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From 5 - 7 September, Corfu Island was the middle point of ETU while the ETU Coach Seminar was underway. The seminar is intended to further educate the coaches in Europe and providing them with the latest information on the competition rules.But also questions and discussions which normally cannot be held during the head of team meetings at championships are now possible.

It is a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing. But also for making new friends and sharing best practices ETU is aiming high: staying the best achieving region of WTF is its goal! The course is being taught by WTF and ETU¹s Referee Chairman, Mr. Chakir Chelbat, WTF and ETU¹s Games Chairman, Mr. Philippe Bouedo and Medical Doctor, Dr. Ionannis Theodorakis.


Asia Europe Big Success!

The Asian Taekwondo Union in cooperation with the Chinese Taekwondo Association hosted the 2nd Intercontinental Championships in Shenzhen, China, from 15 - 18 November. The event was being held in one of Shenzhen’s most prestigious sport centers. Team ETU was leaded by the Italian and Russian head coaches. The competition methods were twofold, first was started with the Olympic weight categories, and individual fights took place between ETU and ATU. In the afternoon, tag-team competition followed. First 5 players fought each one minute with their opponent. After those 5 minutes, another 5 minutes of competition followed, but now the coaches could decide themselves who could enter the competition area. This kind of competition is very exited to see and the public went ballistic when both teams were closing in on each other. It was a perfectly organized event and ETU wishes to thank the ATU and Chinese Taekwondo Association for its excellent hosting. Also ETU wishes to thank all players and expresses a special word of thanks to our members France, Greece, Russia, Italy, United Kingdom and all people involved who made an effort to make TEAM ETU possible! Thank you so much for your support!

During the weekend of 22-24 November, Dr. Chungwon Choue visited Athens to attend the General Assembly of the International Paralympic Committee. He visited the newly opened ETU office in the city center of Athens. ETU president Pragalos and Secretary-General Michailis Fysentzidis welcomed Dr. Choue in the sunny Athens. The office is equipped with one office for the ETU president, one office for the Secretary-General and two staff officers. In the lobby, portraits of ETU’s Olympic gold medallists are shown. Furthermore, ETU had made a map with all its members inside and the year of affiliation to ETU.

Dr. Choue was impressed by the new office and expressed his appreciation for all the work that is being done by ETU. During the visit, ETU officials and Dr. Choue discussed the future of Taekwondo in Europe and the ETU leadership expressed their continuing support to WTF and to Dr. Choue. This weekend WTF had a meeting with the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA). After fruitful consultations, WTF and IBSA signed a MOU on mutual cooperation. During the next World Para Taekwondo Championships, Poomsae for blind athletes will be included in the program. Furthermore, the World Taekwondo Federation is working hard to make sure Taekwondo will be included in the 2020 Paralympic program. The next important event will be the World Para Taekwondo Championships, in which WTF will strive to have 40 Member National Associations participating at the event. ETU will support this goal and tries to make sure at least 30 national teams from the European continent will participate at this event.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) have formed a partnership covering the global multiplatform media rights, services and distribution of the ETU Taekwondo Senior European Championships.

This agreement will guarantee maximum exposure for the Olympic sport of Taekwondo, and the widest possible distribution via the EUROVISION Network. In May 2014 the ETU Taekwondo Senior European Championships will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, with live content for the finals being offered to broadcasters around the world. This EBU - ETU cooperation will furthermore explore new ways of presenting Taekwondo via new media platforms to bring the sport greater visibility worldwide.

ETU President Athanasios Pragalos highlighted the importance of the partnership:

"Our cooperation with the EBU and EUROVISION is, for the ETU, a giant step forward. If we succeed in broadcasting our European Taekwondo Championships within the European continent and even beyond, I am convinced our sport will grow. Taekwondo is a sport for all – young, old, para athletes, whether elite or recreational. As an Olympic sport, the possibilities are unlimited, and we are grateful that the EBU will be our partner for the years to come."

EBU Head of Indoor Sports Ingolfur Hannesson said: “We are delighted to have created this opportunity to work with the ETU on the development of the Olympic sport of Taekwondo.  This cooperation potentially sets a benchmark for partnerships with other small and medium-sized federations, where the multi-services and tailor-made approach of the EBU and EUROVISION fits the differing needs of clients.”


Picture insert (left to right): Effie Zikouli, ETU Media Consultant / Ingolfur Hannesson,

EBU Head of Indoor Sports / Athanasios Pragalos, ETU President / Beatriz Pastor y Puga,

EBU Senior Sports Rights Manager / Kenneth Schunken, ETU Deputy Secretary General /

Antonio Barbarino, ETU Public Relations


ETU signs host contract with Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation

ETU President Mr. Pragalos and the President of the Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation.

HE Mr. Heydarov, signed the host contract for the 2014 European Taekwondo Senior Championships in Baku.

HE Mr. Heydarov and Mr. Pragalos further discussed other issues for the development of Taekwondo in Europe. Today

(Friday 31 January) Mr. Pragalos and ETU Secretary-General Fysentzidis will visit the European Games Organizing

Committee headquarters in Baku and also will visit the venue of the European Games.



Today marks the beginning of the Congress meeting of the ETU at the Grozny City Hotel in Grozny, Russia. The purpose of this meeting is the promotion of the sport of Taekwondo in the general Russian region. Highly ranked members of Chechnya’s Ministry of Sports are present at the congress as are various coaches.
Once again the ETU has lent its support to this assembly by sending its own representatives to the Congress. The representatives of the ETU who are greatly respected in their fields gave presentations regarding their work and general information on the sport of Taekwondo.
The opening of the Congress was made by Khasmagomed Khizriev, the Chechen Minister of Sport, who in his speech, stated: “Hosting the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Under 21 here in Grozny was a giant achievement, since after the unfortunate events of the previous years, this is a major event for our country. We feel extremely delighted that Grozny was given the chance to host such a big and important event, and this is thanks to Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov and ETU President Sakis Pragalos. Their support was crucial. To conclude I would like to congratulate everyone who had a part in making this Congress and the Championships a success.”
Continuing, the ETU Vice-President Fred Buitenhuis who served as presiding officer, said: “I am glad to see that the Republic of Chechnya is a peaceful and safe place and people here are so friendly and this makes everyone to work efficiently. It is also pleasant that the 1st Congress of ETU and ETU European Taekwondo Championships Under 21 are hosted in Grozny because athletes from Chechnya now have the chance to introduce themselves to the European World. I would like to thank the Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, ETU Vice-President/RTU President Anatoly Terekhov and Chechen Republic’s Minister of Sport Khasmagomed Khizriev for hosting these Championships here in Grozny City.”
The ETU Council Member and President of Russian Taekwondo Federation Anatoly Terekhov, also stated: “I would like to welcome you to Grozny City. It is a pleasure to have you here. This is the first congress and I honestly hope that it will be a success in order to also give the sport of taekwondo a chance to expand its reputation even more. Even more young athletes are coming into the taekwondo sport which means that our sport keeps increasing in popularity. Taekwondo can teach young athletes how to build their personalities, how to grow up with respect and help them in their lives in general. It is not only a sport, it is something more. In the world of taekwondo, you learn what respect stands for. In addition, it helps athletes to be more sociable and have better communication with other people since they learn how to win and how to lose. To sum up, I would like to say that the city of Grozny is a quiet, peaceful and safe place and this can be confirmed by all the visitors that came here. Thank you all.”
The congress for today, came to an end by the presentations of the ETU Council Member/President of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation Patakfalvy Miklos, ETU Council Member Sagirkaya Ali, ETU Chairwoman of the TV and Media Committee Zikouli Effie , ETU Chairman of the Referee Committee Chelbat  Chakir and the Legal Counsel of the ETU-Schunken Kenneth . The congress will be completed on the 24th of July 2016.



The inauguration of the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships took place today (23/07/2016) at Sport Hall “Olympiysk”in Grozny, Russia. This is the first time in the history of the Republic of Chechnya to host a European Sport Event.
Almost 250 participants were present in Grozny City from all around Europe, in order to compete and claim a place on the winners’ podium.
The Event Schedule of the 1st Competition Day comprised Preliminaries/ Semi-Finals/ Finals, Awarding Ceremony and the Opening Ceremony.  
The Opening Ceremony was honoured by the present of the Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, the Chechen Minister of Sport Khasmagomed Khizriev, the ETU Vice-President Fred Buitenhuis and the ETU Vice President  and President of Russian Taekwondo Federation Anatoly Terekhov.
As the Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov, stated: “I am extremely satisfied and proud for hosting the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships here in Grozny- the capital of the Republic of Chechnya. We are happy for hosting so many athletes in our city since all the Championships that was held in Russia generally was successful. Hopefully, these Championships will be held also in totally effectiveness. I would like to wish to all participants good luck and I hope that they will share the fair play spirit once again.”    
Continuing, the ETU Vice-President Fred Buitenhuis, thanked the Organising Committee and added: “As I walked down the streets here during the day and during the night, there is one thing I want to ensure· Grozny is an incredible city with friendly people and has amazing sport facilities, so innovating that we can call Grozny a Sport City.”
The first countries that were founded in the top positions of the podium at the premiere of the Under 21 European Taekwondo Championships 2016 in Grozny, are Russia, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel and Germany. It is worth mentioning that the National Team of Russia managed to win three gold medals, one silver and one bronze.
The categories in which the young European athletes participated earlier today are for Males -54 kg & -58 kg and for Females -46kg & 49kg.

The final places:

Male-A -54 kg
1st place: Vladimirov Aleksei (RUS)
2nd place: Rudnik Aleksei (RUS)
3rd place: Malchenko Taras (UKR)
3rd place: Dagdelen Deniz (TUR)

Male-A -58 kg
1st place: Kochkorbaev Gulzhigit (RUS)
2nd place:Dolmaci Mertcan (TUR)
3rd place: Haimovits Gadi Liel (ISR)
3rd place: Polat Mehmet Kani (TUR)

Female-A -46kg
1st place: Sakhautdinova Regina (RUS)
2nd place: Patakfalvy Luca (HUN)
3rd place: Kouttouki Kyriaki (CYP)
3rd place: Apoikou Varvara (GRE)

Female-A -49 kg
1st place: Andreopoulou Ioanna (GER)
2nd place: Chorbanova Nikol (BUL)
3rd place: Anokhina Anastasiia (RUS)
3rd place: Chioti Agni Danai (GRE)

Vladimirov Aleksei (RUS) : “I am very happy to be European Champion, it’s my first Championships in such a high level and I feel so excited I cannot realise what happened. My next goal is Russian National Championships that will be held on November.”

Malchenko Taras (UKR): “To be honest, I feel a little bit disappointed but in contrast with the previous European Taekwondo Under21  Championships, I can say that my performance is been improved. Now, I look forward in being selected for Junior World Championships in Canada. Additionally, I would like to say that the Championships here in Grozny, are so well prepared and I am happy for participating here.”
Andreopoulou Ioanna (GER): “Unfortunately, no one of my team mates was willing to join these Championships but honestly I did not want to lose this chance because it was so important to me since these are the first European Championships I have ever participated in. As a result, I am extremely happy because I was not expected to win the first place. I am so proud that I decided to come to Grozny by my own, since it is also an amazing city. ”




The Under21 European athletes completed their performances for the second day of the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships that took place today, Sunday 24th of July 2016, at Sport Hall “Olympiysk”in Grozny, Russia.
The Event Programme of the 2nd Day of the Championships comprised Preliminaries/ Semi-Finals/ Finals and Awarding Ceremonies.  
Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Azerbaijan, Turkey,     Lithuania and Cyprus are the European countries that succeeded in obtaining a place on the winners’ podium.
Subsequently, after the completion of the second day of the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships in Grozny, the National Team of Russia managed to maintain her leading position regarding the general medal standings, since Russian competitors achieved to collect 11 medals up to now.  
The categories in which the young European athletes participated earlier today are for Males -63 kg & -68 kg and for Females -53kg & -57kg.
According to the ETU Council Member and President of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation Patakfalvy Miklos, the level of the Under21 Championships keeps increasing and we really look forward to seeing what is next in the future.
Continuing he added: “Also, an essential factor for the succession of these Championships is decision of ETU to give the right to all countries to be represented by two athletes in each weight category. Furthermore, the excellent programming schedule of the event by the Organising Committee and the ability to meet the deadlines right on time makes these Championships so effective. Moreover, it was a great experience for all they had a great opportunity to discuss several topics regarding Taekwondo sport and its expansion. In my opinion, it was an excellent idea the European Taekwondo Under 21 Championships to be held in Grozny, since it is a giant step forward for the Republic of Chechnya in general and for the future of Taekwondo sport in Grozny City. To conclude, I would like to refer to the ETU President Sakis Pragalos, since he is doing an excellent work and has the ability on the right decision making. This definitely helps Taekwondo to become even more well-known sport in Europe.”
The ETU Councli Member Georgiev Andrei, also commented: “We all feel extremely pleased for the hospitality here in the City of Grozny which is a great place where we enjoy the European Taekwondo Under21 Championships. Additionally, I am also happy to see that the fair play spirit is been shared between our young athletes. This is the major achievement for all of us. Taekwondo participants are not only excellent athletes but they also have developed great personalities which is the most important feature of Taekwondo Family. I would like also to congratulate Russian Taekwondo Federation for hosting Taekwondo Events effectively and for providing as unique sport experiences.”

The final places and results:

Male-A -63 kg
FINAL: Andrienko Pavel (RUS) – Aliev Rusian (RUS) 10-5
1st place: Andrienko Pavel (RUS)
2nd place: Aliev Rusian (RUS)
3rd place: Millert Albert (POL)
3rd place: Dzhordzhev Mitko (BUL)

Male-A -68 kg
FINAL:Yugay Vladislav (RUS) – Chamalidis Konstantinos (GRE) 5-4
1st place: Yugay Vladislav (RUS)
2nd place: Chamalidis Konstantinos (GRE)
3rd place: Aliyev Aliaskar (AZE)
3rd place: Erkovan Samet (TUR)

Female-A -53kg
FINAL: Kudashova Tatiana (RUS) – Cheloksaeva Anisiia (RUS) 1-0
1st place: Kudashova Tatiana (RUS)
2nd place: Cheloksaeva Anisiia (RUS)
3rd place: Rutkowska Magdalena (POL)
3rd place: Tvaronaviciute Klaudija (LTU)

Female-A -57 kg
FINAL: Antoniou Anna Maria (CYP) – Kontou Stavroula(GRE) 2-3
1st place: Kontou Stavroula(GRE)
2nd place: Antoniou Anna Maria (CYP)
3rd place: Kramarenko Ekaterina (RUS)
3rd place: Yilmaz Tugba (TUR)

Antoniou Anna Maria (CYP): “Firstly I would like to thank my parents, my coach and my friends who are always by my side. I am extremely happy for my silver medal since it is my first European Championships and I had a good performance. My next goal is Junior World Championship in Canada.”
Andrienko Pavel (RUS): “The level of these Championships was really high and this is really good. Also I would like to thank my coach for being so strict with me and this made me even stronger. “




The Sport Hall “Olympiysk”in Grozny, Russia hosted today (Monday 25/07/2016) for third day in row the ETU European Taekwondo Under21 Championships.
European athletes from the weight categories -74 kg & -80 kg Males and -62kg & -67kg Females, participated earlier today in order to reach the medal podium, following an event schedule that was comprised of Preliminaries/ Semi-Finals/ Finals and Awarding Ceremonies.
The participated countries that succeeded in stepping up to the podium on Competition Day 3 are Russia, Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Hungary.
The leading countries in the general medal standings up to now are Russia, since it’s a holder of 18 medals, with Greece & Turkey to follow · both countries achieved to earn 6 medals each. As a result, the National Team of Russia is still on the top of the list with the most collected medals.

The final places and results:

Male-A -74 kg
FINAL: Kakouris Georgios (CYP) – Khramtcov Maksim (RUS) 7-19
1st place: Khramtcov Maksim (RUS)
2nd place: Kakouris Georgios (CYP)
3rd place: Daurov Kadyrbech (RUS)
3rd place: Kostenevych Kostiantyn (UKR)

Male-A -80 kg
FINAL: Zemledeltsev Andrei (RUS) – Holubowicz Karol (POL) 2-5
1st place: Holubowicz Karol (POL)
2nd place: Zemledeltsev Andrei (RUS)
3rd place: Lazoglu Hasan Can (TUR)
3rd place: Shtylkov Petr (RUS)

Female-A -62kg
FINAL: Koukoumelou Maria (GRE) – Prokudina Kristina (RUS) 3-13
1st place: Prokudina Kristina (RUS)
2nd place: Koukoumelou Maria (GRE)
3rd place: Desylla Ioanna Stavroula (GRE)
3rd place: Bashkirova Valeriia (RUS)

Female-A -67 kg
FINAL: Erensayin Simge (TUR) - Pichugina Anna (RUS) 2-0
1st place: Erensayin Simge (TUR)
2nd place: Pichugina Anna (RUS)
3rd place: Tomazou Souzanna (CYP)
3rd place: Furedi Rebeka (HUN)


Erensayin Simge (TUR): “I was sure that our Team is going to win a gold medal and I also believed in me. Thankfully, I was the one who stepped up the podium for the gold medal. I want to thank my team mates who were extremely supportive, so I would like to dedicate my medal to all the members of my team and especially my coach and my family. My next goal is the Junior World Championships and I will try to do my best.”

Khramtcov Maksim (RUS): “I would like to thank my family, my coach and my friends for been so helpful during my preparation. The level of these Championships was really high and I feel that this was just the beginning. My next stop is the Russian National Championship and afterwards the World Championships in Korea.”

Desylla Ioanna Stavroula (GRE): “I am extremely happy for winning the bronze medal since I tried so hard and now I feel satisfied and glad. My next goal is the Greek Championships where it would be the selection for the Junior World Championships. I would like to mention that the hospitality of Grozny City was excellent. Everything was organised so well and we all enjoy our participations.”

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