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(Rotterdam, 17 April 2018) - World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) announces the cancellation of broadcast for WTE European Senior Championships Kazan 2018, scheduled to be realized 10-13 May 2018. The Organizing Committee of the event failed to deliver the required technical standards for EBU (Eurovision) according to the given timeframe and the event will not be televised.

WTE Media & TV Committee Chair Mrs. Effie Zikouli stated upon the incident: “We did everything possible to facilitate and accelerate all procedures to broadcast the Taekwondo Senior Championships in Kazan. As in delivering BAKU 2014 and MONTREUX 2016, television broadcast is piloted in a spectrum of a well-defined formulated plan that is impelled to be submitted in time, to have the expected results.”

The TV rights of the WTE European Taekwondo Championships have been granted to EBU under contract since 2013. Thus, the operational standards are governed by the procedures of the Eurovision network and are under specifications agreed and applied internationally.

Default in corresponding to this regulatory set and in provision to not meet the broadcast model has, as a result, the removal of the broadcast product from the television program.

The OC is accountable for the sanctions derived by WTE and EBU accordingly.

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