans to unveil new uniforms within this year and use them at the World Taekwondo Championships in 2019.

Another innovative attempt underway is to add the mixed gender team event to the Olympics.

"We are currently discussing details, including the scoring system and technique, with the aim of introducing the new event at the 2024 Paris Olympics," he said.


Source: Korean Times



 Under the guidance of Mr. Mustapha Moutarazak, Chairman of the WTE Poomsae Committee, coaches were instructed on all Poomsae related competition regulations, coach behaviour and competition management.
Next to our Kyurugi coach seminars, also WTE is developing a new curriculum for the poomsae education for coaches and referees.
Also in October 2018, WTE will start with the education of new Hanmadang International Referees who will be trained at our new Hanmadang Festival event which will take place at the end of October of this year.
These new courses are being implemented in close cooperation with the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters.





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