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At 19:30 hrs due to operational reasons, it was decided to postpone the competition.
The remaining fights will be fought at 22 November, starting at 09:00 am. Once these
fights are finished, the scheduled divisions will continue.
According to par. 3.1 of the Health Protocol published along with the outline on Simply
Compete, all participants (athletes, coaches, trainers and support staff, etc.) shall have a
negative COVID test valid on the day of the competition. Those who do not hold a
negative test, shall take a test on site in order to access the operational areas of the
The following rules, as communicated as before, are applicable:
1. Only athletes and coaches competing can enter the operational areas of the
2. All participants entering the operational areas of the event shall wear face masks at all times. Athletes can take the face masks of while fighting but shall immediately wear the face masks once the fight has ended.
3. All participants in the operational areas of the event shall keep 1.5 meters distance from one another.
4. Participants not following these health and safety procedures may face disciplinary sanctions.

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