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The 6th WTE European Clubs Taekwondo Championships were successfully launched on 6 February 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The competitions were held in WOW Convention Center, just outside from the center of the capital city. The particular hotel complex was also the one hosting the European Qualification Tournament for the Olympic Games in Rio, during 2016, thus its facilities were both professional to support such an event, and familiar to many of the competitors and and national teams.

For one more year, the open European event attracted a high number of competitors, not only from Europe, but from all continents. The choice of conducting the championships in Istanbul instead of Antalya, which was the place that hosted the event during the past years, was proved to be more than proactive, since many more national teams and competitiors decided to register to the event, because of flexible travelling and lack of extra domestic flight.

The inaugural day of the WTE Championships opened with cadet category competitions. On Wednesday 7th, junior category will take the relay and the event will close on 9th February with the awarding ceremony of the senior medallists.

Just the day before the opening of the championships, the WTE Coach Seminar was also held in Istanbul, at the same hotel complex. Almost 150 new taekwondo coaches were accredited and obtained their coach licences to suppport their athletes in future European and international Championships closing the seminar with a commemorative group photo.

For the results of DAY 1 follow the link: https://tpss.eu/results/1215/Medal%20winners%20Tuesday%20Day%201.pdf


For the drawsheets of competition DAY 2 follow the link: https://tpss.eu/results/1215/Drawsheets%20Wednesday%20Day%202.pdf


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