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The mission of the European Para Taekwondo Union is to provide effective international governance of para taekwondo as a Paralympic Sport within the European geographical region of the W.T.F.

The Objectives of the European Para Taekwondo Union Are:

  • 01Work towards the integration of disabled children and adults in taekwondo activities and championships
  • 02Focus on empowering and enabling children and adults with disabilities to take up positions of responsibility in sport
  • 03Work with and through the Member National Associations of ETU in order to enhance the capacity to integrate people with disabilities into physical recreation
  • 04Promote, expand, and improve within Europe the practice of para taekwondo in light of its educational, cultural, and sports values (the “Taekwondo movement”)
  • 05Promote fair play, youth development, and education
  • 06Encourage peace and cooperation though participation in sports
  • 07Promote or sanction international para taekwondo competitions
  • 08Take action in order to strengthen the unity and protect the interests of the European Para Taekwondo Union, ETU, WTF and the Taekwondo Movement
  • 09Engage in other (para) activities in support of the above objectives.
Para-Taekwondo. Para-Taekwondo.

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