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Taekwondo Europe and WT have been working extensively on the agenda for the online coach courses for Level 1 and 2. Our members Finland, Germany, Greta Britain and Portugal already have scheduled their Level 1 courses in their local languages, Taekwondo Europe has prepared an extensive agenda for all members to participate in English. 


Level 1 is equal to the existing CU Coach licence and as per 1-1-2021, you need to have a Level 1 licence to coach at WT sanctioned events. If you have coached at WT promoted events in 2019 and you have Level 1 certification or CU coach certification valid in 2020 or beyond, you can participate at the Level 2 WT Coach Course. Level 2 is needed to coach at WT promoted events as of 1-1-2021. 


Go to the WT portal at https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com/courses and register now!




Level 1: 
Portugal: 4 July
Great Britain: 6-7 July
Germany: 18-19 July
Taekwondo Europe: 13 - 16 July

Level 2:
20-23 July

August 18-21
September 17-20
October 1-4
November 11-14


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