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ETU Coach License is mandatory for all coaches/trainers.


Event Date 11-11-2017
Event End Date 12-11-2017
Capacity Unlimited

Edime Turkey

Event Date 10-11-2017
Event End Date 12-11-2017
Capacity Unlimited



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Event Date 02-11-2017
Event End Date 05-11-2017
Capacity Unlimited


1.  Date         : Oct 28 ~ Nov 1,  2017(5 days)

2.  Venue       : Hanyang University  Olympic  Stadium,  Kukkiwon(Seoul,  Korea)

3.  Promoter : Kimunyong  Sport Committee,  Kukkiwon

4. Organizer  : Kimunyong  Cup International  Open Taekwondo Championships  Organizing  Committee

5.  Approval   : WTF  Sanctioned  Event(G1)

6.  Event       : Kyorugi,  Poomsae,  Gyeongyeon

7.  Participants  : 3000 (Including  foreign  athletes)

8.  Sponsor   :  Ministry  of  Culture·Sports  and  Tourism,  Korean  Sport  &  Olympic  Committee, Korea  Sports  Promotion  Foundation,  World  Taekwondo Federation, Korea  Taekwondo Association,  Asian  Taekwondo Union, Taekwondo Promotion  Foundation,  Women's  news  Inc.

Event Date 28-10-2017
Event End Date 01-11-2017
Capacity Unlimited


Copenhagen,  October 20 2017


Contact person: Mr. Anders Banzon, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Invitation Rødovre Taewondo Cup 2017


Event Date 21-10-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Event Date 14-10-2017
Event End Date 15-10-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 15-10-2017

W.T.E Sponsors

Dae Do.
AZ Group.

Budo Nord.
Mas TKD.