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Curtain falls with gold!
Curtain fell for Taekwondo in Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The biggest event for Taekwondo finds Europe counting overall 12 medals in these Olympic Games (two of them gold) many more experienced athletes to elevate the sport in the future, countries that loved Taekwondo through their Champions and many more taekwondo fans who got to know the sport on first hand.
After the completion of the 4th Competition Day the medal standings in the +80kg and +67kg category, in men and women respectively, is the following:
Men +80kg
1. Isaev Radik (AZE)
2. Issoufou Alfaga Abdoulrazak (NIG)
3. Siqueira Maicon (BRA)
3. Dongmin Cha (KOR)
Isaev Radik (AZE)– Ace of Spades
The world champion of Chelyabinsk 2016 made the Azerbaijani medal collection bigger! The Azerbaijani champion passed on to the QF scoring 11-2 to his opponent Zhaparov Rusian from Kazakhstan. Confronting the outstanding Korean Cha Dongmin, he qualified to the SF to compete with his familiar opponent Mahama Cho (GBR). The spectacular match went to the golden point round, the Azerbaijani took the point and passed on to the final for the gold! Going to the final match focused, passionate and determined, the Niger opponent Issoufou Alfaga Abdoulzarak did not proved to be enough to stop the Azerbaijani. After the 2nd round, Radik dominated the terrain and won the gold medal scoring 2 to 6. Isaev’s gold medal is the first gold medal in Tekwondo for Azerbaijan, the third medal in Taekwondo during Rio 2016 and in the Olympic Games in general for the sport.
The President of ETU Sakis Pragalos, stated: “We welcome Radik Isaev from Azerbaijan to the European Hall of Fame of the Gold Olympic Medalists. The three medals of the Azerbaijani team in Rio 2016 demonstrate their hard work and their determination to develop the sport. My cordial congratulations to the President Kamaladdin Heydarov and all the people in Azerbaijan Taekwondo Federation for their excellent work.”
Bianka Walkden (GBR) – Walks with head high
The talented Bianka seems that she has many more titles to win in her next athletic steps. Competing for the first time in Olympic Games, Bianka managed to get the bronze medal, even though it was more than obvious that she was aiming quite higher. Passing in the QF after winning against Kassman Samantha (PNG), she got herself competing with the London 2012 Gold medalist Milica Mandic (SRB). After an outstanding performance of high level taekwondo skills, Bianka won Milica 5 to 0 and passed on to the SF. In that round she had to win the Chinese Zheng Shuyin. The game got to the golden point, but the British Champion never achieved getting it. So the road to the gold stopped there and she went for the bronze. Passing bye to the repechage, she confronted the Moroccan Dislam Wiam and after a flawless victory of 0 to 4, she got herself on the podium.
Bianka’s bronze medal is the 3rd medal of the British team in Taekwondo during Rio 2016.
Women +67kg
1. Zheng Shuyin (CHN)
2. Espinoza Maria De Rosario (MEX)
3. Bianka Walkden (GBR)
3. Galloway Jackie (USA)
The other European participations
Mahama Cho (GBR) – So close though so far
He was on his way to the top. Yet the British athlete, despite the fact that he passed the skillful Iranian Mardani Sajjad in the QF by taking the golden point, he was easily stopped by the Azebaijani Isaev Radik, who was proved to be the ‘gold’ one of their category. Therefore, Cho passed bye to the repechage and tried to claim the bronze medal against the local Sicueira Maicon. The Brazilian seemed to have the upper hand, at least from the spectators’ side and Mahama never reached a place on the podium.
N Diaye M Bar (FRA) – Heavy loss
Having his first match against the Niger silver medalist Issoufou Alfaga Abdoulzarak, lost with 6-0 in points. He qualified though to the repechage, where he competed with the Brazilian Siqueira Maicon, who proved his superiority and the French ended his course there.
Silla Arman-Marshall (BLR) – Non show
The double European Champion – in Baku 2014 and Montreux 2016 was favored for the podium. Yet the athlete missed the weight in and was instantly disqualified.
Milica Mandic (SRB) -She could do better
Milica started well by trying to defend her Olympic title. In her first match she opposed Tina Skaar (NOR) and easily with a 8-2 in the points qualified to quarterfinals. The big obstacle to pass was Bianca Walkden (GBR). The two athletes meet each other over the last years many times. And Milica lost against Bianca 0-5 as it happened last May during the European Championships in Montreux at the final of their weight category. The two athletes know each other well and the balance to a fight with such a significance is very stressful. The big loss though was that Bianca didn’t make it to the final in order to pull her in repechages.  
Gwladys Epangue (FRA) – Respect
Olympic Bronze medalist in Beijing 2008, Gwladys achieved to recover after long term injury and got herself claiming a second Olympic medal after eight years, since she did not participate in the London 2012 Olympic Games. She qualified to the QF with her victory against the Ivorian Kone Mamina, yet in the SF she lost against the Chinese Zheng Shuyin, who won the gold medal. Hence, since the Chinese went up to the final roung, drew Gwladys to the repechage where she won the Nepalese Rawal Nisha, who also was one of the athletes who took the “wild card” to get to the Olympic Games. In the second stage of the repechage round, she did not achieve to pass the young American Galloway Jackie and was left outside the medals.
Reshimie Oogink (NED) - Strike while the iron is hot
Reshimie has a lot of potential and this is obvious on the terrain. She competed with all of her passion and managed to pass to the QF, where she met the American Galloway Jackie. Reshimie did not seem to be focused enough and never made it to qualify further.
Tina Skaar (NOR) – No(r)way to the medals
Tina’s dream ended too soon. Her first match with Milica Mandic was proved crucial. She lost 2 to 8 and never made it to the repechage either, since Milica was stopped later by the British Walkden.







ETU first continent in MEDALS!!!!
Thank you Rio 2016!
Amazing records for ETU at the Olympic Games in Rio! Jade Jones for Great Britain made herself the only European athlete with 2 Gold medals in Olympic Games in the row. Her outstanding determination to succeed and stand at the first step of the podium reward her  with a gold medal in -57kg for women and the third position of Great Britain in the Medal Standings of Rio 2016.   
We might have lost the leading position with a European country in Medal Standings (London 2012 – Spain 1 Gold & 2 Silver), but the statistics are still with our side since we are the first continent in medal collection at Rio 2016! ETU collected 12 medals, with ATU following with 11, AFTU with 5 and PATU with 4. “And this is the result of the development of the sport in Europe” stated ETU President, Sakis Pragalos and continued: “The job of all the National Federations in Europe is outstanding and the opportunities of competitions for athletes are numerous. Congratulations to the 42 athletes that participated and for the results of their efforts.”
Statistics RIO 2016 (in total 32 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe, in total 12 medals:  2 Gold Great Britain, Azerbaijan/ 5 Silver Great Britain, Spain, France, Russia, Serbia/ 5 Bronze Great Britain, Azerbaijan, Spain, Turkey
* First country South Korea with 5 medals (2G/3B), second China (2G)  and third Great Britain (1G/1S/1B)  
When it comes to news
Europe has now a new record to celebrate. The double Olympic Gold medal by Jade Jones (GBR) starts a new countdown to 2020 with all our hopes to achieve the unique world record with 3 in the row! Amazing results for Great Britain to bring 3 out 4 medals with 1Gold Jade Jones F-57kg / 1Silver Muhammad Luttalo M-80kg/ 1Bronze Bianca Walkden F+67kg. To this successful course Azerbaijan adds an amazing determination to make it to the medals in Olympics. It might have taken four Olympic Games to achieve, but the Gold medal of Radik Isaev, opens a new page in the country’s Olympic history. Also amazing harvest for Azerbaijan with 3 out 4 medals: 1Gold Radik Isaev M+80kg and 2Bronze Abarakova Patimat F-49kg & Beigi Harchgani Milad M-80kg.
The medals of European Team Countries are:
7 Women / 5 Men
The big surprises – in general!
No forecasts predicted all the things that happened in Rio. Olympic medalists left out, World Champions didn’t make it to the quarterfinals, and athletes were non show in weight in. In world range, the surprises started by day one. The importance is that, the sport provided a huge medal spread and especially to countries with no medals in Olympics. Ahmad Abughaush from Jordan delivered the first ever medal the country has won in Olympic competition and it was gold. In the same weight category F-57kg, the Islamic Republic of Iran won the first Olympic medal for a woman by Alizadeh Zenoorin and Egypt won their first medal for woman in taekwondo by Hedaya Wahba.  For the first time in Olympic taekwondo history, AFTU collects five medals, one more than PATU. Also, taekwondo stars proved forecasts wrong and stayed out of the medals. Among them the Gold medalist Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Jingyu Wu (CHN -49kg) and Steven Lopez (USA) that participated for the fifth time in Olympic Games.  
STATISTICS retrospection by Olympic Games
SYDNEY 2000(in total 24 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe in total 7medals:  1 Gold Greece/ 4 Silver Germany, Norway, Russia, Spain/ 2 Bronze France, Turkey
* First country South Korea with 4 medals (3G,1S) 
* First GOLD medal for Europe
ATHENS 2004(in total 24 medals)
* 3 countries from Europe in total 5 medals: 4 Silver Greece, France, Turkey/ 1 Bronze France
* First country Chinese Taipei with 3 medals (2G,1S) ASIA
BEIJIING 2008 (in total 32 medals)
* 7 countries from Europe in total 9 medals:  4 Silver Turkey, Greece, Italy, Norway / 5 Bronze Turkey, Croatia, France, Great Britain 
* First country South Korea with 4 medals (4G) 
LONDON 2012(in total 32 medals)
* 9 countries from Europe in total 16 medals: 5 Gold Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia/ 4 Silver Spain, Turkey, France/ 7 Bronze Great Britain, Italy, France, Russia, Croatia, Germany
* For the first time we have a European country leading! Spain with 3 medals (1G,2S)
ETU family welcomes a new member on board!
Dr. Michael Lehner is appointed ETU Council Member valid by today (24 August 2016) by the ETU President, Sakis Pragalos.
“I am honored and proud to be part of ETU”, stated Mr Lahner and added: “I am full of enthusiasm to start working under my new duties.” The ETU President, Sakis Pragalos welcomed the new ETU Council member and pointed out his remarkable business profile: “Dr. Michael Lehner holds a PhD in International Labour and he is a well-recognized lawyer specialized in Sports Law. I strongly believe that his contribution to ETU will be priceless.”
Dr. Michael Lehner is admitted to the bar 1983rd Lawyer and he is partner of Bornheim and Partner Rechtsanwälte. He graduated in Heidelberg and he held a teaching position at the University of Montpellier (France). Dr. Michael Lehner is a member of ISLA (International Sport Lawyers Association), the Sports Law Working Group of the DAV and the French Lawyers Association.
He is vice president of ISLA and as an arbitrator at the German Institution of Arbitration for Sport operates. Also he is co-editor and author of the handbook "Sport Law in Practice", published by W. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 2012 and numerous publications on sports law in journals such. B. SpuRt, Causa Sport, etc.
After the appointment of Mr. Park Soo Nam as ETU Honorary President on 23rd of April 2016, an ETU Council member position was available and now is under Dr. Michael Lehner name. 


After the successful completion of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and the European supremacy for the sport of Taekwondo, the festivities for the European Taekwondo continue!

In 2016 the European Taekwondo Union celebrates the completions of 40 years since its foundation in 1976. For the special day, an Anniversary Gala will be hosted in Bucharest, Romania, during the European Cadet Championships. The event will be held in DAIMON Club (10 Calea Piscului st., Bucharest, Romania), on Friday 9 September 2016 and between the highlights of the night will be the awarding of the TOP European athletes.


In detail, the athletic awards of the night will be the following:

1.       Gold Olympic Medallists from Sydney 2000 until Rio 2016:

Mouroutsos Michail (GRE) – Sydney 2000

Molfetta Carlo (ITA) – London 2012

Tazegul Servet (TUR) – London 2012

Mandic Milica (SRB) – London 2012

Gonzalez Bonilla Joel (ESP) – London 2012

Isaev Radik (AZE) – Rio 2016

while Jade Jones (GBR) will be endowed with a special honor award for its double gold Olympic title. (London 2012, Rio 2016)

2.    Top female/male athlete in the European Senior Championships (most gold medals)

         Coral Bistuer (ESP) 5 MEDALS

         Geremia Di Constanzo (ITA) 5 MEDALS & Servet Tazegul (TUR) 5 MEDALS

3.    Top female/male athlete in the European Senior Championships (most medals)

                  Gwladys Epangue (FRA) 7 MEDALS (3 Gold/3 Silver/1 Bronze)

                  Magomedov Seifula (RUS) 7 MEDALS (4 Gold/1 Silver/2 Bronze)

4.    Top athletes in Poomsae Championships

         Kim Kim Laura (ESP)

         Joel Van Der Weide (NED)

         Dang Dinh Ky Tu (DEN)

5.    Special Awards

         Brigida Yagüe Enrique (ESP) (Triple World Champion)

6.    Unique Records

         All-time Record: Zaninovic Lucija and Ana (CRO)

For first time in taekwondo history, twin sisters managed to win gold medals in the same sport event. (European Taekwondo Senior Championships BAKU 2014).

         Mouroutsos Michail (GRE) earned the 1st Gold Olympic Medal in the Olympic history of Taekwondo (Sydney 2000) and he was the only Gold Olympic Medallist in Europe for 12 years, until London 2012.


Delegates, partners, referees and personalities who have contributed to ETU development and evolvement will also be awarded on that exceptional night.

Proud sponsor of the ETU 40 Years Anniversary Gala is DAEDO INTERNATIONAL, which actively supports all ETU actions and contributes to the European Taekwondo events.


The President of the italian Taekwondo Union (FITA) Mr. Angelo Cito, honored the Major of Rome, Mrs Raggi with the Black belt, 1Dan.





Saturday 10/09/2016


The Competition Day 3 of the 7th ETU European Cadet Championships 2016, has been successfully completed in “Sala Polivalenta” sports hall in Bucharest, Romania.The six weight competing categories that young athletes participated in earlier today are: Cadets Male -49kg,-53kg, -57kg and Cadets Female -44kg, -47kg,-51kg. 


The winners of the medal standing were the following:


Results Competition Day 3

Cadets Male A -49 

1.Dedov, Dmitry (RUS)

2.Kuvalov, Daniil (RUS)

3.Onur Talha Soykan (TUR)

3.Paliakou, Daniil (BLR)


Cadets Male A -53 

1.Dzhordzhev, Aleksandar (BUL)

2.Foster, Alex (GBR)

3.Slepov Stepan (RUS)

3.Demir Arslan (TUR)


Cadets Male A -57 

1.Turner Owen (GBR)

2.Lanskikh Uladzislau (BLR)

3.Marzolla Riccardo (ITA)

3.Christodoulou Philip (CYP)


Cadets Female A -44 

1.Polat Melek (TUR)

2.Pustelenina Rimma (RUS)

3.Protsvetaeva Vera (UKR)

3.Stojkovic Lena (CRO)


Cadets Female A -47 

1.Musteata Liana (ROU)

2.Sinani Anthoula (GRE)

3.Hebbar Nisrin (FRA)

3.Kazarnovskaia Anna (RUS)


Cadets Female A -51 

1.Stevic Serdja (SRB)

2.Asensio Rodriguez Ester (ESP)

3.Roscioli Giulia Sofia (ITA)

3.Brevik Amilie (NOR)


These are the Results of Competition Day 2:


1.Ozkan Omer Faruk (TUR)

2.Ladzhev Daniel (BUL)

3.Keucueksungur Furkan (GER)

3.Rodriguez Barcala David (ESP)



1.Kose Osman Turker (TUR)

2.Millefiori Alex (ITA)

3.Jozsa Levente (HUN)

3.Kounoupas Filippos (GRE)



1.Oztabak Elif Ilgin (TUR)

2.Kachowitsch Vera (GER)

3.Lamarmora Alessia (ITA)

3.Klivak Karina (UKR)



1.Bouhmida Aya (NED)

2.Unrau Lena (GER)

3.Sturari Alessia (ITA)

3.Aras Senizcan (TUR)









On the occasion of the 18th Balkan Taekwondo Championship held in Dupnitsa city in Bulgaria during 23-25 September, the European Taekwondo Union represented by ETU Deputy Secretary General Constantin Apostol, organized the program “BACK TO SCHOOL 2016”, governed by ETU Humanitarian Foudation and under the patronage of ETU president Sakis Pragalos. The aim of the program is to motivate the young athletes participating in the championships and give a hand of help to their families. Therefore, the children between 10-12 years old received various gifts as shirts, caps, bags, pencils, etc.

"BACK TO SCHOOL 2016", it is an initiative to connect the sport with education and enhance the next generation to build themselves better and achieve "SERVING LIFE TROUGHT SPORT" as the motto of the program encourages.

This initiative is stimulated by the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation as inspired by WTF President Chong Won Choue. We are certain that the program will be embraced by all our Taekwondo WTF members and gradually expand to promote the charity value around the world as much as possible.






Dragan Jovic with Tijana Bogdanović during the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreux 2016


By Andrea Kafas

Serbia is ready to host the 15th Galeb Belgrade Trophy – Serbia Open 2016 on the 29th and 30th of October 2016 at Sports Hall Pionir. 
On the occasion of the event, the Sporting Director of the Serbian Taekwondo Association- Head Coach of Serbian National Seniors Team and President of the Organising Committee of the upcoming tournament Dragan Jovic, made his statements regarding the background of the WTF G-1 Class Tournament.
Additionally, he referred to the Serbian Taekwondo Association effort to keep Taekwondo as a leading sport within the country by making improvements and actions that will bring to the sport even more effective results for its future.   
Mr. Dragan Jovic when was the first time that a G1 Event was held in Serbia?
“Four years ago we conducted the transition from ETU A Class to WTF G tournament. At that time, all others ETU A Class tournaments conducted transmission to G class.”
What changes and improvements have been made to the Event through the years?
“The first thing is that we are doing our best to provide to our visitors great hospitality during their accommodation in Serbia. Moreover, our major goal is to make a step forward every year in order to achieve high level competitions and to keep taekwondo as a top-level sport in our country. As a result, every year we have live streaming of the event since we have massive media coverage by the newspapers, the national TV etc. The number of spectators expected during the two-day competition is very positive since we always try to make our sport halls suitable for such events for everyone and especially for the athletes who will have the chance to compete under the topmost conditions.”
Which are the participating categories of the Event in total and what was the higher number of participation in the history of your Event?
“The tournament is applies to all age categories (cadets, juniors, seniors) and in my opinion this is an excellent chance for the development of the new athletes’ generation. Cadets and juniors have the opportunity to watch and learn from seniors, who are great competitors and part of the history of global taekwondo. Regarding the number of participants this is something that constantly changes due to the registration system and the fact that registered athletes are always more than those who eventually attend the event. The organisers are facing difficulties because of the number of cancellation. The report for this year includes 1200 competitors as the maximum number. I believe it will be approximately 900-1000.”
According to the participation list of the upcoming G1 Event, can you please tell us the elite athletes? 
“This was an Olympic year and we are aware that all the athletes who participated in Olympic Games in Rio are probably still on holidays or they just came in to preparation process and as a result they are not prepared for tournaments. Regardless, several national teams applied for participation.”




The ETU President Sakis Pragalos visited Nicosia, Cyprus on the 26th of October 2016 and met with the Cyprus Olympic Committee President Ntinos Michailidis, the Cyprus Olympic Committee Secretary General Charalampos Lottas accompanied by the ETU Deputy President and Cyprus Taekwondo Federation President Phivos Christou.


The main purpose of the meeting was the growth, development and promotion of Taekwondo sport in Cyprus. The executives of the Cyprus Olympic Committee highlighted their disposal for a supportive collaboration with the ETU and the Cyprus Taekwondo Federation under the topmost conditions. 


It is worth mentioning that Cyprus organised an ETU event in October 2011 when Paphos city hosted the 18th European Junior Taekwondo Championship and also the Cyprus National Team is always present in all ETU events with many prestigious athletes.






The ETU Coaches Seminar on 6 September 2016, in Bucharest, Romania, was successfully completed on the occasion of the 7th ETU European Cadet Championships, at the Rin Grand Hotel – the official hotel of teams registering for the Championship. The seminar started around 10am and was completed just around 6pm.


The event was conducted by the Chairman of the Referee Committee Chakir Chelbat. The participants were instructed and qualified throughout various issues, such as new WTF updates, psychology of coaching, athlete motivation, training techniques and more.


All coaches by the end of the seminar, received the ETU Coach license, valid for two years and the respective participation certificate. The ETU license is mandatory for all coaches who want to coach during G-ranked events throughout the world.


W.T.E Sponsors

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