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The 4th edition of WT President’s Cup in Europe has arrived‼️

For the first time, the famous cup will be organized in Turkey between 7-12 February 2019.

Antalya will be the host city of the event, with numerous Taekwondo tournaments in its event resume.
Get advantage of the Early Bird registration running until 31st December and secure now your place in the tournament!


Follow the link to be redirected to the registration page, the official PC2019 outline and the Accommodation guide.

I want to participate in PC2019




The Deputy Major of Leros island in Greece, George Zoumpoulis, visited the Taekwondo Europe office, where he met with the President Sakis Pragalos and was awarded the Honorary 5th Dan towards his actions on promoting sport and Taekwondo in this district area of Greek island province.

In detail, Leros is a Greek island and municipality in the Dodecanese island complex in the southern Aegean Sea. It lies more than 300 kilometres from Athens's port of Piraeus, close to the Turkish sea borders.

Mr. George Zoumpoulis, active in Taekwondo and its further development on the island, during his visit in Taekwondo Europe was committed in founding a World Taekwondo Club in Leros, as until now the only presence of the sport on the island was through ITF.

Through World Taekwondo, the sport will give the opportunity to its practitioners to be exposed to its Olympic character and values.

It is equally important to promote and develop Taekwondo in both urban areas, as well as the rural provinces of each country, and Leros island is an ideal example of how the sport can be embraced from such small-scaled communities - yet with major impact in the life of its inhabitants.







From 28th November to 9 December 2018, in total five European Taekwondo Championships were hosted at Marina d’Or resort in Spain.

European Cadets Championships

European Masters Championships 

European Clubs Championships

European Poomsae Kids Championships and the European Freestyle Poomsae Championships were successfully organized under the Spanish Taekwondo Federation Organizing Committee.

The present video recaps and highlights almost two weeks full of taekwondo 🥋

Enjoy and see you in the next Taekwondo Europe event!!


The full results and medallists of the European Freestyle Poomsae Championships are the following:

Complete results European Freestyle Poomsae Championships (Medallists per category)




Taekwondo Europe is in the final stage of negotiations with an interested host of the G4 European Championships 2019.
The event will take place from Friday 30th August – Sunday 1st September 2019.
All Member National Associations are allowed to have two (2) athletes participating in the following medal events approved by World Taekwondo:






The Competition Day 1 for the European Kids Poomsae Championships was successfully completed in Marina d'Or, Spain.

The results are the following:

Results - Competitions Day 1 - European Kids Poomsae Championships



Taekwondo Europe works hard to further professionalize its operations and events, hence, new and young people with expertise, deep knowledge and passion for the sport will always be valuable for taekwondo.

Under this consideration, Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos appointed Mrs. Edina Lents as Vice Chairwoman of the Poomsae Referee Committee. 

Mrs. Edina Lents, among others, is a holder of 5th Dan, former European Champion, WT Referee and an active taekwondo coach. Her background in the sport includes participations in numerous national, continental as well as international taekwondo events, evidence that her extensive experience and expertise can contribute highly to Taekwondo Europe ambitions and further development of the sport - and especially Poomsae - throughout Europe. 

We express our sincere congratulations and wish her the best of success in her new position through a fruitful and rewarding cooperation!


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